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Fallen Angel (Her Angel: Bound Warriors Paranormal Romance Series Book 2) is out now!

Lukas has landed once again! The extended new edition of my angel romance book is out now. Fallen Angel is the second novella in the Her Angel: Bound Warriors series, and expands on the Her Angel world.

Her Angel: Bound Warriors is a series that will feature extended and revised edition of the original Her Angel novellas, plus a brand new novella that will round out the story arc of this cadre of angelic warriors.

You’ll be able to read it with your Kindle Unlimited subscription if you have one!

Read on to find out all about Fallen Angel, get the links for your favourite Amazon store, and read an excerpt!


Fallen Angel (Her Angel: Bound Warriors paranormal romance series book 2)

Cast out of Heaven for a crime he didn’t commit, Lukas has spent three years searching for a way to prove his innocence and slowly falling for a beautiful mortal female. When things take a turn for the worse, he seeks solace in the bottom of a bottle and ends up finding it in Annelie’s arms. But one moment of Heaven becomes one of sheer Hell when his wings make an unexpected appearance. Now, he’s in danger of losing not only his duty, but the woman he loves.

Annelie fell for Lukas the moment he walked into her bar and she fell hard. The tall, sensual blond sets her heart on fire with his otherworldly green eyes and wicked smile, so when one kiss leads to something more, seizing her chance and Lukas with both hands seems like a great idea… until morning rolls around and she discovers he’s not the man she thought he was—he’s an angel.

Lukas will stop at nothing to prove both his innocence and his love for Annelie, but when he discovers who framed him and she ends up caught in the crossfire, will he be strong enough to protect her? And can Annelie vanquish her doubts and fears to claim the heart of her fallen angel?


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Lukas was looking worse for wear.

Annelie had never seen him drink alcohol. She had often wondered why he came to her pub but stuck to soft drinks. Seeing him slowly sliding down towards the wooden bar, his head propped up on his hand and his eyes closed, she was no longer surprised that he lay off the booze.

He couldn’t handle it.

His scruffy sandy locks fell forwards when his head slipped from his hand and he jerked up.

He rolled his eyes a few times while blinking and then pulled a face as he inspected the damp elbow of his black shirt and the wet bar where he had been leaning.

A sigh lifted his broad shoulders and his green eyes shifted to the half-full glass of whisky in front of him, growing a little unfocused as he stared at it. He turned it on the bar, canting his head to his left as he studied it. The soft lighting above him reflected off the glass, casting patterns over the dark wood, and his gaze went from unfocused to hazy. Either he was lost in thought, or the whisky was really taking its toll on him.

Perhaps she should have cut him off after his third, but his charming smile had persuaded her to supply him with a fourth, and a fifth. She regretted it now, her stomach squirming whenever she looked at him and saw the effect of the alcohol on him.

At the time, he had looked as though he would be fine.

Now, he looked as though he was going to pass out.

Heck, maybe she shouldn’t have given him the first shot.

What if he didn’t drink because he was an alcoholic and she had just ruined his recovery?

She would never be able to live with herself if that was the case.

She handed some change to a patron and walked along the length of the area behind the bar to Lukas, neatening her appearance as she did so, a nervous habit she couldn’t quite get under control whenever she was heading in his direction.

Her heart rate jacked up as she tugged the hem of her black baby-doll t-shirt down to sit smoothly along the waist of her black jeans and combed her fingers through her long red hair. She always felt as though she looked like a mess whenever things got frantic behind the bar.

And she wanted to look her best for Lukas.

She had been deeply aware of her appearance from the moment she had first set eyes on him, felt self-conscious whenever his eyes landed on her, and ached for them to return to her whenever he looked away.

Did he know how badly he affected her?

Did she affect him at all? Continue reading

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