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Author Spotlight – Nancy Lee Badger – Scottish Highland Games Sail into…America

I have a new guest author this week – the wonderful Nancy Lee Badger! She’s here to talk about her recent release and the Scottish Highland Games. I’ll hand things over to her now…


A strange thing happens when the weather across the United States of America warms up…out come the Scottish plaids! Highland Games Men in kilts join women is gauzy Highland dresses to listen to bagpipes, sample Scottish fare, and toast another year with a dram of whisky. Many American and Canadian citizens can trace their roots back to Scotland. In fact, more people of Scottish descent reside in the Americas than in Scotland. As a fairly young country (not quite 238 years young) our citizens, and those of our neighbors to the chilly north, celebrate this knowledge by organizing, volunteering at, and attending Highland games.

My husband and I have attended the New Hampshire Highland Games from the time they started back in 1975, even before we married. In the early 1980s, my husband became a volunteer. Once our youngest son was old enough, I joined the crew. While assisting visitors in finding out what time the next bagpipe-playing rock band was performing, to where the heavy athletics were being held, we enjoyed listening as dozens of marching bands passed our information tent. Taking breaks to dine on meat pies, fish and chips, and shortbread amid the spectacular fall foliage of the New Hampshire’s White Mountains, makes for a memorable day.

Many states, communities, and organizations host their own Highland games and Scottish festivals. Highland GamesOur most recent travels brought us back to the Loch Norman Scottish Games held every April at the Rural Hill Historic Site in Huntersville, North Carolina. Its located about 12 miles north of Charlotte, and about three hours away from our home. We arrive Friday night, enjoy two days surrounded by clan tents, fabulous food, and fantastic music. Dance and bagpipe competitions are a big draw as is their large and airy historic village that consists of a dozen or so tents where you can find knives, fairy headdresses, pottery, and candy. There are displays of broad swords, muskets, weaving, and a blacksmith…or two.

Highland cows munch on grass and hand-shucked corn. Children are encouraged to run the cobs through a machine that removes the kernels, then feed the cows. Inside the cabin, ladies dressed in homespun attire stuff a rabbit and bake bannock, a type of bread. The garden sports flowers and herbs. The air is filling with the aroma of corn dogs and pulled pork. Southern cooking slips in, again.

I try to share the experiences you will feel walking around the parade grounds, Highland Games visiting the clan tents, and watching the athletes turning the caber by including similar scenes in my books. I write Scottish time travel romance and portions of the stories are held at Highland games. My latest book, My Lady Highlander, is the first book in the Kilted Athletes Through Time. Where can you find kilt-wearing athletes in America? At American’s Highland games!

When you discover that you share hereditary lines with many others is the icing on the …shortbread. The games can be found in nearly every state in the U.S., and in many Canadian Provinces. These festivals welcome everyone…a Scottish lineage, or kilt, is not required! If you enjoy harps, bagpipes, Highland dance, wonderful food and a sea of brightly colored wool (and is there anything more sexy than a man in a kilt?) please travel ‘across the pond’ and visit a Highland games or Scottish festival on American soil.


My Lady Highlander - medium

My Lady Highlander
Kilted Athletes Through Time, #1
by Nancy Lee Badger

Isobel MacHamish escaped a betrothal in ancient Scotland. She rebuilt her life in present-day New England, yet something-or someone-is missing. Arson, thievery, a stalker, and a handsome caber-tossing athlete turn her world upside down.

Bryce Buchanan saves a pretty woman-twice. Sent back to ancient Scotland-again-he is trapped between the skittish woman, and a man pressuring her into marriage. Battles, swords, a Scottish brownie, and a power-hungry laird make ‘Bull’ want to head home to New England.

To escape her former lover, and his murderous, father, Izzy finds her inner warrior. And, when the handsome athlete shows her what falling in love can bring, she is torn, because keeping her hands to herself, is one battle she will never win.


Amazon Print:
Barnes & Noble Print:
(also available from

10 Timeless Heroes


My Honorable Highlander, Nancy’s first book in her Highland Games Through Time series is part of 10 Timeless Heroes: magic & destiny unite lovers across time and space in this epic collection of award-winning, chart topping tales. From sweet to sizzling romances, 10 Timeless Heroes has a little something for everyone. Over fifteen hundred pages!




Nancy Lee Badger

Author Bio

Fourteen books later, Nancy Lee Badger still loves chocolate-chip shortbread and wool plaids wrapped around the trim waist of a Scottish Highlander. Her stories tempt you with the clang of broadswords, and the sound of bagpipes in the air. After growing up in Huntington, New York, and raising two handsome sons in New Hampshire, she moved to North Carolina where she writes full-time. Nancy is a member of Romance Writers of America, Heart of Carolina Romance Writers, Fantasy-Futuristic & Paranormal Romance Writers, Triangle Area Freelancers, and the Celtic Heart Romance Writers.

Amazon Author Page:

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Author Spotlight – Lynda Hilburn introduces us to Crimson Psyche plus giveaway

My guest author this week is the wonderful Lynda Hilburn! She’s here to talk about her latest release, Crimson Psyche, share and excerpt and to give away a copy. I’ll hand things over to her now…


I want to thank Felicity for having me back on her blog! I’m happy to be here to celebrate the release of the third book in my Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist series – Crimson Psyche – which is now available in the UK, in both ebook and print form!

It’s so much fun writing about counseling vampires and exploring the undead versions of various psychological diagnoses. A vampire with a fear of blood, suicidal urges or agoraphobia puts a very different spin on those familiar challenges. And a bloodsucker with a sex addiction? Constantly searching for partners can be exhausting. Even for immortals!

I’d like to introduce you to the world of Kismet and Devereux, the 800-year-old master vampire who has turned her world upside down.

In case you’re new to my series, here’s the reading order:
Devereux: The Night Before Kismet [short story]
The Vampire Shrink
Until Death Do Us Part [short story]
Sex in a Coffin [short story]
Blood Therapy
Crimson Psyche

kismet 3 UK
Crimson Psyche
Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist  #3
by Lynda Hilburn

When Kismet Knight became the Vampire Psychologist, she didn’t bank on discovering that vampires are, in fact, real – let alone falling for an 800-year-old master vampire. But that’s now the least of her worries. A hunter is out there, and he has plans for Kismet. When a strange, cold darkness brushes the back of her thoughts, it awakens Lust, a dangerous part of her psyche she cannot control. Kismet had better hope that she and her friends will find the answers, because this is enough to make anyone lose her mind…



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Author Spotlight – Nikita Jakz and Alicia Dawn introduces us to the first two books in their My Demon Trilogy

I have two new guest authors this week – the fabulous Nikita Jakz and Alicia Dawn! They are here to talk about the first two books in their My Demon Trilogy. I’ll hand things over to them now…


My Decadent Demon
Alicia Dawn and Nikita Jakz

Seraphina Orielle, an angel of divine fire and light, was also an oracle of foresight. Considered adolescent among her peers, she had yet to master her gift of precognition when her first vision came to pass; a captivating male whose destiny was intimately intertwined with her own. Yet he was not of angelic design. In fact, he was very far from it. Tragically, by the time Sera discovered this pivotal detail, he had already attained ownership of her heart.

But not her ability to flee…

A hundred years later and Cole Asteroth does whatever the hell he wants. When he’s not busy, that is, with ‘dirty deeds, done dirt cheap’ for his master. Ornery and sarcastic, he gets his kicks wreaking havoc in the human realm. Oh, and making very un-angelic women beg for his touch. Life is good…

Until fate finally catches up with him.

A few weak moments, one too many innocent visitations and the two are entangled all over again. But not as they had been before; things are much more complicated now. And Cole no longer possesses much in the way of faith and forgiveness.

As the estranged lovers struggle with what path to take, they quickly discover that destiny, too, is a reluctant second chance provider. As outside resistance and decadent captivity ensues, can their situation get any more exasperating?

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Author Spotlight – Sheri Fredricks introduces us to Portals of Oz and shares a hot excerpt

I have a new guest author this week – the wonderful Sheri Fredricks! She’s here to talk about the third book in her series and share a hot excerpt! I’ll hand things over to her now…


Hi Felicity! Thank you for inviting me to be a guest on your blog today.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sheri Fredricks and I love to create modern mythic romance stories. My sensual books hold the hidden secrets of shape-shifting centaur warriors, wood nymphs who disappear into trees, trolls who dive underground—and more!

I’m currently writing a series called The Centaurs.

Portals of Oz is a novella spin-off of that series:


Portals of OzPortals of Oz
Sheri Fredricks

Abelia, a Boronda Forest Wood Nymph…

She came to Willow Bay to satisfy her curiosity of human life, and got more than she bargained for.

Jack, an archeologist bent on discovery…

He can’t wait to leave Pennsylvania and return to his explorations in Australia, where life is filled with dingos and roos.

Danger abounds…

Human hunters stalk the enthralling Abelia, and Jack comes to her rescue. The hunters back off, but she suddenly vanishes, and he’s left confused as he returns home to the rugged Outback.

They’ll risk it all…

When Abelia magically appears in Jack’s kitchen, she must divulge who and what she really is and risk the mythic people’s secret for his help to return home. Meanwhile, he risks his heart in convincing her to stay.

Buy Link




Abelia rocked her hips forward. She rode his hand with instinct, and a passion so pure that it dragged Jack down into her uninhibited intensity. He grasped hold and tugged the top of her sundress down farther and used a ferocious suction on her nipple that caused her to cry out. His thumb pressed and flicked while his finger slid rhythmically deeper. Jack’s hard won self-control all but disintegrated as he slipped a second finger into her amazingly snug channel.

Her body jolted with a burst as is she’d become overwhelmed with sensation, and he reveled in her responsiveness. Her hands gripped his wrist, desperately holding him to her, and she again cried out from his teasing fingers.

The wood floor lay unforgiving beneath his knees, yet he hardly felt its bite as he slid lower over Abelia’s body. When his eyes were even with her glistening sex, Jack removed his hand and in a quick movement, replaced it with his mouth. He sealed his lips to the lips of her sex, and sweet nectar tantalized his tongue. Craving more, he licked and sucked, stroking her receptive body closer to climax.

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Author Spotlight – Lynda Hilburn Talks About the Allure of the Bad Boy plus Giveaway

I have a new guest author this week – the fabulous Lynda Hilburn! She’s here to talk about the allure of the bad boy and to give away a copy of her most recent release. I’ll hand things over to her now…


 The Allure of the Bad Boy

I’ve never been surprised that vampires in books and movies are so popular.

I had a psychotherapy session with a client recently which reminded me of an ongoing question in my mind: What is it about bad boys? Why are we attracted to them? Why do we abandon good sense (along with clothing, sometimes, LOL) when one walks into the room?

From a psychological point of view, we’re often drawn to men (or characters) who remind us (consciously or unconsciously) of an important male figure from our childhoods. Or, we’re enticed by the opposite. For example, if Dad was a bad boy, depending on how his behaviors impacted us, we might either idealize or demonize him. If he was a laid-back beta male, we might crave what had been missing.

Hmmm. Do we believe that fantasizing about a rebellious, borderline criminal will somehow rub off on us and we’ll begin to explore our primitive sides? Is this really about our desire to be wild and crazy? Unrestricted? Less like good girls? Or do we really want to surrender to some dark, brooding male?

What is a bad boy? When I use those words, I don’t necessarily mean someone who is evil. Although, he could be. In today’s vampire literature, the line between “good” and “evil” is often smudged (in the world of psychology, most everything lies in a vast gray area). A bad boy certainly doesn’t follow rules or conform to society’s ideas about what he should/shouldn’t do. He might have a flexible moral compass. As a human, he’s often a risk taker, who probably wouldn’t be satisfied with a traditional nine-to-five job or a “normal” life. He’s the perfect projection screen for our fantasies.

The bad boy is a celebrated archetype. We have lots of names for him: rake, cad, scoundrel, charmer, heartbreaker, ladies’ man, scamp, rascal, bounder, thug, to list a few. He’s usually confident and indifferent. A man who exudes an aura of mystery (the perpetual “strong, silent type”). Most important, he’s unavailable. We humans always want what we think we can’t have. And, of course, once we meet this elusive troublemaker, we women begin to believe that only we can “change him.” But, will we still want him after we do? (Ah, but we hope we can’t!)

Unlike a lot of the bad boy heroes of romance novels (which I read and write), he isn’t necessarily gorgeous. So, it seems being a bad boy is more about his attitudes and behaviors than anything else. For example, my client at the beginning of this article is absolutely obsessed with a hygiene-challenged, scarred, rule-breaker on a Harley. She says life without him would be unbearable. (We’re working on that.)

I love vampire books, and I consider all male vampires – and other paranormal creatures – to be bad boys. (Which is a powerful reason we love vampires.) By their very nature, they don’t follow any human rules. They usually don’t even adhere to the laws created for their particular mythology. Like humans, they range from charming rebels to self-absorbed sociopaths/psychopaths.

Good examples of (the wide range of) bad boys:  Jason Bourne, Lestat, James Bond, Dexter Morgan, Spike, Captain Jack Sparrow, Rhett Butler, Don Draper on Madmen, James Dean, Han Solo, Eric Northman, the Neal character from White Collar, Jamie from the Outlander books, Michael Weston on Burn Notice, Roarke from the Eve Dallas books and my own vampire, Devereux.


What literary/movie characters come to mind for you when you think of bad boys? Why do you think we love them?

I’ll give away a copy of one of my books/stories (USA only for print copies, please) to one commenter here who answers those questions.


Here’s a short story about Kismet and Devereux that takes place right after the events of Book #1, The Vampire Shrink: SEX IN A COFFIN.

Sex in a coffin
Sex in a Coffin
Kismet Knight Ph.D., Vampire Psychologist # 1.4
by Lynda Hilburn


Ever since Denver Psychologist Kismet Knight discovered the frightening world of the vampires, she’s been struggling to hold onto her sanity – with varying degrees of success. Join Kismet and 800-year-old Master Vampire Devereux as they share a typical night on the other side of the Looking Glass. Can a brainy scientist and an ancient bloodsucker really be an item? Friends with benefits? More?




Barnes and Noble:


Lynda HilburnAuthor Bio

Lynda Hilburn writes paranormal fiction. More specifically, she writes vampire books. After a childhood filled with invisible friends, sightings of dead relatives and a fascination with the occult, turning to the paranormal was a no-brainer. In her other reality, she makes her living as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, professional psychic/tarot reader, university instructor and workshop presenter. Her series, Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist is being rewritten and will be republished by Quercus Books in the UK and Europe, and by Sterling Publishing/Silver Oak in North America. The UK version of the first book in the series, “The Vampire Shrink” will be published September, 2011. The North American version a few months later. Book #2 (tentatively titled “Blood Therapy”), which is a new book, will be published a year later, and book #3 (the book that used to be called “Dark Harvest”) will follow a year later. She also has a short story in the anthology, “Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance,” called “Blood Song.” “Diary of a Narcissistic Bloodsucker” and “Undead in the City” are available through and Smashwords.

Visit Lynda at:

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Author Spotlight – Nancy Lee Badger Talks About her Writing Journey plus Giveaway

I have a new guest author this week – the wonderful Nancy Lee Badger! She’s here to talk about her recent releases and give away a copy of one of her books. I’ll hand things over to her now…


The last few months have been a whirlwind of writing, promotion, and travel. When I decided to write romance novels full-time, I never realized how all the different aspects OTHER THAN WRITING raise their heads the moment I finished a manuscript. Selling books is not easy. I have written for two publishers, but branched out as an Indie author when I could not find a suitable venue for my Scottish time travels.

My recent release, My Reluctant Highlander, is the latest in my Highland Games Through Time series. I recently returned from another Scottish festival, one of dozens held throughout the United States that perpetuate the Scottish heritage of many of our citizens. It made sense to include in my stories some of the events found at these games. Research also found me working on the history of Scottish dragons, one of which is called Nessía of Loch Ness. This wingless water beast becomes the heroine in Dragon in the Mist, which I include in DRAGON Bites, a collection of three dragon shape-shifter novellas. My research, and my love of folklore, morphed into several stories using dragons as central characters.

I wanted my novellas available in print form as some of my readers do not prefer e-readers. My 87-year-old father is a prime example. He lives in a facility where he enjoys bingo, playing solitaire, and reading books. Now he can read all three of my dragon stories in a large paperback book. All books in my Highland Games Through Times series are available in print as well as ebook.

As a member of Romance Writers of America, I recently traveled to Atlanta, Georgia for their annual conference. I was amazed at the pleasant vibes, friendly faces, and gung-ho attitudes of the attendees, many of whom are well-known authors of romance fiction. I was inspired, so I am hard at work on my next novel. I also plan to re-release a short story that has a contemporary military theme, just in time for the holidays, titled Unwrapping Chris.


My Reluctant  Highlander

My Reluctant Highlander
Highland Games Through Time # 3
by Nancy Lee Badger

Skye spent the last five years trying to forget the blacksmith who followed her back to 16th century Scotland. Sending Jake home against his will was a mistake. He might have defeated the evil sorcerer, preventing her husband’s death. When the sorcerer returns, she is kidnapped. To escape, she defies time to find Jake, again. The last person Jake wants to see is Skye, who has haunted his dreams. Before he could save Skye Gunn’s people, she dismissed him. Until he met Skye, his life had been normal. No one knows he is a firebreather, except her. When Skye falls into his bed-beaten, bloody and beautiful-Jake must choose to trust her, or turn his back on the only woman he’s loved across time. Skye encourages Jake to help her stop the sorcerer. Stealing his heart was not part of the plan. Jake must share his secret, Skye must give her heart fully, and both must dare to love in the time they have.


Barnes&Noble PRINT:

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Author Spotlight – Natalie J. Damschroder introduces us to Heavy Metal and shares an excerpt

I have a new guest author this week – the fantastic Natalie J. Damschroder! She’s here to talk more about her new release and share an excerpt of the book. I’ll hand things over to her now…


Hi, everyone, and thank you so much, Felicity, for hosting me today!

I love writing paranormal romance because I can make stuff up and explore opportunities well outside the boundaries of the real world. I especially like playing with characters with extraordinary abilities, such as in my Goddesses Rising series (which began with Under the Moon. I mean, wouldn’t it be cool to have the ability to move stuff from a distance and quickly heal a boo-boo? To change traffic lights in your favor and grow a luscious garden?

But sometimes those abilities are tested beyond what the goddess ever knew she could do. Riley Kordek, the heroine of my recent release Heavy Metal (book 2 of Goddesses Rising), never knew she was a goddess or why freaky things are happening to her. She’s barely come to terms with the facts when she’s called upon to stretch herself…



Squeaky brakes from the car in front of Riley alerted her that they were stopping again, and she glanced ahead to see what was going on. The overpass they were approaching was under construction. A crane in the grassy median slowly rotated, a dark green I-beam dangling from the crane arm as workers under the bridge used other equipment to haul it into place over the closed left lane.

That was a massive hunk of metal. How much power could she get from that? Enough to do superhero-type things? Like lift equipment off a pinned construction worker? She watched the I-beam swing over the road, ponderous and heavy, and imagined touching it, energy pouring into her, enough to fling an overturned bulldozer off its victim. In her mind, it tumbled end over end, crashing safely to the ground a dozen feet away.

Shouts jerked her out of her imagination. Tires squealed as someone slammed on the brakes, someone else hitting their horn as the I-beam swung wildly. Groaning metal echoed over everything. More shouts. Riley gaped, watching through her windshield as the I-beam tilted and began to slide in its harness. Men scattered on one side, others struggling to control it from the opposite. A clang reverberated so deep and loud it vibrated Riley’s car. The I-beam had collided with some kind of forklift-like vehicle, and it tipped, in slow motion but still far too fast.

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Author Spotlight – Sheri Fredricks introduces us to Troll-y Yours and shares a hot excerpt

I have a new guest author this week – the wonderful Sheri Fredricks! She’s here to talk about the second book in her series and share a hot excerpt! I’ll hand things over to her now…


Hi Felicity! Thank you for inviting me to be a guest on your blog today.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sheri Fredricks and I love to create modern mythic romance stories. My sensual books hold the hidden secrets of shape-shifting centaur warriors, wood nymphs who disappear into trees, trolls who dive underground—and more!

I’m currently writing a series called The Centaurs.

Troll-y Yours is the second book:


Troll-y Yours by Sheri Fredricks
Troll-y Yours
Sheri Fredricks

Determined to forge a better life, Ella launches her new business with high hopes—until a sexy Centaur bumps into her and throws her life off course. Voted “Most Eligible Bachelor in Boronda”, Aleksander shakes up her world and tilts her in more ways than one.


Years of warfare and countless bedroom encounters have stolen Kempor Aleksander’s luster for life. He never expects to rediscover his zeal in the small, redheaded form of Ella the Troll, who fires his blood hotter than the deepest caverns in the forest.


But as trouble lingers in their midst—and edges ever closer—Alek and Ella spiral into troubled terrain. Turning to each other, the pair face down dangers that run impenetrably deep in their mythological world. But will the two lovers discover a passion that runs even deeper?

Buy the book from:



Gods. So wet, so ready. How was he supposed to hold back?

Ella moaned, parted her thighs to his touch, and he easily found her hot nub with the pad of his thumb. As he sucked deeply on her taut nipple, his thumb brushed back and forth against the tiny bundle of nerves, drawing the little whimpers of pleasure that turned him on even more.

Alek lifted his head to sweep his lips against hers, gently licking them, teasing the corners, nibbling on her full lower one. Her lips lured him with their sensuous swell, and he learned he loved to kiss and taste them. Nip at them.

Lose hours just making love to her mouth.
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Author Spotlight – Shelley Munro – The Terrifying Taniwha plus Giveaway

I have a new guest author this week – the wonderful Shelley Munro! She’s here to share some unique New Zealand mythology and give away a copy of Make that Man Mine! I’ll hand things over to her now…


The Terrifying Taniwha

My name is Shelley Munro, and I was brought up hearing tales from Maori mythology. Everyone in New Zealand knows of Maui who fished our country from the sea. One particular beast from the legends has always fascinated me, and that’s the taniwha.

The taniwha (pronounced tan-e-far) is a Maori monster, a ferocious beast that ate naughty children and devoured warriors and other hapless people who found themselves in the wrong place.

If I were to describe a taniwha to a non-New Zealander I’d say they were a water dragon since many taniwha live in lakes, rivers and the sea. According to my research they were often called lizards by the Maori people. In Maori mythology lizards are symbols of death and the appearance of one is an ill omen. Our New Zealand lizards are small, but the idea of a large one inspired fear in everyone.

While most taniwha lived in water, some made their homes in caves or under mountains. Those earthquakes—caused by a taniwha! Some of the monsters could fly while others were capable of traveling underground. Some taniwha looked whale like.

Local Maori tribes were able to appease taniwha with offerings of food, and they received protection in return. But the taniwha were known to turn on their benefactors if the food supply dwindled or wasn’t good quality. Beware the grumpy taniwha!

Occasionally a man or woman transformed into a taniwha after carrying out bad deeds. Sometimes the transformation happened due to bad luck.

Taniwha can talk, which makes for easy communication, although I understand their growls can be fearsome too. The other thing about taniwha is that they like to take human wives and aren’t above stealing them if the opportunity presents itself.

I used the legend of the taniwha in my romance Make That Man Mine.


Make that Man Mine
by Shelley Munro


On her 25th birthday Emma Montrose decides it’s time to show bad boy investigator, Jack Sullivan she’s more than an efficient secretary. She’s a woman with needs, and she wants him.

Jack is a taniwha, a shifter, who requires women to satiate the sexual demands of the serpent within. Nothing more. Then work forces the reluctant Jack and ecstatic Emma undercover as a couple. Thrown together, pretence and reality blur generating hot sex laced with risk…

Of course, I changed the legend to suit my story. Jack, my taniwha, is a private person and working with Emma pushes his buttons in a big way. He’s fighting both his own taniwha instincts and Emma’s enthusiasm. I fear he’s fighting a losing battle!

Buy Links

Ellora’s Cave


All Romance e-books

Source: Taniwha, Giants and Supernatural Creatures by AW Reed and Ross Calman


Think about myths and legends from your country. Is there one that you think could work in a romance?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Author Bio

Shelley Munro is tall and curvaceous with blue eyes and a smile that turns masculine heads everywhere she goes. She’s a university tutor and an explorer/treasure hunter during her vacations. Skilled with weapons and combat, she is currently in talks with a producer about a television series based on her world adventures.

Shelley is also a writer blessed with a VERY vivid imagination and lives with her very own hero in New Zealand. She writes mainly erotic romance in the contemporary, paranormal and historical genres for publishers Carina Press, Ellora’s Cave and Samhain Publishing. You can learn more about Shelley and her books at these links.








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Author Spotlight – Debra Holland introduces us to Sower of Dreams and shares an excerpt

I have a new guest author this week – the wonderful Debra Holland! She’s here to talk about the first book in her series and share an excerpt!

But first, here’s a little more about historical and fantasy romance author Debra Holland…


Author Bio

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Debra Holland is a three-time Romance Writers of America Golden Heart finalist and one time winner. She is the author of The Montana Sky Series, sweet, historical Western romances and The Gods’ Dream Trilogy, fantasy romance. In February, 2013, Amazon selected Starry Montana Sky as a top 50 Greaters Love Story pick.

Debra has written a nonfiction book, The Essential Guide to Grief and Grieving from Alpha Books (a subsidiary of Penguin). Sign up for her newsletter and receive a free ebooklet on her website, 58 Tips for Getting What You Want From a Difficult Conversation



My Website :
Blogging At :
Author Info:

The book is Sower of Dreams, Book One in The Gods Dream Trilogy

Buy Link:


Sower of Dreams
Debra Holland

A Fantasy Romance Endorsed by Andre Norton, The Grand Dame of Science Fiction and Fantasy. “Desert and sea both provide vivid backgrounds for action and real emotion in Sower of Dreams–outstanding and well-presented fantasy, which will keep the book in one’s hands, eyes on the page–a GOOD READ.”

“Debra Holland brings together a warrior princess in a desperate fight for her life and a modern-day hero who’s fleeing his murderous half-brother. Under two moons, they meet with passion, inner strength and a sixth sense that adds yet another dimension to their world.” Jacqueline Diamond

“Very well written and great fantasy romance book that kept me reading the entire book in one sitting…. I give this book 5 out of 5.” Geeky Girl Reviews

“I really, REALLY enjoyed this novel… This story is one for science fiction and fantasy lovers as well as romance lovers. The world is rich and the characters are deep and lovable. It’s a very refreshing read.” Paperbacks and Frosting Reviews

Overview of Sower of Dreams:

A kingdom invaded.
A warrior princess on the run for her life.
A hero from another world.
An evil god who wants their souls.

Can they join forces to defeat the evil one and win freedom for their people?

“Sower of Dreams is a richly colored tapestry of fantasy that bridges from our ordinary world into an amazing other world where love and duty collide. Her characters have warmth and depth that echoes the underlying philosophy of all Debra Holland’s books, whether fantasy or historical. Now I must have the sequel. Now!” Nadele Jacobs

“The author’s writing is so descriptive you feel like you can see the places in your mind…. I want to thank the author for turning a non fantasy reader into a fan. The book had mild violence, romance and some suspense. It was exciting from beginning to end. I can’t wait to read the others.” Linda Tonis, Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer

“I just finished this book in one day and I enjoyed it immensely. It wasn’t complicated to follow as some sci-fi books tend to be, and I was fully immersed in this new world. The characters are compelling as well as their trials. I’m starting book 2 now and all I can say is I hope Debra has book three ready by tomorrow.” Donna Renteria



Dream threads wrapped around Daria, tugging her away from Seagem to an unfamiliar place.

She stood on a hilly desert, gritty beige sand under her bare feet. Overhead, a yellow sun blazed in an arching azure sky.

The starkness of the color dried the air from her lungs, making her lightheaded.

Daria fought the dizziness. Where is this place? What am I doing here?

She’d curbed herself of dream walking without the presence of Yadarius, ever since Indaran’s death. Somehow, her blocks must have slipped.

Trepidation, like cold fingers, clutched her stomach, chilling her in spite of the blistering heat.
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