Introducing a new vampire romance series – Bonded by Blood

Bonded by Blood - Vampire Romance Series by Felicity Heaton


I’ve mentioned a few times on my Facebook and Twitter that I’ve been working on a new series idea, and that it was another vampire romance series. Well, today I’m going to tell you all a little more about it. I’ve decided that it will be called Bonded by Blood as that suited the series the most and I think it has a nice ring to it. I’ve even succumbed to my urge to make a shiny graphic for it so when I’m posting about writing the series, I can include something nice for you all to look at.

At the moment, there is going to be three books in the series, because I’m writing it for my agent to pitch to publishing houses and three books works best for a series proposal. There’s room for the world and the story arc to expand though. I have seven heroes in total. Originally, it was going to be three with some other males included, but males who were more background features than hero material. Now, I’ve ended up with seven potential heroes. I know for definite who will be one of the heroes, as I’ve already started planning his book. He’s the first in the series, and his name is Kaden. His heroine is a lovely vampire female called Eliana, and she happens to be the younger sister of his best friend, so cue trouble there!

This is a world of vampires hidden from our eyes, living alongside us in the shadows. It’s the sort of world that I love to build, with a social structure and rules, and lots of high society and a divide between the elite and the lower levels of vampires. It’s also a world packed with other species, such as werewolves, demons, light and dark fae, witches and a few hunters here and there. I don’t want to say too much because it will give away stuff that I want to keep secret for now. Needless to say, it’s a big world, packed with suspense and mystery, plenty of twists, high stakes and intense emotions, and plenty of hot hot hot passion! Think Vampires Realm meets Vampire Erotic Theatre, and you’ll have an idea of what the series is going to feel like. The group of males the series focuses on are all warriors, determined to protect their species at any cost. Very sexy males indeed.

Would you like a little sneak peek? Is that a cry of ‘yes’ I hear?

I’m only working on the idea for the book and the series right now, but I do have a sketchy opening scene that I can share and hopefully it will get you all excited about this new series.

Sneak Peek – Blood Lust

Quinn was going to be the death of him.

Kaden knew it as the large warrior ushered the slender female towards him, their heads bent against the frigid wind that drove snow across the lamp-lit gravel drive of the mansion. The heavy fur-lined hood of her thick cream winter coat hid her face but waves of auburn spilled from beneath it and the scent that rolled off her had almost knocked Kaden on his ass when she had stepped out of the black limousine.

Quinn’s green eyes flicked to his as he passed, cold and empty of emotion but edged with steel, a challenge to Kaden to say something.

Kaden never had been able to hold his tongue.

He grabbed his leader’s free arm, stopping him in his tracks, and felt the male tense beneath his black wool jacket.

“Go on inside,” Quinn said, softness and warmth in his tone. Kaden couldn’t remember the last time he had heard anything other than a dark growl in his voice. Now wasn’t the time to have females running amuck in the house, and it certainly wasn’t the time to go soft.

Quinn turned to him, his glacial expression far colder than the numbing wind that battered Kaden through his navy roll-neck sweater.

“You brought your sister here when she’s needing?” Kaden didn’t hide the surprise from his voice. There wasn’t much point. Nothing slipped past Quinn. He would have felt the ripple of Kaden’s shock when Eliana had stepped out of the car and into her brother’s welcoming arms.

He probably hadn’t masked his jealousy all that well either. He hadn’t seen Eliana in years, but that time apart hadn’t lessened the ferocity of his desire for her. It was only the knowledge that Quinn would have his head if he so much as stepped within ten feet of his little sister that stopped him from hunting her down right now and kissing the breath from her.

Quinn calmly removed Kaden’s hand from his arm. “I brought her here because she is needing.”

The steely edge to his voice and his eyes warned Kaden not to push the subject.

“I have to remind you that this is an all-male house? Drake has never been near a female when she’s receptive to a male… the scent your sister is throwing off is probably killing him already.”

“And what about you?” Quinn said darkly, eyes assessing him now, making his skin crawl and a need to back down flash through him. “Is my sister affecting you?”

Kaden swallowed. Two options. He lied through his teeth to the one man who had ever managed to gain his respect, or he told the truth and had Quinn’s fist in his mouth before he could blink.

“I’m waiting.”


Did you enjoy that? I’ll be sure to share more as I write the book and keep you posted about my progress, and maybe add a few sneaky snippets here and there!


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