Works in Progress – Updates on Vampire Erotic Theatre and Bonded by Blood paranormal romance series

I can’t believe that it’s already November. Where did the year go? It’s incredible and feels as though it was January just yesterday and I was planning what I would be doing this year. Of course, I hadn’t expected my plans to change so dramatically because of having an agent interested in representing me! That was a nice surprise.



I’ve just completed the second draft of Bewitch and I know some of you are eager for this book to come out. I would love to get it released sooner than the anticipated January date, but unfortunately I’m away for a few weeks in November, so I won’t have the book done in time. I solemnly swear that it will be worth the wait and that it will come out in January 2013. I know, it seems like a long way away, but look at just how quickly this whole year has gone. January will be around in no time at all!

I’m always aware when writing any book in the Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series that I have to keep upping the stakes, the drama and the heat. I think the reader reviews make that very clear to me as each time you guys are talking about how this book was the best and topped the others. I really hope that you’ll all enjoy Bewitch as much as you’ve enjoyed the first four books in the series, Covet, Crave, Seduce and Enslave! It’s a bit longer than the others, and a bit dark at times, and also a little bit more wicked. I don’t normally go in for writing the naughtier side of passion, but Payne is just that kind of guy. Blame it on his mixed genes. Expect some light BDSM stuff in this one. It’s not full on, mostly some bondage and a little pain/pleasure.

In other Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series news, I’m currently working with a German translator on Crave and Seduce and I hope we’ll have them both available on Amazon and other stores before the end of the year. We will then be translating Enslave into German, and hopefully we’ll get Bewitch done too. Covet is already available in German. Links to Begehren are available on the Covet page.


Bonded by Blood - Vampire Romance Series by Felicity Heaton


I’ve also been spending time over the past two weeks writing down ideas for my new vampire romance series, Bonded by Blood. I’m writing Bonded by Blood for my agent, the wonderful Jenn at Spencer Hill Associates. I’m really hoping that I can get together the outline for the first book, Blood Lust, and the series arc for the three books, plus the required material by the new year and hopefully it will go down well and we’ll be able to go ahead and start doing the rounds with the series to see just who in the publishing world might want it. It’s been great thinking about the book and delving into the idea I had for the series, and I have almost 10,000 words of notes for the first book and the series. I don’t want to rush formulating and exploring the idea, but I think I almost have the first book figured out in my head. It’s complicated, as always, and packed with passion, and sexy vampire warriors.

Of course, the minute I finished editing Bewitch, I picked up my husband’s cold. Now I’m under the weather and not feeling like working, but I’m doing my best to soldier on so I don’t fall behind in my schedule before I go away in a week’s time.

When I get back from my vacation, I’ll be finishing Bewitch and then working on the Bonded by Blood series, and then it will be time to plan Unleash, which will be Snow’s book in the Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series.

Excited about the new stories and the new series? If you have any questions about any of my books or my series, or future releases, please don’t be shy. Ask any question you want in the comments section and I’ll be sure to answer it!


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I'm a NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY best-selling author writing passionate paranormal romance books as Felicity Heaton and F E Heaton. In my books I create detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons! If you're a fan of paranormal romance authors Lara Adrian, Larissa Ione, Kresley Cole, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan then you will love my books too.

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Very excited, especially about the new series Bonded By Blood it sounds like it going to be a good series but whatever you write always is every book of yours I have read has been brilliant I was just curious about how you got into writing about paranormal romance? I was never really into vampire stuff but after reading Phrophercy Child of Light series (wish they were out in paperback) I was addicted and started looking to see what else you wrote & went onto the Angel series which was absolutely fab as well , when will Hyperions book be… Read more »
Felicity Heaton
 Hi Julen, I’ve always been fascinated by vampires and other supernatural creatures, and witches too. It seemed very natural for me to write paranormal romance as I adore the creatures I write about and I really get to flex my creative muscles building the worlds and making the species I write interesting in a way that has them standing out from other authors works. I have two more books to write in the Vampires Realm series before I can get to Hyperion’s book. At this point in the timeline, he’s midway through his romance. I have to go back in… Read more »

cant wait!!!

Danielle Schmidt

Felicity, What is the progress with your Guardian of Hades series. I’m really excited about reading that one after you got us all pumped up. 

Felicity Heaton
 It’s coming along. I need to figure out my schedule before I can commit to a release date. It’s a little bit hectic right now, and I would also really like to get the second book ready around the same time, so I can release these ones together. I need to clone myself so I can satisfy everyone and keep up with my series. The plan is to complete the VET series, and then get the next Her Angel and Vampires Realm book done too. Both of those are novels, which makes it a bit difficult as they take me… Read more »
Kim Rae

I have a list of editors romance authors have been very helpful with. E-mail me if you want deets.