Talking Tuesday – Character Q&A With Tor from the Vampires Realm Series

Welcome to another installment of Talking Tuesday Friday! I’m a bit late this week. It was my day off on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday I was focused on completing the first draft of Unchained by a Forbidden Love, and then yesterday I had meant to post this and got caught up in working on my new-look website.

Every Tuesday, I’ll either be answering questions myself, or posing questions to one of my characters from my paranormal romance books. All of these questions are submitted to me by my awesome readers at my Fang Club, a Facebook Group where I chat with my readers. Asking questions is exclusive to members of my Fang Club, so if you want to get in on the action, you’ll have to join the group.

This week, I had the task of posing questions to Tor, the cold, methodical, and delicious vampire assassin in my Vampires Realm Series. You can read Tor’s romance in Hunger!

Talking Tuesday with Tor

Felicity: Welcome Tor! I bet I’ll hear no complaints from you today. It’s probably nice escaping the bloodline’s mansion.

Tor: *nods* I still find it a little… unsettling… being there so much, but Eve needs to be with her sister.

Felicity: Well, this little interview should provide you with a nice break. You’re having a one-on-one interview with Kirsty Hatto today, because she did an amazing job filling my request for questions with around a zillion. That’s how much she cares.

Tor: That was very sweet of her. I don’t hold much love for mortals, or anyone outside my bloodline, but I do appreciate it.

Felicity: So, first up, Kirsty wanted to know how is Eve and what have you been doing lately as we haven’t heard from you?

Tor: Eve is well. She is settling in now and becoming accustomed to being at the mansion, although she likes to escape as often as I do, which suits me just fine. We’ve been busy helping the Law Keepers.

Felicity: Sounds interesting. You mentioned escaping, so that’s the perfect lead into my next question from Kirsty. How are you coping with your elevated status from servant to elite?

Tor: *grimaces* As well as can be expected. I don’t belong in that world, but Eve does, and while I don’t like the attention it gets me, I will cope with it for her.

Felicity: You really don’t like it… but it’s sweet that you put up with it for Eve. Do you believe yourself worthy of Eve now that you are by her side and know how she truly feels about you?

Tor: *tips his head back and sighs* Yes… and no. I know we are both hunters, but… sometimes I just feel… *runs hand over his ice-blond shorn hair* I don’t know… not unworthy… just… like I’m going to sully her or something.

Felicity: Eve loves you though, all of you, and she thinks you’re worthy of her. I’m sure in time you’ll become accustomed to it, probably before you become accustomed to being stuck in a mansion.

Tor: You’re probably right about that. I think we’re spending more time at the cabin than at the mansion recently. We were there for a long period, and I slowly went insane, and Eve was right there with me. She doesn’t like the attention either, but she loves being with Lilith.

Felicity: Kirsty asked about that too. Are Lilith and Eve inseparable?

Tor: Devil, you know it. Even when I whisk Eve away for a few days, she always needs to be able to talk with Lilith. She’s working through a lot of stuff that is hard for her, and Lilith has been through it, so while I can help my little huntress, her sister can help her more.

Felicity: It’s good that you’re both so supportive. While you’re at the mansion, do you get to speak with Lincoln? I ask because Kirsty wanted to know about him. She said you and Lincoln had an interesting relationship during your story, so she asked whether you’re good friends?

Tor: Lincoln is probably the only one in our bloodline I ever gave a damn about, before Lilith and Eve came along. He’s been through some serious shit, and proven himself, and he’s the only one who hasn’t treated me as something inferior that shouldn’t be seen, and is unworthy of being in the mansion. So… I guess you could call us friends. We’ve grown closer since Eve and Lilith were reunited. They are always off together, so myself and Lincoln entertain ourselves as best we can while we wait for them to come back to us.

Felicity: Patient mates… that’s a new one on me. I’m use to dealing with the impatient sort.

Tor: *grins* Oh, I’m impatient… but I know good things come to those who wait.

Felicity: Like Eve. You waited, and you were rewarded. Do you and Eve go out and hunt bad guys together? If so, is it fun to have her as your partner?

Tor: I tried to put a halt to that, but she wouldn’t have it, so we hunt together. She’s strong, and it’s good to have her as a partner. We have each other’s backs.

Felicity: Are you able to communicate telepathically? Does it make hunting together easier?

Tor: *nods* She’s always broadcasting her wicked thoughts into my head at the most inappropriate times. It’s hard to be the perfect model of an elite to earn some shred of respect from the bastards at the bloodline when she can turn me into a growling, snarling, restless beast with just a well-placed thought. Damn woman fires me up like nothing else can. *clears throat* Where was I? Hunting? Yes, it makes hunting easier. I can keep tabs on her, and she can reach me, and we can call each other if we need help. It’s good.

Felicity: Sounds useful. You’re making me envious. Are there any vampires that you think will have their own adventure or are secretly hiding feelings for each other?

Tor: *leans forward a little* You mean like one particular couple who really shouldn’t have feelings for each other? Because, yes, I noticed that, and I’m not sure how the vampires they work with haven’t yet.

Felicity: Ooh, yeah… they’re certainly up there for the title of most scandalous couple.

Tor: The world might end if their comrades figure it out… but maybe they’re ignoring it. Wouldn’t be much fun to have to hunt down your friends and bring them up for trial, and execution.

Felicity: No it wouldn’t. Kirsty had a couple more questions, so let’s talk about your father-in-law. How is Oneiric? Does he visit much or at all?

Tor: He is well. Keeps to himself. I take Eve to see him once in a while, and he’s come to the Law Keepers to discuss matters with them a few times. He’s only come to the mansion a couple of times. Lilith and Eve cause a huge fuss when it happens. I get the feeling he’s not that big on balls and huge celebrations.

Felicity: No, I can’t really see him enjoying those. Let’s end on a couple of questions from Kirsty about Eve. Do you still have premonitions after tasting Eve’s blood?

Tor: Yes. Nothing bad so far. I see good things, which is a relief.

Felicity: And my final question from Kirsty. If you could go back and change one thing in your life, would you? And if so, what would it be?

Tor: I wouldn’t change a damned thing. Why risk losing the best thing in my life by changing the worst parts? Everything I’ve been through brought me to Eve, and this is exactly where I intend to stay for the rest of my life.

Felicity: Aw, man, you’re a cutie. I love a big, dangerous man getting all sweet and mushy over his lady.

Tor: *growls* Watch it. I bite, remember?

Felicity: Is that a promise? Go on with you. I think we’ve kept you long enough, and judging by the way your eyes are changing colour and your cheeks look a little redder, Eve is putting ideas in your head again. It’s been fun interviewing you, and I really need to catch up with everyone in your world soon!

Tor: Till then.

Felicity: *watches him go* Still a fine backside on that vampire. *sighs* From a deadly vampire assassin to the king of Hell next week. This should be interesting!

Thanks for reading my Talking Tuesday interview and I hope that you’ll swing by the blog again next week to see who we’re interviewing then!

As always, my comments are open, and I’d love to hear from you!

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