Daily Dozen – Embracing the Wolf – werewolf romance book

Today I’m posting 12 delicious sentences from my werewolf romance short story, Embracing the Wolf.

To set the scene a little… Kat, a werewolf hunter and a woman denying her own inner wolf, is out on a hunt the night after a run in with the right hand man of the alpha werewolf destined to be her mate, Amon. Kat has been running from Amon since things took a turn for the serious between them and the news that Amon is now close to succumbing to his wolf side has her feelings muddled and her heart torn between accepting him as her mate and saving him, or putting a silver bullet in his head before he turns feral. Kat is patrolling a cemetery when she runs into the alpha in question…

Amon’s long black coat flared out in the chill breeze. He moved towards her. She held her ground, keeping her gun on him. Her feelings collided inside her. Fear fought calm, anger battled happiness, and hate warred with love.

She took a step back, needing the distance. Her palms began to sweat. She wiped her free hand on the leg of her black combats and then wrapped it around the one holding the gun. It still shook.

Her heart beat at a dizzying pace. Breath short and sharp, she glared at Amon. How could he still affect her like this? After four years, her feelings hadn’t faded in the slightest. Just the sight of him made her knees weak and her body tremble with need.

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You can read a full excerpt from Embracing the Wolf at my website, or download a sample from the retailers…

Embracing the Wolf
Felicity Heaton
Kat, a hunter with the Werewolf Control Forces, fled her alpha werewolf lover, Amon, when he told her that she too had the gene in her blood and would one day mature into a werewolf—into his mate.

Four years on, Kat has now matured. Each night she fights the ‘beast’ inside of her and her desire to return to Amon. She hunts rogue werewolves with a vengeance, hating her kind and her blood, gaining satisfaction from eradicating those that have surrendered to darkness and violence, but she can’t change her feelings and her craving for Amon is becoming stronger with every dream she has of him.

When Amon’s pack finally catches up with her, she discovers that he’s dangerously close to turning rogue and only she can save him from the darkness. An encounter with Amon reignites the passion they had once shared, dreams constantly stir her hunger for him, and Kat finds herself faced with a hard decision. Will she let him turn rogue and hunt him, or will she embrace the wolf and mate with Amon to save them both?

ebook price: $1.49
genre: paranormal werewolf romance
length: 20200 words
rating: sultry
released: November 2008

Available in e-book from:
Author’s website: http://www.felicityheaton.com/ebooks.php?title=Embracing%20the%20Wolf
Amazon Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0036FU0NS/
Amazon Kindle UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0036FU0NS/
Barnes and Noble: http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Embracing-the-Wolf/Felicity-Heaton/e/2940000802687/
All Romance eBooks: http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-embracingthewolf-601075-139.html
Sony Reader Store: http://ebookstore.sony.com/ebook/felicity-heaton/embracing-the-wolf/_/R-400000000000000246829
Kobo Books: http://www.kobobooks.com/ebook/Embracing-The-Wolf/mix-1NzltZWkpEuuXxOBSFnOgQ/page1.html
Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/8010
Amazon Kindle Germany: http://www.amazon.de/dp/B0036FU0NS/
Amazon Kindle France: http://www.amazon.fr/dp/B0036FU0NS/
Apple iBookstore USA: http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/isbn9781452343617
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About Felicity Heaton

I'm a NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY best-selling author writing passionate paranormal romance books as Felicity Heaton and F E Heaton. In my books I create detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons! If you're a fan of paranormal romance authors Lara Adrian, Larissa Ione, Kresley Cole, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan then you will love my books too.

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