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Month in Review – March 2013

March was a mixed month for me. I spent most of it working on the edits of Unleash so it will be ready for the May 18th 2013 release date. I also had some time off for good behaviour in Barcelona and Scotland.

During my time off in Barcelona, I devoured the first book in the upcoming Eternal Mates series because I had an urge to read it, even though it’s only first draft right now. I really like this new series and venturing further into the same world as the Vampire Erotic Theatre series is based in. I’m excited about writing the next two books for the series so I can get all three of them released close together.

When I was up in Scotland, I decided to read over the first book in my upcoming Guardians of Hades series. I liked it. It’s a very different feel to the first Eternal Mates book, but I think that’s about the characters. The heroine in the Guardians of Hades book is less spunky than the one in the Eternal Mates series. It’s more like my usual brand of paranormal romance books – less humour, more darkness and drama. I’m also excited about getting more books in the Guardians of Hades series under my belt.

I do feel in a strange place right now with my books. I’m approaching the end of the Vampire Erotic Theatre series with Unleash, even though it’s not the end of those characters as they’ll make appearances in the Eternal Mates series. I’m also getting close to the end of the Her Angel series unless I continue it with another, different story arc. The next book is for Asmodeus and then I might write a book for Nevar. I’ll see how I feel after Asmodeus’s book as that’s a bit of a game changer again. This is one series I write that doesn’t have a defined direction and never has. It sort of grows as I write it and develops its own arc.

I need to write another Vampires Realm series book but I think that series needs a major overhaul in the marketing department at least. It doesn’t sell as well as my Her Angel and Vampire Erotic Theatre series. I think it’s because it’s reached ten books now. It’s more difficult to keep getting good sales figures with the books. I need to think about what to do with it to make it sell better. I do have more books I want to write for that series, so I don’t want to see it die.

Back to positive thoughts…

Unleash is coming along nicely though. I’m feeling the pressure a little with this one, but this is Snow’s book, like it or leave it. It’s what he wanted and it’s his story, and that’s all I can write in the end. I know some readers have very definite ideas of what his story should be, so I hope this doesn’t disappoint. I’m going to have it completed by next week, pending proofreading sessions, and then I can begin working on my next book and put Unleash out of my head until the release day rolls around.

April will hopefully be a better month for me as I’ll get to write again. I hate it when I get stuck in an editing rut and I’m just constantly working on that side of what I do. I like to mix up writing and editing but sometimes it just isn’t possible and I end up spending 8 weeks just editing before I can get writing again. I would hire editors, but to be honest, I don’t think it would save me much time in the end. I would still want to do a full edit as a second draft, and then a second polishing edit, and then rounds of proofreading. I’m obsessed with quality, and don’t feel I’m putting out my best books unless I edit them this many times over so I can catch everything and make it the best it can be.

What I really need is more hours in the day for writing! I’m always desperate to get more books written and have so many on my to write pile… I definitely need more writing time and less time spent on marketing and other things, but that’s the nature of the beast. I have to market my books otherwise they don’t reach readers and sell! I do need to get marketing down to a fine, fast art though, or find a way to get someone else to market for me!

Any suggestions?



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Month in Review – February

I’m back for another month in review post. What did I get up to in February?

Well, I wrote the first draft of the first book in my new series, Eternal Mates. It took me 11 writing days in total to complete the 95000 words in the book. That’s pretty good going even for me! I really enjoyed playing in this world and I have so many more books I want to write for it. The further I got into the book, the more I began debating whether I wanted to use this book to approach NYC for a book contract, and whether I wanted a big publisher at all. I had concerns about non-competition clauses and whether it would negatively impact my indie books, and personally, I have such fantastic fans that I’m making enough money to be a full time writer. The only thing NYC can offer me is better distribution and maybe a little kudos. Not enough to make me risk that non-competition problem though!

Eternal Mates book one is now going to sit around for a while until I’ve been able to edit Unleash, and write the next Her Angel book, and possibly the next Vampires Realm book too. I’m yet to decide the release schedule for 2014, but expect to see the series then, and hopefully it will be a few books in the series too. Ideally, I’d love to release the first three Guardians of Hades books and the first two Eternal Mates books in 2014.

I printed out the first draft of Unleash in preparation for entering the second draft and then read the book over. It’s better than I had expected. Reader anticipation and expectation for this book is really high and I admit I’m feeling the pressure. That’s why writing the Eternal Mates series was so great and refreshing. Absolutely no expectations about that one! I know people are waiting for this one, and have been since January 2012 when Covet came out. I need to make Unleash the best it can be though and that means it will hit shelves when I feel it’s ready, and not before. I’ll be working on the second draft in March. The plan right now is that the book will come out in May 2013.

I also announced that while Unleash will be the final book in the Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series, it won’t be our last visit to the theatre. This is because I’m no longer going to use Eternal Mates to get myself an NYC book contract. I debated the pros and cons of getting a contract with a big publisher, and right now there are more cons than pros. Because I decided to indie publish Eternal Mates, it means I can go ahead with the original plan for the series, which is it being based in the Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series world. I couldn’t have done that if I had decided to approach NYC with the book because they wouldn’t be interested in a series tied to one of my indie series.

I also spent a week trying to get my marketing plan together and all my marketing information into order. I have so much research on this subject and most of it was scribbled on pieces of paper. I had to type it all up and then use that to construct a really solid book marketing plan, as well as a general marketing plan for myself as an author, aka my brand.

As for my time keeping. Even with writing the first draft of the Eternal Mates book, I only managed to get a 55% against writing in Toggl. I seem to spend most of my time dealing with emails and book tours, and blogging. I thought it would be social networking eating up my time, but alas, it’s not. It’s all the admin sort of things I have to do. There has to be a way to get more writing time!

All for now. I’ll be back next month to look back at my progress in March.


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WIP Wednesday – Unleash (Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series book 6) second draft underway and spin-off series

I’ve been working on Unleash this past week. I spent the majority of last week working on marketing plans and other work that had steadily built up while I had been writing the first Eternal Mates book, but I did find time to print Unleash out, ready for me to start reading it first thing on Monday morning. I think I was the only person in the world looking forward to Monday and wanting the weekend out of the way!

I spent most of Monday, and then part of Tuesday reading over Unleash. I always prefer to print the book out and read it like a reader before beginning my second draft process. It’s really good to step away from being an author or editor, and just see whether I enjoy the story and whether there are parts I felt needed more explanation, description, clarifying, etc.

All in all, I was pleased with the results. I had feared that this book was going to be atrocious because I felt so much pressure when writing it. It made me really doubt the book and the plot, and believe that everyone was going to cry that it was terrible when I released it. I think it’s in good shape though, and the heroine is a good match for Snow and that Snow’s book is going to have hearts melting and tears flowing. Believe me, it had me crying again during this read through and I NEVER cry during a read through. I will cry when I write the scene in the first draft (and I did with this one) but I become immune to it then and don’t cry when I read over it or work on it. Not this time. I was sniffling merrily yesterday morning when reading one of the scenes.

It will take me a few weeks to complete this edit now that I have everything I had scribbled down on the pages put into the word document. After that, I have to let it sit again and I’ll be working on the next Her Angel book during that Unleash rest period.
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WIP Wednesday – Eternal Mates Series and Unleash (Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series book 6) with Sneak Peek!

I’m talking about two different series today, and two rather different books. I finished the first draft of the first book in the Eternal Mates series on Saturday, and the completed book is around 94500 words. I wrote this first draft in a record 11 days, which is quite impressive, even if I do say so myself. I haven’t decided what I’m doing with it yet. I’ve been debating the future of the series and whether it will be another one I indie publish. The more I read about NYC and book contracts and publishers at the moment, the more reluctant I am to hand over this book. I’m not sure why I want an NYC deal now. Five years ago, when indie books were few and far between and ebooks were going nowhere slowly, NYC seemed fantastic and an amazing place to be. Now, I’m not so sure. I make a living as an indie writer, I have fantastic readers who are all amazingly supportive and always seem to be chomping at the bit for my next book. I’m not sure what NYC can offer me that I can’t do or achieve for myself. Do you guys care that I’m not a big NYC published author?

There are so many variables when it comes to NYC, and every chance that a book contract with them right now might limit what I can do as an indie, or may mean this series doesn’t end up as I envisaged it, or might end up never seeing the light of day for years, or ever.

It’s a tough decision, and one I’ll be thinking about while I work on the book. It may turn out that I decide to write the first three books of this series and the Guardians of Hades series, and release them in 2014, all 2 months apart or something crazy. Would you like that?

I haven’t worked on this next book this week really… but wanted to update everyone on it…



This week, I’ve been mainly focused on marketing work because I’ve been meaning to tackle it for some time now but never found the time, and I don’t want to go through this whole year without getting a better plan in place for my books and my career.

On Monday, I printed out Unleash (Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series book 6) and I’ll be beginning the second draft of the book next week, after reading this book at the weekend. I can’t wait to delve back into it and I’m really excited to see how it turned out. Hopefully, it won’t require too much work to get it into shape, but I know there are things I need to address in the book. Small things, but they’ll take time to fix up. Mainly description and detail stuff.

The reason I’m mentioning Unleash at all today is because I made a solemn vow on my Facebook fan page to consider posting a sneak peek of the book and since everyone has been so good, and so many of you are desperate for a tease of this book, I decided to post a snippet from the opening chapter…

As with all my sneak peeks, this is first draft, and yes… this is the opening of the whole book. Prepare for a cuteness overload though, as you’ll be seeing Snow in a whole new light.

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Future Paranormal Romance Book Releases News

This is a new feature for my blog. I get emails, Facebook comments and Tweets asking me about whether or not certain series will get another book, when I’ll be releasing a certain  book, and other questions related to future releases, so I wanted to try to answer all those questions on my blog before they ever come up. My blog is always the place to go to if you want to know what I’m working on, as I blog regularly about my writing and my future releases here.

The questions I’m getting asked the most right now are variations on the theme of…

Is there going to be another book in the Her Angel series because Her Demonic Angel rocked my world!

The answer to this question is yes, I will be writing more books in the Her Angel romance series. I have been asked this question so much in the months after Her Demonic Angel‘s release that I actually asked a few of the readers if they felt the series had come to a natural conclusion. I hadn’t noticed that it felt that way, but several readers assured me that it felt as if this was the end of the series. No, it isn’t. There will be more books.

I’m committing to writing one for definite, possibly two, and maybe more. The definite is Asmodeus’s book, which will hopefully be out around the same time of year as Her Demonic Angel was, in September this year. I can’t commit to a firm date. It all depends on my ever-shifting schedule. I’m still in the planning stages for Asmodeus’s book. There’s no title for the book yet. The plot is bare bones in my head and in a word document, but I’ll be able to work on it soon, and it will blossom into one hell of a wild adventure for our angels.

I had a few people ask if Nevar would be the next hero. No, he won’t, because right now he’s going through some changes and they will lead to his book. You can read his journey in monthly episodes in my newsletter.


Is Snow ever going to get a book and will it be out tomorrow?!?

I know people are desperate for Snow to get his happily forever after in the Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series, and I can assure you that it is happening. You might have seen the posts here from when I was writing the first draft in January, or perhaps you’ve seen the quotes I post on my Facebook fan page from the book.

Snow’s book is Unleash. You can read about my work on it by clicking that link. It will take you to all the posts related to the book on my blog, with the newest first.

I have no set date for the release of Unleash. I hoped to have it out in late spring 2013 before I decided to write a complete first draft of the first Eternal Mates series book rather than just a third of it for a proposal for my agent. I still intend to have it out before summer. At the moment, I’m thinking it will come out some time in May. I am working my backside off on getting the book in your hands, I swear it. It’s the longest book in the series, close to 100,000 words. It took me a few weeks to write it, and I have to edit it, polish it, and get it proofed before it’s ready to hit virtual shelves. Considering I only finished writing it in January, a May release is a very quick turnaround for a book this length.


Will there be more books in the Vampires Realm series?

Yes, there will be. I had wanted to get another released this year. I’m not sure if it’s a possibility. My schedule became very messed up when I decided to write the first Guardians of Hades novel last year, intending to use it for the series proposal for my agent. I had a change of heart about that but it didn’t mean I got those weeks back. I really want to get the next two Vampires Realm books out as soon as I can, and I’ll try to make one happen this year. I think it’s possible.

The next book in the series will be Hunger, which is Tor and Eve’s book. Eve is Lilith’s sister (the heroine of Seventh Circle). Eve is mentioned in that book, and also in Masquerade. Tor is also mentioned in Masquerade, and was featured in a flash fiction here on my blog last year.


Other questions I get asked are about the Vampire Venators series and the Shadow & Light Trilogy.

Do I intend to write more for these two series, despite the fact that I currently don’t have any books listed against them? Yes, I do. I switched Forbidden Blood and Ascension away from being listed as the first books in the Vampire Venators and Shadow & Light Trilogy because they failed to generate a lot of interest, and because I had far too many commitments and had to decide which series to pursue at the time. I’m only one woman, and unfortunately that means I can’t keep up with all these different series. I had to focus on a selected few, and Vampires Realm, Her Angel, and Vampire Erotic Theatre won the toss because sales were far stronger for those series. It pained me to put aside these two series, but it was a business decision and it was necessary.

Do I know when I will be releasing more books in these two series? No, I don’t. I desperately want to write them though. There are two more books planned in the Vampire Venators series, possibly three to complete the series. I have two novels and a novella to write for the Shadow & Light Trilogy. I hope I can have better news about these two series when I write another future releases post.


If you have any questions that you would love me to answer, drop me an email at or leave a comment. I’ll be sure to answer any questions, and might post about them in my next future book news post too.


The releases I plan to happen this year are Unleash, the next Her Angel novel, and either the next Vampires Realm novel plus the first Guardians of Hades book, or just the next Vampires Realm novel.

I hope this post has been informative and that I’ve answered some of your questions.

Don’t forget to leave a question or email me if you have one!


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WIP Wednesday – Eternal Mates Paranormal Romance Series with Sneak Peek


I hope you enjoyed my post last week about my new paranormal romance series, Eternal Mates, and the sneak peek at the hero and heroine. I have a new sneak peek for you this week, from a point further along from last week’s scene.

I’ve been busy writing the book all week, trying to get through my other work as quickly as possible to fit in as much writing time as I can. I’m really on a roll with this one and don’t want to slow down, although I did have an off day on Tuesday. It just wasn’t happening and my writing output dropped to a whopping 1000 words. It was hard to get going this morning too, but I got there in the end and powered through a love scene and then another chapter.

The book is up to 74000 words now though, and I think I have around another 20000 to go, so it will probably be coming in just over the mark at maybe 95000 words in total, give or take.

It’s been an exciting week though. I’ve introduced a new character. It’s a species I had wanted to bring into the series during one of the first three books and I had an opportunity to bring this male in when a scene I had planned out decided it wanted to run a little differently. Now I need to write up his character profile sheet while I know him. I think you’ll all like him. Picture cocky self-assured bachelor jaguar shifter club owner who believes that bonds are like collars, and best avoided.

I’m also at a point where I will introduce another character, this one a planned appearance, and I’ll mention a second character. She doesn’t make a physical appearance in this book, but she is in the second and the third books.

Now that you’re up to speed on the book and the progress I’ve made, I’ll share another peek at it…

This sort of follows on from last week. Olivia is a doctor/scientist and has just been bitten by the hero, Loren, whom she had on her inspection table after hunters brought him in rather worse for wear.

Again, all first draft, so forgive any errors!

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WIP Wednesday on a Thursday – Progress on the first book in my Eternal Mates series, with sneak peek!


After my post last week about my new paranormal romance series, Eternal Mates, and the fantastic response by some of my readers, I decided that I would move my schedule around to accommodate writing the whole of the first book in the series through in one go. The idea of stopping after only a third of the book was written in first draft didn’t sit well with me. I didn’t like the thought of going back to the book and having to complete it at a much later date, when my style and flow of language might be different from what it had been at the time I had written the first part.

So, on Thursday I sacrificed my day off to get the character profiles for eight main characters written up, finalised the outline of the first book, printed everything out and was eager to get going on writing the first book. I managed to get a lot of words done during just the first day of writing on Friday, clocking up 14000 words. I added a few hundred to that on Saturday but had other work demanding my attention. On Monday, it was another mixed day, but I got another chapter written. On Tuesday, I took a day off because I was about to go insane from the pressure of my current workload and deadlines, and my husband swept me out of the house for the day. I came back refreshed yesterday, hitting a cafe and getting another 13400 words of the book down in first draft. Today, I continued to work on the book, and wrote a further 9000 words.

The book is now 10 chapters long, and has 40776 words. I have around another 50000 to write, but if I can keep on top of my other work and keep this pace, I’ll have the first draft completed by the end of next week. I’m quite pleased by that.

I know you’re all desperate for Unleash, and my writing this book through from start to end is going to delay it, but truthfully it will only be a few weeks difference and Unleash needs more time to rest. Writing this book is helping clearly Unleash from my head and that will mean I can do a better job of editing it when I come back to it. See, there is a good side to this delay… because if I edited Unleash and did a poor job of it, that would be an even bigger delay. I won’t release anything until I’m satisfied with it. I’m all about putting quality books out there, not rush jobs.

Back to Eternal Mates. I’m really enjoying this world so far. The females stand on their own two feet and are more than happy to give hell to the males if they overstep the mark. The males are brash, dangerous, and more than happy to verbally spar with the females in an attempt to make them listen to reason / behave / not ignore a command (delete as appropriate) and will protect them when things go south.

The hero in particular is dreamy. He’s noble, a prince, and has that beautiful desire to take responsibility for his actions and suffer the consequences of self-sacrifice for the good of his people. You’ll like him… in fact, why don’t I introduce you to him?

Note: This is first draft material. Forgive any errors. I have skimmed it to avoid spoilers and such, but it’s unedited.

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Month in Review – January

I used to write month in review posts but it sort of fell by the wayside, and it’s something I enjoyed doing, so I’m bringing it back. Think of it like a catch up on all that I did in the previous month that was important or interesting.

January was quite a productive month, although it had its ups and downs. I managed to get the first draft of Unleash written, which I’m sure will please all the Snow fans out there, as it’s his book. It’s also the final book in the Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series, but I can’t bring myself to say goodbye to that place and those characters. I’ll be saying catch you later, and finding a way to continue to play in that world. The first draft of Unleash came in at almost 94000 words, which is a full length novel. Writing it was quite stressful but I got it done, and all the little bits and pieces I have my doubts about will get fixed up when I get around to editing it.

I also got all my figures completed for my sales in 2012, and I’ll be talking about that more in another post in February. I sold more books in 2012 than I had in 2011, so I think I did well. My aim for this year is to match my sales last year. I was quite fortunate with a chunk of those sales though, having used Amazon KDP Select at the right time in January 2012, back when downloads on free days counted well towards the book’s sales rank when the book came off free. Not the case anymore. I’m still confident I can match 2012’s sales figures this year, even with less releases.

Back to January this year… Once I was done with the first draft of Unleash, I got straight on with completing the world-building for a new series, Eternal Mates, and completing the outline for the first book. I managed to get it done in a few days, but it was hard work, and I started writing the first book on Friday. I’m now 18500 words into that first book. I’m guessing it’s going to be 90000 words, and it will probably take up most of my February writing time. The original plan was to just write the amount I had to write in order to put together a series proposal for my agent, and give her what she needed to approach NYC about the series. I can’t bring myself to do that though. I know it will add a few weeks on to the release date of Unleash, but I have to write this book all the way through. I think if I write just the first third of it, I’ll be setting myself up for a situation where I come back to write the rest and I’m no longer writing in the same style. It’s better to go with the flow. Plus, it’s better to give Unleash longer to rest before I edit it. I was only allowing a 2 week break, and personally, that probably isn’t enough for me to then edit the book with fresh eyes.

Away from writing now, and I was getting really frustrated trying to figure out where all my time went, and I felt I wasn’t being as productive as I could be, so I investigated time tracking applications. After looking around a few, I found a really good one called Toggl. I’ve had a few of you ask me about it and I can say that I’ve been using it for a week now and it’s really helping me see where my time goes, and it’s helping to keep me off the social networks when I should be working. I can use it via my browser, online and offline, and I can use it on my Android smartphone too, which is really useful. Again, online or offline. Once I go online, everything synchs up. It’s very cool.

I’ve split my time into several projects, and keep adding some as they come up. I can add tags to my items in my projects too, so I can track how much of what I’m doing. My hours for this week were all over the place. Normally I clock closer to 7-10 hours a day, but I had other stuff I had to do this week too. These hours don’t include things like breaks for coffee, etc. I tend to stop the timer then. Here’s a look at my weekly report, showing the hours I spent doing what:



As you can see, I spent around half my time writing, and spent a lot of time on my Book Tour for Bewitch and on Admin work. Admin work for me is dealing with emails, checking my sales stats, dealing with my finances, updating my schedule / planner, and dealing with pesky pirates.

Most of the screens in the browser version also show me a nifty pie chart version so I can see at a glance what I’ve spent most of my time doing:



I’ve hovered over writing to show that I’ve only spent a shockingly low 55% of my time writing. Considering I worked a 47 hour week (quite low for me because I was doing non-work stuff that week too) that’s a bit poor. I’d prefer that I spent closer to 75% of my time writing. A girl can dream, right?

One thing I have decided it’s really useful for is showing me where I spend time and how long things I normally do take. It’s a bit like seeing where I could possibly get someone to help me out, taking that task off my hands, and I can just get on with more writing. I’m sure I would hear no complaints if that happened!

If you’re looking for a time tracker to help you keep tabs on a project or your work life, then this one is pretty good. I’d definitely recommend it.

Of course, it can’t handle my multi-tasking awesomeness, so right now this blog post hasn’t been tracked, because I’m updating all my books at the Apple iBookstore at the same time, writing this while each individual book uploads.


ETA: I forgot to mention… I also challenged myself to stay off chocolate in any form in January (after a rather wicked holiday period) and I managed to do it… and celebrated in style on Saturday by making my famous refrigerator cake. Yes, just a few calories per slice, but it’s oh-so-yummy! If I was going to break my chocolate-free lifestyle, it was going to be with something worth breaking it for! My husband has been completely amused by this affair, and asked me on Friday whether I’d broken yet. I couldn’t honestly decide what I wanted. Nothing in the stores took my fancy. Then I decided to go artisan and special, and make something.


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WIP Wednesday – Working on a new hot paranormal romance series


It’s a WIP Wednesday post with a difference this week. You may have noticed the big shiny, but unfamiliar graphic up there. That’s my holding graphic to give you a taste of what I’m working on. Rather than talking about a series or book you’re all aware of, I’m going to be talking about a new paranormal romance series that I’m working on right now. I’m writing this as a proposal for my agent and hopefully she’ll think it’s good enough to tout around the publishing houses.

I know that many authors wonder why I’m interested in having an agent and breaking into NYC on a traditional publishing contract when I’m doing so well as an indie author. I’m a very cautious person, who prefers to deal in calculated risks, and I like to have my fingers in lots of pies. On top of that, one of my dreams has always been securing a big publishing deal and seeing my books in print with a major player, and I’m working to make that dream a reality. It doesn’t mean I’m giving up on being indie. It just means I’m extending my reach by choosing to play for both Team Indie and Team Contracted (I was going to say Published, but technically I’m published… so went with Contracted, as that’s the only major difference between the two really).

Back to the series. Originally, I was going to write the Guardians of Hades series for this proposal, but I had my reservations about using a series I definitely want to be seven books in length as material for approaching a publishing house in these unpredictable and rocky times. Basically, I was damned if I was going to risk my baby being butchered if the series didn’t do well in print and the publisher wanted it cut short.

I went back to the drawing board to come up with a series dreamed up solely for this proposal. I ended up with two. The Bonded by Blood series and the Eternal Mates series. I spoke about the fundamental differences between the two in this post, but didn’t mention the name of the series:

I thought hard about which to go with first and decided that I would take a shot with the Eternal Mates series as I was really into that world and I had three books straight off the bat, and knew very clearly what would happen in each.

I’ve spent this week so far, since Monday, working on the series. It’s mostly gathering notes together at this stage and splitting them into different files. We have a file for the world, including the species involved and other details, and one file for each of the first three stories with the scenes I had written down in those, and then one file for other story ideas. I already have another three bare-bone ideas on top of the fleshed out three I’ll be using in the proposal.

Tuesday was a wash out because I wanted to get most of the Vampirerotique Winter Tour posts done and sent out. I had really wanted to continue working on Eternal Mates in the evening, but was tired. Today, I set about pulling the notes for the first book together.

I wrote up what I like to call my plot checklist that I had scribbled down the other day, listing the protagonists wants, why they want it, what the crux of the story is, what the antagonist is after, etc. I typed up a rough outline of the main events and other ideas I had scribbled down during a brainstorming session about the book on Monday. Then, I had to pull those together with the 7000 words of notes I had in the book’s word document in my folder, lacing in those scenes with the events, and forming a complete outline I can work from. It’s done now, and I have it split into 17 rough chapters at present. It will probably expand closer to 20 or more. In the end, it’ll be around 90,000 words when written. I won’t be writing the whole thing right now. I just have to write around a third of it and polish it up, and add it to my proposal.

I’d love to write it all the way through, but with everyone baying for Unleash in my Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series, I don’t have the time. It’s a shame. I’ve never had to stop part way through a book before, and I just hope that if it gets picked up, I won’t have lost whatever style I had flowing when I was writing that first third of the book.

I suppose what you really want to know is who is the hero and who is his heroine, and what are they up against? I know how your mind works.

The hero is a dark elf prince. Elves in this world are the progenitors of vampires, and share traits with them still, such as fangs and a thirst for blood, but they’re far more powerful and don’t have corrupted souls. The elves do have pointy ears, generally all have black-blue hair, and have a tendency to mask what they are when in the mortal realm by changing eye colour from their natural purple and making their ears appear normal. They’re all rather tall, dark and very handsome, and have some pretty nifty tricks up their sleeves.

The heroine is a doctor working for a hunter organisation, who also happens to be the hero’s eternal mate, but neither know it until they’re thrust together and he unwittingly bonds them by taking her blood to heal himself.

That’s all I can say right now. It’s a very big world though, packed with demons, fae, elves, angels, fallen angels, vampires, werewolves, sorcerers / warlocks and sorceresses / witches, and shifters.

I’ll have more about the first book and the series next week. Hopefully, I’ll have all the character profiles and world-building work done by Friday and I can begin writing the first book on Monday.

What do you think about the sound of the series so far though?


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UNLEASH Complete in First Draft and a Song Made For Snow


I’ve just completed the first draft of Snow’s book, Unleash (Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series book 6). It ended at close to 94,000 words and I think it might grow a little during the edits. For now, I’m setting it aside to work on a series proposal (more about that next week) and planning the next Her Angel series novel.

To celebrate completeing the first draft of Unleash, I decided to write some tour posts for the Vampirerotique Winter Book Tour that kicks off next week. I’m doing something different this time, and each post is a labour of love, and takes me a while to write, so I need to get ahead of myself to keep on top of then.

But as I was working on them, a song came on my iPod that was utterly perfect for Snow, and his heroine. It immediately made me think of them and I just had to share it in this post.

The song in question is Holding On To Heaven by Nickelback, and it goes a bit like this…

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