WIP Wednesday – Working on the Eternal Mates Paranormal Romance Series Books – with sneak peek of Hunted by a Jaguar!

It’s time for WIP Wednesday again and once again I asked my fantastic followers on my Facebook fan page which book they wanted a snippet from. It was a close call, but they chose Hunted by a Jaguar.

If you follow me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/felicityheaton then you know what I’m up to, but if you haven’t followed me yet, here’s an update!

As you all know, I’m working on the next FOUR books in the Eternal Mates romance series.

This week, I completed the edit of Hunted by a Jaguar. Kyter and Iolanthe’s book grew by around 8000 words during the edit, bringing it up to around the 98500 words mark. That’s around the same length as the first book in the series, Kissed by a Dark Prince. Hunted by a Jaguar will now rest while I move on to editing other books and then I will proofread it a few times before it’s ready for release in January 2015. I really think you’ll all love this one. It’s packed with emotion, heat, and high stakes drama!

Now that I’m done with the edit of Hunted by a Jaguar, I can move on to editing Craved by an Alpha, which will be book 5 in the series. While I’m editing that book, I will also be planning book 7, which is Taken by a Dragon.

I’m hoping to begin writing Taken by a Dragon at the start of November. This novel catches up with that naughty dragon shifter from near the end of Claimed by a Demon King and the huntress he kidnapped. Loke won’t be the only dragon shifter to feature as one side of a couple in the series. I’m really looking forward to writing Taken by a Dragon now that I’ve had a break from writing and have been editing and reading.

Look for my update next week on my WIPs!

Now, how about a sneak preview snippet from Hunted by a Jaguar?

This is a little way into the book, but since I posted the scene that happens before this when Kyter is teasing Iolanthe by pouring water over himself, I thought I would post how she felt about that moment…

Iolanthe wasn’t sure what Kyter was, other than irritating and too handsome for his own good. She had tried several times to piece together all the clues he had given to her about his breed, but she had failed to draw a solid conclusion. The evidence was too scattered. She couldn’t scent or sense it on him either.

He was against her though, and that made him an enemy.

She turned on her heel to face the ruins. Moonlight bathed it, turning the crumbling buildings cold pale blue.

He wouldn’t leave the ruins. She knew that much. He seemed a rather stubborn man.

A rather gorgeous stubborn man.

She couldn’t get his image out of her head, how he had looked at her with intense golden eyes that shimmered with banked heat and had held her immobile. Those eyes had spoken to her of desire, setting her blood alight. She had been too entranced by him before he had poured the water over his fair, softly spiked hair, and it had run over his sculpted cheekbones, down the fine slope of his straight nose, and rolled along the sharp strong line of his jaw. It had been impossible to stop herself from tracking those beads of moisture over his honed body, watching them as they darted down the hard square slabs of his pectorals and rippled over the powerful muscles of his abdomen, marking his golden skin.

Just thinking about it heated her blood and had her breathing harder, her heart beating quicker.

Iolanthe shoved him out of her mind and shut down her sudden flush of arousal, mastering herself once more.

She picked out the building where they had talked.

Her control slipped again.

She didn’t like how she had felt in that moment when they had been against each other. She rubbed her hands over her bare arms and swallowed her racing heart. It unsettled her. She hadn’t felt in control of herself. She had experienced an overwhelming compulsion to drop her lips to his throat and run her tongue over the slender red line that marked it, tasting his strong blood. It had an intoxicating scent. He had an intoxicating scent.

And a seriously powerful physique that had felt better beneath her hands than she had thought possible.

Iolanthe cleared her throat and pushed that thought and the images of him pouring water over his sandy hair from her head. They persisted, replaying again how the drops had trickled down his chest, curling around his left nipple before skating down the ridges of his stomach, luring her gaze downwards to the fine trail of fair hair that led down from the sensual dip of his navel to the waist of his black combats.

A need to follow each rivulet with her tongue and tease his golden skin had flooded her in that moment, driving her to cross the room to him, slam his back against the column closest to him, and obey that urge.

The irritating male had done it on purpose. His golden eyes had flashed with satisfaction when she had blushed. Egotistical and disgusting male. He had been playing her. That knowledge should have been enough to douse any desire she felt for him.

But his reaction to her when she had pinned him to the ground had felt real. As real as her reaction to him.

The feel of his hard body beneath hers, his heart hammering against her palm where it pressed into his chest, and his golden eyes locked with hers, flooded and dark with desire, had triggered an alarming response within her.

More than just a desire to taste his blood.

She had desired to let her feet slide from his broad chest, allowing them to land on either side of him, and settle herself against his body. She had hungered to feel his hands claiming her hips, drawing her down against the apex of his thighs.

She had burned with a need to kiss him.


What do you think?


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Julie Tinkler

Wow! That was a rather Sexy Teaser, looks like these two need to release some Sexual Tension! Looking forward to reading the whole book Felicity, these Teasers just aren’t enough they leave me wondering what happens next and I know I have to wait until next year ( although that’s not that far away now)!!!

Catherine T Wester

OMG Felicity you are such a tease. I had to go and take a very cold shower. Wow just imagining water running down a hard body, especially with no one to take it out on.

Pamijo Perkins

I can’t wait to read the whole book. Cold showers indeed.