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WIP Wednesday – A New Series, Plus Updates on Bonded By Blood and Unleash

Bonded by Blood - Vampire Romance Series by Felicity Heaton


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about my writing projects and what I’ve been doing. I’ve been super busy trying to catch up with everything after coming back from my holiday. It’s taken longer than expected, and I’m still not fully caught up yet. I’ve had to drop some of my regular blogging in favour of just keeping on top of other things, and I’m still behind!

I have been able to get some work done on two of the projects I was meant to be working on over the past week and a half, plus I added a new project to that work schedule too.

I don’t exactly need a new project right now, but I’m glad this idea came to me and I’ve had fun exploring it. I’m going to keep exploring it too. I don’t have a name for the series just yet, but it involves a world full of different dimensions, a whole cast of fae species from humans to demons and angels, to elves, vampires, shifters, werewolves, and lesser known fae species, plus demigods and demigoddesses, and sorceresses, etc. I already have around 18,000 words of notes for the series, and solid ideas for the first three books. I’m torn between the first three heroes too and really love their heroines, which is unsual for me. Normally, it’s the heroes who are in control when I’m planning books, not the heroines. They tend to keep quiet and let the man do the talking. These heroines have been really brash, chatty, and pushy. It makes a change, and it’s a nice one. I like being able to have scene ideas from both the hero and heroines POV, and having a clear image of the heroine in my head in terms of her personality, history, etc. Like I said, it doesn’t happen often. The train station in my head is normally filled with a lot of testosterone filled males trying to push me around. I rely on the muse to keep them in line. I’m not sure the muse knows what to do with the trio of women in my head. He’s wary of females, because they don’t often want to play poker with him, unless it’s in the strip sense. My muse tends to subdue impatient heroes with poker. He has little skill or experience in subduing females.

I’ve also been working on the Bonded by Blood series for my agent. The first book is shaping up but so much about the series is still unclear to me. I think that it’s always this way for me when I’m trying to plan a series that has a linear story arc running throughout all the books. I need to know roughly where it’s going in each book and what gets revealed, what we learn about the overall plot of the series and the antagonists. It is much harder to plan a series where the books are linked in that way. I think that’s why I have three clear novel plots for the new series I mentioned above, but I’m struggling with this one. The new idea isn’t a series linked by a single plot arc. It’s more like Vampires Realm, and it’s linked by the world. That’s what I’m used to writing and it always offers more scope. I can bounce around tackling different ideas and plots, with the option of linking them up to other books if that’s how the book wants to go. Bonded by Blood is more like my Guardians of Hades series that I’ve been working on in that it has a single antagonist behind the plot that will run throughout the series, and it’s a slow reveal as to who that person is. It does take a lot more thinking, planning, and general brain power to pull the whole series together, and you have to know how it’s going to go for at least the first three books and what will happen in the end.

The other book I’ve been working on is Unleash, which will be the sixth book in my Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series and is Snow’s book. Did I hear screams of joy then? Who threw those panties?

Yes, I’ve been trying to cajole Snow into telling me all about his romance and what happened in it. He’s been quite elusive, which isn’t like the big fella, but we’re slowly piecing together the outline of his novel. The trouble is, it’s likely to be longer than I had originally planned (surprise, surprise! what is it with these boys? They always want a longer book than I want to give them) so it will take longer to write and edit to near-perfection. I really wanted the book to come out in April for my birthday, but the calendar is telling me that is nigh on impossible when I factor in my commitments to pulling together the Bonded by Blood series for my agent, and working on the outline and first drafts of other stories I want to release in 2013, such as the next Her Angel book and maybe another Vampires Realm story, although that series isn’t doing very well for me right now, so I’m not feeling inclined to write it at the moment.

I’ll be lucky if Unleash will become available in May or June. I can’t really set a date for it at the moment. I know you’re eager for the book, but I won’t put anything out there that isn’t ready to be released. Patience. As soon as it’s ready, it will come out.

It doesn’t seem I’ve been making much progress of late does it? I’ve been all over the place and lacking focus, but I’m pulling it back together now and I think that by the time the New Year rolls around, I’ll be back on form and whizzing through these projects!


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WIP Wednesday – Bonded by Blood vampire romance series with sneak peek excerpt

Bonded by Blood - Vampire Romance Series by Felicity Heaton


I’ve taken to talking about my works in progress on Wednesdays at the moment rather than on Fridays. It has a better ring to it! Today, I’m going to talk about one of my current works in progress and then share a sneaky snippet from the first book in the series.

I announced a few weeks back that I had a new vampire romance series in the works. Bonded by Blood is being written for my agent, Jenn, and hopefully we’ll be approaching NYC publishing houses with the first book and the series in 2013. The first book in the series is entitled Blood Lust and is about a vampire warrior called Kaden, and the younger sister of his best friend and leader of this cadre of warriors, Eliana. Of course, falling hard for your best friend’s sister? Not a great idea, and Kaden knows it.

There are seven very hot vampire warriors in the book and I’ve been having fun getting to know them as I write their character profiles, and explore their world too. I’ve been thinking about the history of Eliana, Quinn (her brother) and Kaden. I don’t normally have characters who have such a long history with each other, and it’s been great delving into these three and uncovering how they met, the key times they spent together, and events that shaped their lives, and of course the events that will shape their future lives too.

I think the series is coming together nicely and I will soon be at a point where I can write the initial few chapters and then the story outline, as well as a series arc, for my proposal. Hopefully, the book and series will go down well with my agent and publishers, and will get picked up by someone and then I can write the book in full. I won’t write the book in full until I get a contract for it because I just don’t have the time right now, not if I want to get the other books I’m committed to written and released in 2013!

If you have any questions about the Bonded by Blood series, do feel free to leave a comment with them or email me.

Here’s a sneaky snippet of the opening scene of the book, Blood Lust.

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Works in Progress – Updates on Vampire Erotic Theatre and Bonded by Blood paranormal romance series

I can’t believe that it’s already November. Where did the year go? It’s incredible and feels as though it was January just yesterday and I was planning what I would be doing this year. Of course, I hadn’t expected my plans to change so dramatically because of having an agent interested in representing me! That was a nice surprise.



I’ve just completed the second draft of Bewitch and I know some of you are eager for this book to come out. I would love to get it released sooner than the anticipated January date, but unfortunately I’m away for a few weeks in November, so I won’t have the book done in time. I solemnly swear that it will be worth the wait and that it will come out in January 2013. I know, it seems like a long way away, but look at just how quickly this whole year has gone. January will be around in no time at all!

I’m always aware when writing any book in the Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series that I have to keep upping the stakes, the drama and the heat. I think the reader reviews make that very clear to me as each time you guys are talking about how this book was the best and topped the others. I really hope that you’ll all enjoy Bewitch as much as you’ve enjoyed the first four books in the series, Covet, Crave, Seduce and Enslave! It’s a bit longer than the others, and a bit dark at times, and also a little bit more wicked. I don’t normally go in for writing the naughtier side of passion, but Payne is just that kind of guy. Blame it on his mixed genes. Expect some light BDSM stuff in this one. It’s not full on, mostly some bondage and a little pain/pleasure.

In other Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series news, I’m currently working with a German translator on Crave and Seduce and I hope we’ll have them both available on Amazon and other stores before the end of the year. We will then be translating Enslave into German, and hopefully we’ll get Bewitch done too. Covet is already available in German. Links to Begehren are available on the Covet page.


Bonded by Blood - Vampire Romance Series by Felicity Heaton


I’ve also been spending time over the past two weeks writing down ideas for my new vampire romance series, Bonded by Blood. I’m writing Bonded by Blood for my agent, the wonderful Jenn at Spencer Hill Associates. I’m really hoping that I can get together the outline for the first book, Blood Lust, and the series arc for the three books, plus the required material by the new year and hopefully it will go down well and we’ll be able to go ahead and start doing the rounds with the series to see just who in the publishing world might want it. It’s been great thinking about the book and delving into the idea I had for the series, and I have almost 10,000 words of notes for the first book and the series. I don’t want to rush formulating and exploring the idea, but I think I almost have the first book figured out in my head. It’s complicated, as always, and packed with passion, and sexy vampire warriors.

Of course, the minute I finished editing Bewitch, I picked up my husband’s cold. Now I’m under the weather and not feeling like working, but I’m doing my best to soldier on so I don’t fall behind in my schedule before I go away in a week’s time.

When I get back from my vacation, I’ll be finishing Bewitch and then working on the Bonded by Blood series, and then it will be time to plan Unleash, which will be Snow’s book in the Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series.

Excited about the new stories and the new series? If you have any questions about any of my books or my series, or future releases, please don’t be shy. Ask any question you want in the comments section and I’ll be sure to answer it!


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Introducing a new vampire romance series – Bonded by Blood

Bonded by Blood - Vampire Romance Series by Felicity Heaton


I’ve mentioned a few times on my Facebook and Twitter that I’ve been working on a new series idea, and that it was another vampire romance series. Well, today I’m going to tell you all a little more about it. I’ve decided that it will be called Bonded by Blood as that suited the series the most and I think it has a nice ring to it. I’ve even succumbed to my urge to make a shiny graphic for it so when I’m posting about writing the series, I can include something nice for you all to look at.

At the moment, there is going to be three books in the series, because I’m writing it for my agent to pitch to publishing houses and three books works best for a series proposal. There’s room for the world and the story arc to expand though. I have seven heroes in total. Originally, it was going to be three with some other males included, but males who were more background features than hero material. Now, I’ve ended up with seven potential heroes. I know for definite who will be one of the heroes, as I’ve already started planning his book. He’s the first in the series, and his name is Kaden. His heroine is a lovely vampire female called Eliana, and she happens to be the younger sister of his best friend, so cue trouble there!

This is a world of vampires hidden from our eyes, living alongside us in the shadows. It’s the sort of world that I love to build, with a social structure and rules, and lots of high society and a divide between the elite and the lower levels of vampires. It’s also a world packed with other species, such as werewolves, demons, light and dark fae, witches and a few hunters here and there. I don’t want to say too much because it will give away stuff that I want to keep secret for now. Needless to say, it’s a big world, packed with suspense and mystery, plenty of twists, high stakes and intense emotions, and plenty of hot hot hot passion! Think Vampires Realm meets Vampire Erotic Theatre, and you’ll have an idea of what the series is going to feel like. The group of males the series focuses on are all warriors, determined to protect their species at any cost. Very sexy males indeed.

Would you like a little sneak peek? Is that a cry of ‘yes’ I hear?

I’m only working on the idea for the book and the series right now, but I do have a sketchy opening scene that I can share and hopefully it will get you all excited about this new series.

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