Snippet Saturday – Author’s Choice – Enslave (Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance Series Book 4)

It’s time for Snippet Saturday! Each week has a theme or is author’s choice. This week the theme is Author’s Choice.

I decided to choose a snippet from the book Enslave, which is the fourth book in my popular Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series, this week. Hope you enjoy it!

A little background info… Varya, the heroine, is a succubus and she’s feeling a rather forbidden attraction to Andreu, a vampire. She’s just broken back into the theatre and has teleported into his room, where he’s sleeping, and she’s rather intent on getting a good look at the male who has captured her attention…


Varya raised her hand above him, holding it suspended a few inches away from his body, and willed the covers to follow it and slide down his bare body. The red satin slowly glided over his chest, revealing the hard slabs of his pectorals and his small nipples to her eyes, and then over the delicious ridges of his stomach. Even at rest, they were pronounced, clearly defined and screaming at her to lick them. That would be foolish. He would wake if she indulged such a desire.

She drew her hand down and the covers followed, flowing over the erotic dip of his navel and the V that told her gaze to keep going. She swept her tongue over her lips, every muscle tightening in anticipation. A dark thread of curls spread downwards over golden skin. Almost there. Her breath hitched in her throat. Excitement bubbled through her, a feeling she hadn’t experienced in what felt like forever. Almost. Her eyes darted forwards, too eager to wait for her hand to reach his groin.

Andreu grumbled and yanked the silk sheets back up before she could catch even a glimpse, covering all of his body and stealing it from her hungry eyes.

Varya pouted.

She brought her hand back up to the start of the covers and focused again, her hand hovering above his body. She willed the covers to follow and moved her hand.

This time she had barely reached his navel before he grunted and dragged the sheets back up.

Gods curse him. He was infuriating even in sleep.

Varya huffed quietly and held her hand over his crotch. If he wouldn’t let her see him naked, he could damn well let her see him hard. She stared at the bulge under the covers, bit her lip and focused her will on him. It stirred, slowly tenting the red material, and Varya’s eyes gradually widened. Gods. She wanted to touch that rigid length and feel his heat.

Andreu groaned and frowned.

A light sleeper?

Varya licked her lips again. She didn’t care. She wanted to see him nude and hard.

She shifted her hand back to the start of the covers.

His hands shot to hers, fingers locking tightly around both of her wrists, and he dragged her over him, so her stomach pressed against his side. Had he been pretending to sleep all this time so he could capture her? Varya struggled, panic kicking in, and tried to escape by teleporting. Nothing happened. Her eyes shot wide and she tried again. Nothing. An icy chill tumbled down her spine and then fierce heat prickled her skin. By the gods, what was wrong? Her heart pounded. Gaze sought a charm or a spell marking somewhere in the room. Something was stopping her from escaping. It had to be a spell.


She tried to twist her wrists free of his grip and then stilled, her gaze settling on his hands. Gods. He was holding her here. How?

“Let me go,” she whispered and rotated her wrists again, ignoring how they burned as her skin rubbed against his and her flesh twisted.

His deep blue eyes slowly opened and fixed on her.

Varya hissed at him.

He didn’t let her go.

“What are you?” His gravelly voice betrayed that he had really been asleep. He had sensed her presence then. She had made countless men feel pleasure while they slept, influencing their dreams so she could feed off the energy they emitted. None of them had ever woken. He tightened his grip and she whimpered. His tone hardened, becoming as sharp as a blade. “What are you?”

That stung. She was a ‘what’, not a ‘who’. An ‘it’, not a ‘she’.

Varya refused to answer. She struggled and focused, calling on all of her energy so she could escape his grasp. He moved faster than she could counter and overpowered her, pinning her to the bed beneath him. Her whole body flushed with heat, temperature ratcheting up to a thousand degrees as his hard body pressed into hers and he forced her hands into the mattress on either side of her head. His cool breath skated over her skin and her eyes slipped shut, the feel of him too delicious to ignore even when she knew she was in danger.

He shifted to pin her legs with his. Varya purred at the feel of his rigid cock pressed against her hip. Delicious.

Andreu froze and then slowly looked down at himself. His expression switched from anger to horror, and then he turned an accusatory glare on her.

Varya smiled sheepishly.

She wriggled her hips against his length and desire seeped into his eyes, obliterating the rage that had been building there.

His mouth descended on hers and she arched into him, eager for more as he dominated her with another fierce, passionate kiss. Too much, too soon. She hadn’t anticipated the kiss so she was unprepared for the hit of pure pleasure that flooded her veins. She melted beneath him, every muscle going lax as she sank into bliss. He still tasted like Heaven, a strong heady ambrosia that instantly had her hazy and warm all over. He groaned and slanted his head, delving his tongue past her lips and into her mouth. She tried to gain control of the kiss but he was too powerful, mastering her with only a few strokes of his tongue against hers. She moaned and silently pleaded him to continue, and never stop. She needed more from him this time, needed it to go on for longer, wanted his lips on hers forever.

He pulled back, breathing hard, and his grip on her wrists tightened again.

She could feel his eyes on her but she couldn’t muster the energy to open her own and meet them. She didn’t care if he wanted an answer to his question, or whether he was angry with her or even pleased to see her. Heat and life flowed through her, stronger than she had ever felt before. She had kissed plenty of men to take a little of their energy, all manner of creatures and species. She had even spent three weeks with a fae king before she had lost her enthusiasm for sex and not even he compared with Andreu. His kiss was addictive and powerful, potent. With him, a kiss was all she needed to feel full to the brim with energy.

He kissed her again, harder this time, forcing her lips to part. His strong hands pinned her wrists against the bed, pressing them deep into the mattress. The heat drained from her veins, flowing backwards through her and leaving her cold to the bone.

Her limbs tingled and heart bolted into action.

Varya struggled, driven by panic and the feel of him stealing back the energy she had taken from their last kiss. It wasn’t possible.

She forced her head to one side to stop him from kissing her and the cold gradually faded but didn’t disappear completely. She felt weaker now than she had been before she had entered his room.

“What are you?” he whispered, his breath warm now as it caressed her throat. She felt the danger of leaving her neck open to him but it was a risk she was willing to take. Better he steal her blood than what little remained of her energy.

“I am sure your friend has told you what I am.”

“I want to hear you say it.”

Varya closed her eyes. “I am a succubus.”

“And what does a succubus want with me?” he said on a low growl and dug the sharp points of his claws into her wrists. “I warn you, if I do not like your answer, you will not live to steal from another.”


Did you enjoy the snippet?


More about the book:

Felicity Heaton
His determination to succeed in business has left no room in his life for love. Now, a beautiful and deadly succubus has teleported into his dark, decadent world and is in danger of enslaving his heart.

Andreu’s future entails opening an erotic theatre like Vampirerotique, gaining wealth, women and power, not shackling himself to a single female, but he cannot deny the dangerously seductive succubus who stirs his anger and passion, and tempts him like no other—he will have her.

The moment their eyes meet, Varya knows she cannot have the exotic dark vampire who sets her pulse racing. His shadowed aura marks him as forbidden, but the hungers he awakens in her are too intense to resist—she must have a taste.

When an erotically-charged kiss ignites their soul-searing passion and reveals something dangerous about Andreu, will Varya leave forever or will she dare to risk all in pursuit of something she thought was beyond her reach?

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Gods, this is a great scene…. Love how mischevous Chica can be……. 😀 xx

Felicity Heaton

Me too, Tracy. She was a joy to write. I like the naughty, feisty ones.


Twilight has nothing on Your story lines…..Your books would break ALL box office records if they were made into movies! I recommend Your books to everyone I meet :):)

Felicity Heaton

Thanks Deb!