Sensual Sunday – Hot Teaser from Winter’s Kiss (Vampires Realm Romance Series Book 8)


Sensual Sunday is brought to you today by Winter’s Kiss, which is the 8th book in my popular Vampires Realm romance series. Sensual Sunday’s always feature a hot excerpt from one of my paranormal romance books. Read on for this Sunday’s sensual snippet…

“I’m sorry,” Nika mumbled into her knees, tears burning her eyes. Maybe she should have mentioned that she was new to all this. It had been too much to hope that she might be naturally good enough at kissing for him not to notice that it was her first one. When his tongue had entered her mouth, cold and demanding, the feelings it had evoked had overwhelmed her and she had lost control.

She heard him move and then closed her eyes when his hand caught her jaw, cradling it gently and raising her head. He had removed his gloves. His skin was cool against hers, strangely cold but comforting at the same time. It was Winter. This touch was how she would always remember him. He was so different to everyone she had ever known or would ever know. She loved him so much it hurt and no amount of time apart was going to change that. If he had to leave her, she at least wanted to know what it would have felt like to be his, to have him love her. She would never know another’s touch. In her heart, there was only Winter, eternally.

A sigh escaped her when his lips caressed her cheek, following the line of her jaw. Her heart thumped hard against her chest, accelerating with each brush of his lips against her overheated flesh. She kept still, afraid to move and break the spell that they were under. She didn’t want him to stop. She never wanted him to stop.

His hand skimmed down from her jaw to her neck, his touch so light she barely felt it. It tickled her, sending shivers of arousal down her spine and turning her abdomen warm. Her whole body felt as though it was tightening.

“Relax,” he whispered and pressed a kiss to her throat. Her heart broke into a gallop, thundering as he worked his way down the slope of her neck. His mouth paused over her jugular and she gasped at air, drowning in the thought that he would bite her. “You are too tense.”

Too tense in general or too tense to bite? She longed to feel his teeth in her, to feel what it might have been like to be his. Was her blood still tainted in his eyes? Was it tempting him again?

He closed his mouth over a point on her throat and groaned when he suckled her skin hard enough to bruise the soft delicate flesh. It answered her question. He wanted her blood. Did that mean her transformation was complete? She had expected to feel more different.

Her eyes rolled back in her head when a sharp pain shot out from the point where his mouth latched on to her neck. When he sucked again, a low rumbling sound came from him.

Vampires purred?

With a sigh, she let her head fall back and slumped. His arm slid around her back to support her and his mouth continued to work furiously at the tiny scratch on her throat. She silently begged him to bite her, to do more than just take a sip from a scratch. Right now, she would give every drop of blood she had to feel him against her like this, holding her and kissing her, flesh to flesh, and soul to soul.

He kissed up her neck, leaving a wet trail that the chill air caught and froze against her skin, marking her forever in her mind. The point where he had scratched her throbbed and ached, but the pleasure that radiated outwards from that point erased any pain.

“Winter?” she whispered at the ceiling of the barn, not wanting to open her eyes and see where they were. In her mind, they were back in his room, at the place where she had really wanted to ask him to do this with her.

“Quiet,” Winter murmured in her ear and then kissed it. “I will give you this moment, Nika, but I fear it will destroy us both.”


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Winter's Kiss - paranormal werewolf romance BookWinter’s Kiss
F E Heaton
Their lord drinks blood and they are dead men walking. The tales of the mansion don’t stop Nika from falling for one of the guards, but when wolves attack her and he rides to her rescue, she discovers that her knight is anything but saintly. He is a vampire and she is becoming a werewolf, and love between their species is forbidden—the penalty death.

Winter’s world is shaken beyond salvation and his allegiance to his bloodline tested as he watches the woman he’s fallen for turn into a werewolf. His heart demands vengeance and that he protects her, both from the werewolf now hunting for her and from himself, but she tempts him more than he can bear and it isn’t long into their journey before he’s torn between upholding the law and succumbing to desire.

Will Nika be able to convince Winter to leave his world and stay with her or will she spend eternity dreaming of Winter’s kiss?

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