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This week’s Teaseday is brought to you by Love Immortal. Love Immortal is an epic vampire romance novel, full of immortals, vampires, gods and goddesses, werewolves, and people with supernatural powers. It’s a rollercoaster ride of action, drama and passion. This is chapter two of the story, and the hero, Julian, has just rescued the heroine from werewolves.

Love Immortal
Felicity Heaton
Rescued from werewolves by the most breathtaking man she’s ever seen, Lauren is dragged into the fight of her life and a dark world she never knew existed. There, she discovers that she’s the latest reincarnation of a goddess and must drink the blood of her immortal protector, Julian, in order to reawaken and continue her three thousand year old mission to defeat Lycaon, the original werewolf.

With the help of Julian and an organisation of people with supernatural abilities, Lauren fights for her life, their future and the fate of mankind against Lycaon and his deadly army, but can she succeed when Lycaon has killed all of her predecessors?

Can she crack the armour around Julian’s heart and seize her happily forever after with him? And can Julian bring himself to trust Lauren with the fragments of his heart after everything he’s been through?

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genre: paranormal vampire romance
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released: January 2011

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Julian looked around the small messy living room. His gaze scanned over the haphazard piles of women’s magazines on the coffee table, the open face-down book on the beige couch to his left, and the bookshelves filled with DVDs that stood either side of an old television and its stand in front of him. He moved to the window on his right and checked the street in both directions. The area was silent save the sound of distant traffic but it didn’t soothe him in the slightest. Three werewolves. It couldn’t be coincidence. The one by itself or the two together he could dismiss, but two separate attacks left him worried. He needed to get Lauren to safety as soon as possible. For that to happen, he needed to tell her why monsters were after her.

And then he needed to get her to believe him.

He stared up at the ceiling, sensing Lauren in the bathroom above. She had been there a while, her feelings in disarray and her fear running through his blood. She was still fragile but he couldn’t allow her to be alone as she needed to be. He couldn’t risk her attempting an escape, not now that he’d found her.

He’d never resorted to kidnapping her before, but he was beginning to consider it if he couldn’t convince her to come with him of her own free will.

There was a first time for everything, or so they said, but countless centuries had passed since he’d experienced such an event. At his age, it was almost impossible to find something he hadn’t done before.

He walked up the stairs, his footsteps dulled by the thick carpet and his focus fixed on Lauren, monitoring her feelings in case they grew worse. His duty now was to ensure her survival and to protect her. Being in her home would reassure her and make it easier for him to explain things, but now that she was somewhere safe, she wouldn’t want to leave, and they had to get away from this place before other werewolves came. He considered knocking on the white bathroom door and then continued down the hall, giving her some privacy. She would come out soon enough and if she didn’t, he would go in and get her. He paused on the threshold of her bedroom.

Her soft scent lingered in the air, warm and comforting, filling him with a sensation of need he had long forgotten. He shook it away. He needed to get some clothes and things together for her. Having some of her personal belongings might ease the transition and make things less confusing and painful for her.

It was always difficult for her to believe what he was going to tell her, and this time he didn’t have the luxury of years in which to break it to her. He wasn’t sure how long it was until her awakening but it was close.

In a small wicker basket on her chest of drawers, he found something that would answer that question. Her passport. The date of birth in it revealed that it was one month to her birthday. He was cutting it close.

Julian pocketed her passport and then looked down at her bedside table. The books stacked there were all about swords, fighting, and history. The movies near the small television opposite the end of her bed were mostly tales of hit men, martial arts and horror films. Her instincts were there. He wondered if she knew why she liked these things. There were another two shinai propped up beside the wardrobe next to the television. She had been courageous to attack the werewolf with such a flimsy weapon. It had surprised him enough that he’d kept back and watched her rather than intervening as he should have. He had never seen her so brave before the awakening.

He found an empty backpack in her wardrobe and crossed the room to a pile of ironed clothes on the wooden trunk under the window. They were recently washed so had to be clothes that she favoured. He packed some of them. She would feel better for having a new pair of jeans to wear and a clean top. He lifted a top off the pile and held it up. The sight of the small black camisole made his heart beat hard and he couldn’t stop himself from imagining her in it. It had been a long time since he’d seen her in such revealing clothing and even longer since it had affected him. He reined in his feelings and shut them down, reminding himself of his position and his duty.

Julian went to leave but stopped when he saw a picture beside her bed. He rounded the bed again and picked it up, frowning beyond the image of Lauren and an older couple to the man crossing the park behind, seeing him for what he truly was. A werewolf. He opened the frame and removed the back. The date printed on the rear of the photograph was six months ago. His stomach dropped. The attacks hadn’t been random. Lycaon knew where she was.

He dropped the picture onto the bed.


Julian spun to face the bedroom door. Lycaon was hunting her. He raced down the hall to the bathroom.

He had to protect her.

He couldn’t lose her again.

They had to leave.

He banged on the bathroom door, his heart thundering and his chest tight. Fear stole his strength and left him weak. He clenched his teeth and fought against the feeling. He wasn’t weak.

“Illia!” He banged again but she didn’t answer.

She wasn’t there. He told himself to calm down. She was there. He could sense her and feel her heart beating. There was no reason to panic, so why couldn’t he stop his heart from racing and his limbs from shaking?

“Illia!” Julian stepped back, his mouth turning dry, and assessed the door.

He was about to break it down when it opened and she peered around it.

“Who’s Illia?” She looked so small clinging to the white door, her rich brown eyes red with tears and wide with fear.

All of Julian’s strength left him and he sank back against the wooden banister, relieved that she was still safe. He leaned there a moment, gathering himself and regaining control. It wasn’t like him to react like this when she was in danger. Was it because she was still fragile?

She twisted the wet strands of her near shoulder-length dark red hair around her pale fingers and stared at him, an expectant look surfacing in the depths of her warm eyes. Her teeth teased her lower lip, reddening it and drawing his attention there. A surge of hunger pushed through him, a desire to do the impossible. He balled his hands into fists and swallowed.

Or was his reaction because of something else?

Julian dropped his gaze and realised with some dismay that she was still wearing her black jacket, brown t-shirt and jeans, and that they were soaked. He looked down and frowned at her damp shoes. She hadn’t even removed them. The clothes stuck to her slight frame, emphasising her slender figure, and the fact she was trembling. He looked into her eyes, studying the pale beauty staring back at him. A fierce need to protect her gripped his heart, seizing control of him, and he stepped towards her, raising his hand to brush the tangled threads of hair from her face. He wanted to tell her that he would protect her, and would never allow anything to happen to her. No monster would ever lay a hand on her so long as he breathed. She had no reason to fear now. He was here.

His hand fell to his side when he realised what he was doing and thinking. It was impossible. Such things went against his duty.

He reached behind him to grip the banister and felt the towel there. Pulling it off the banister, he walked towards her. She tensed and then watched his hands as he placed the cream towel around her shoulders and drew it closed over her chest. He held her shoulders, tempted to rub the towel against them to dry her. She was still fragile. She needed to take more care of herself. Releasing her, he stepped back to give her more room.

She pulled the towel around herself and walked past him. Her hand went to her jeans pocket and she tugged her mobile phone out. She started pressing numbers, muttering at the phone and cursing it. When he caught her arm, she frowned at his hand.

“What are you doing?” he said, studying the faint flicker of emotion he could feel surfacing in her.

“I’d like to call the police now.” She removed his hand from her arm and tapped her phone, glaring at the blank display.

He knew enough about technology to know that electronic devices didn’t respond well to large quantities of water dousing them. The phone had been in her pocket when she had been in the shower. He doubted it would work even if it dried out.

“Not necessary,” he said and tried to remember if he had seen a phone in her house. He couldn’t allow her to do such a thing.

Lauren backed off a step when he advanced one.

“Oh, I think it is.” She moved again, working her way towards her bedroom door, still pressing buttons on her phone as though it would miraculously spring back into life. He followed her. “I’m going to call the police about those men and then I want you to leave.”

“I cannot do that.” He advanced another step, his pace slow so he didn’t frighten her. The hard look that had entered her eyes said that she was serious. “And I cannot allow you to call the authorities.”

“Why not?” She took another step towards her room, glanced over her shoulder at it and then back at him.

“What would you tell them?”

She paused and frowned. Her mouth opened and then closed. She glared at him. “I want you to leave now.”

“I cannot. You are in danger.”

“You’re telling me,” she muttered and backed away. “I don’t know what you’re after—”

“Nothing, Lauren.” That name still felt foreign to him. Illia. She was Illia but, at the same time, she wasn’t. None of them had ever been Illia. Not really.

Her pulse quickened, rushing in his ears. “How do you know my name?”

He hadn’t meant to frighten her by revealing that he knew about her. It had come out before he could stop himself. He took another step towards her.

“I will explain everything, but right now I need you to answer something for me.”

She stared at him for a full minute and then slowly nodded.

Julian went into her room and picked up the picture from her bed. He looked at the photograph of her and the couple. Her parents? Of course. She had parents. Or at least, she’d had parents.

He held the picture out to her. She snatched it and stared at it. When she blinked, tears tumbled down her cheeks.

“When did your parents die?” he said and her head jerked up, her eyes betraying her shock as much as her thundering heart did. “Was it shortly after this picture was taken?”

She looked confused and then nodded. Her eyes searched his. “They were attacked in the park. The police never caught their murderer.”

“And they never will.”

She gasped. “Those things? Oh God.”

He dashed forwards when she collapsed, dropping her phone and the picture on the floor, and caught her under her arms. He lowered her so she didn’t hurt herself. She was freezing in her wet clothes. He drew the towel around her and covered as much of her as possible. When she was kneeling, he knelt before her, waiting for her to take it all in.

“No,” she whispered, shaking her head. Her eyes met his, swimming with tears that filled him with a strange ache to wipe them away. He couldn’t. “How? What are they?”


She paled. Another tear dashed down her cheek.

“Werewolf?” A bark of nervous laughter. “A werewolf?”

He nodded and her smile faded.

Before Julian could say another word, she ran past him towards the bathroom. A moment later, she retched. He got to his feet and went to check on her. She’d knocked her head in the fight and there was a chance that she was dealing with a concussion on top of everything else.

He wished he could make it easier on her.

It was never easy.

Getting her to believe the existence of werewolves wasn’t normally the hard part. It was all the rest. It was the awakening, her duty, and the strange tale of her history.

He walked into the bathroom to find Lauren at the basin. She splashed water over her face and then gripped the edge of the sink, staring blankly at the peach porcelain.

“I will not hurt you, Lauren,” Julian said and she looked over her shoulder at him. “I am only here to protect you from those creatures.”

“The werewolves?”

He nodded. “The werewolves.” Amongst other things.

Lauren swallowed and closed her eyes, looking as though she was struggling to stop herself from being sick again.

“Why did they kill my parents?” Her voice was small.

Julian stepped into the hall, giving her some space, and thought about how to explain things to her. They didn’t have much time. He needed to convince her to come with him as soon as possible. They needed to go somewhere they would be truly safe.

“Come and sit down,” he said and she turned to look at him.

“I’m fine here.” Her stubborn streak had remained with her then. It was something she always had. For once, he wished that she didn’t.

“You need to be sitting.” After her collapse at the mention of her parents’ death, he wasn’t taking any chances. In the cramped bathroom, he wouldn’t have room to get to her if her knees gave out and he didn’t want her to hit her head on the basin. “And we need to get you changed into something dry.”

“I said that I’m fine. Just answer my question.”

“To weaken you.”

Her expression changed to one of confusion.

“Lauren, you are special, born to serve a purpose… a destiny that is three thousand years old, born thirty lifetimes ago.”

She swallowed several times. “I think you were right. I need to sit down.”

Julian stepped aside. She fumbled her way along the wall and into her small bedroom. When she reached the double bed, she collapsed onto the dark covers and leaned forwards so her head was between her knees. Her rough breathing and the fast beat of her heart filled his head.

She was taking it better than he’d expected. Kneeling in front of her on the floor, he waited for her to emerge before continuing.

“Why are they after me?” she whispered. “I felt as though they were. I thought they wanted you and then I… I realised… they wanted me… and you were protecting me. Why?”

What did he tell her, the long version or the short? He needed to convince her quickly to come with him. He couldn’t take her searching for the safe house during daylight when he wasn’t strong enough to protect her.

“Because of who you are,” he said.

She laughed. Not the reaction he’d expected.

“Who I am? I don’t know who I am! Christ, my friends have been teasing me something chronic about my whole ‘find myself’ gig recently and all of a sudden I have a strange masked monster telling me that I have some purpose and werewolves want to kill me because of who I am.”

Julian frowned and touched the tall collar of his black coat. Masked monster? Is that how she saw him? He’d never considered himself a monster before. If he was, then she was a monster too, she just didn’t realise it yet.

How was she going to take that?

There was only one way to find out.

“That is because you have not yet awoken,” he said. She stared at him in silence. He took it as a cue to continue. “You were born almost four thousand years ago as Illia and are the daughter of the minor goddess Selene who looked favourably upon a man named Lycaon. This favour angered Zeus as he had banished all form of contact with Lycaon. As punishment to Selene, he placed you on Earth. Zeus promised you that your task would redeem your mother, so you willingly accepted it and Zeus bound your fate to Lycaon’s. Zeus ordered his brother Hades to refuse your soul entry to the underworld on death until Lycaon has been defeated, so each time you are reborn.”

She just stared at him, her rosy lips parted and her eyebrows raised high.

Her heartbeat was steady though. Either she didn’t believe him, or she did and it was beginning to make a little sense.

He hoped it was the latter.

She laughed.

The former.

“I’m having a hard time with this,” she said. “You’re telling me that I was born to some goddess in God-knows-what-BC and I’m supposed to defeat some man named Lycaon?”

“In essence, yes.” He paused and tried to think of a way to put it that would make her believe it. Back when he had been human, people had believed in the gods. He’d understood that Illia was the daughter of the goddess that he and his men worshipped. He’d accepted his duty without hesitation. “Lauren… Illia’s soul resides within you. Each death at Lycaon’s hands sees you reborn, but it is only her soul and her purpose that carries over to her new incarnation.”

“So I’m not really her?” Lauren said and her heartbeat picked up a little. Thirty times of telling her and he still hadn’t found a good way. “So how do you know I’m her… reincarnation… or whatever it is you think I am?”

She was beginning to believe him. He just had to keep her calm and explain things clearly, and she would eventually understand.

“Yes, you are her reincarnation, and when you reach thirty-five you will awaken and be ready to continue the fight against Lycaon. My fate is tied to yours and has been for three thousand years. When Illia was sent to Earth, she was given two hundred Arcadian soldiers to carry out her orders. I was their commander.”

“And now you’ve been reincarnated, like me?”

Julian hesitated. This never went down well but he had to tell her the truth.

“Lauren, I have not been reincarnated.”

Her jaw dropped.

She blinked.

“I died three thousand years ago, the last of your Arcadians, and you bestowed this gift upon me so I could continue to help you.” Those words grew harder to say each time. They brought back every ounce of pain he’d felt that day and more. It hurt to remember the things that Illia had said to him then but had never said again.

Lauren stood and stormed past him, heading for the stairs. He hadn’t locked the front door.

“This is insane. I’m out of here.” She ran down the stairs, grabbed the door handle and yanked it hard in her attempt to escape.

Julian was next to her in an instant, his fingers closed tightly around her wrist. She turned and hit his hand, scratching it and trying to prise it off her. Losing patience, he spun her around and pinned her to the door by her wrist, holding her hard and tight. She struggled and he tensed his jaw, steeling himself against his desire to grab her other hand.

“I will not let you leave,” he said and she stilled, her eyes round and shining with fear again. He sighed to release his anger and reminded himself that it was his duty to protect her, not frighten her.

She punched him hard across the face and then hissed in pain, shaking her hand and scowling at him. He wasn’t sure what she had expected to gain from turning violent. She hadn’t hurt him, if that was her intention. She had only hurt herself by hitting the metal bands that held his collar closed. She shoved his shoulder hard enough that he had to step back to steady himself. He held her wrist tighter and thought about what to say.

“I cannot let you leave. I must protect you.”

She stared up at him. Fear still widened her eyes and her heart was beating fast.

“Lauren, you know that they are after you. I know you must have felt something tonight, a sense that you were in danger even when there was no imminent threat.”

A distant look filled her eyes and she nodded a fraction.

“I assure you that you are safest with me. I must keep you with me in order to protect you. I have no choice,” he said and she slowly leaned back into the door, relaxing enough that he could loosen his grip without fearing she would attempt to escape. “You are not my prisoner, but I cannot let you leave, and I cannot leave you. Come, sit back down and I will answer your questions.”

He released her arm, hoping she would see that he trusted her and that she would begin to trust him.

“And what do you want in return?” Lauren said with a sceptical look and rubbed her wrist. It was red where he had been holding it too tightly. He hadn’t meant to hurt her but the thought of her leaving, of losing her again after all the mistakes he had made with her, had made him react. “What is it you want with me?”

“I ask only that you come with me to meet some people and that you grant me time to explain things to you and make you see that all of this is real and that there is no escaping your destiny. I will protect you from the monsters, Lauren.”

She frowned.

“You’re a monster.”

“We are not monsters.”

“We?” Her voice was tiny. In her eyes, he could see that she knew the answer to that question.

“When you awaken, you will become like me again. That is why in three thousand years you have only lived thirty lifetimes. Sometimes you live for longer, sometimes for only short periods. All of you awaken on your thirty-fifth birthday because it is the mortal age at which Illia was cast to Earth to fulfil her task.”

She paled again and surprised him by stepping away from the door. His gaze tracked her as she walked to the stairs and sat down. He was tempted to lock the door but knew that she would think he didn’t trust her if he did and that she would feel threatened. He needed to gain her trust and trusting her was the first step.

He knelt in front of her again. She was quiet for a while, the myriad of feelings flickering across her face telling him that she was struggling to take it all in.

“And what is this… awakening… thing? Who’s Lycaon? What does this all really have to do with me? And why the hell am I beginning to believe you?” she said.

“Because in your soul, you know me. When you died the first time, Zeus heard your plea and gave me the task of finding and awakening you so you could continue your duty. He brought me over, just as you wished. You know me, Lauren, only your mind and heart is reborn clean so you have no memory of me.”

Lauren buried her head in her hands and exhaled long and slow. “I’m going insane.”

“You are not.”

“I am, because when I first saw you and you killed that… werewolf… I felt I knew you and I felt you were protecting me.”

Julian placed a hand on her shoulder and squeezed it, hoping to reassure her. “Because you do know me and I am here to protect you. I will do all in my power to protect you from Lycaon so you can complete your destiny.”

“Who is Lycaon? Why does Zeus hate him? Why do I have to kill him?”

“Lycaon once tricked Zeus into eating human flesh. As punishment, Zeus cursed him into the form of a werewolf. He was told that he would become human again if he abstained from his cannibalistic ways for ten years. Lycaon did not. He refused to and embraced his new life as a werewolf, quickly learning that he could spread his curse to others.” Julian wished that he had more time, could break everything to her slowly, but that wasn’t an option. Lauren was in danger. Lycaon could be tracking her. He needed to tell her as much as she could take right now. “Lycaon hunts you so that he may be rid of you for another period. He wishes revenge on Zeus and for whatever reason he is willing to go to great lengths to achieve it.”

He wasn’t sure why but the thought of Lycaon killing Lauren made heat coil in his stomach and his fingers itch to grasp his sword. He hadn’t felt like this since Illia. He wouldn’t let Lycaon kill her. Not Lauren. He would protect her.

She raised her head and looked into his eyes. Their beautiful dark depths soothed the anger inside him. She was looking at him so strangely, with warmth that made him want to ask her what she was thinking and why she looked at him that way. She’d done it several times now. None of her predecessors had ever shown him such feeling.

“And I have to kill him… because Illia’s mother favoured him,” she said with a slight tremble in her voice.

She seemed to be getting to grips with her role now but Julian still wasn’t sure if she fully understood what was happening to her or her duty.

“We must stop him from achieving his revenge,” Julian said.

“He had my parents killed. I want him to pay for that. I want revenge too.” She leaned forwards causing the towel to slip off her right shoulder.

Julian leaned back, sitting on his heels. The steely determination in Lauren’s eyes backed up her brave words. She did want to avenge her parents and kill Lycaon. None of the others had ever had a personal reason for fulfilling their duty before. Perhaps where they had failed, Lauren would succeed.


First, she had to make her decision. Her desire for revenge wasn’t her answer. When she’d come to terms with what was happening to her, he would ask her whether she was willing to go through with the awakening and take on her duty once again. Until then, he could only wait and tell her all that she needed to know. He could only protect her.

Julian covered her shoulder with the towel again. “I will explain more soon when we leave this place. If you have any more questions—”

“I do,” she said, looking straight into his eyes. “What is this awakening thing you keep mentioning?”

He wasn’t sure if she was ready for the truth about it. None of Illia’s incarnations had ever taken this part well. All of them had feared death. Only Illia herself had embraced it.

“Your blood flows in my veins. When the time is right, I will offer it to you.” He peeled back the left cuff of his coat to reveal the many pale scars on his wrist and watched her closely.

A familiar look entered her eyes. Hunger. A desire to feed and grow stronger. Her teeth sank into her lip. She reached out towards him and then took her hand back a fraction before continuing and using her index finger and thumb to measure the distance between the marks on his wrist. Her touch was light and warm, and sent a spark chasing up his arm. He didn’t understand. She had never affected him like this before.

Lauren measured another set of marks with her fingers, and then brought them to her teeth. The gap between them fitted her canines perfectly. Fear and confusion laced her scent. She recoiled, drawing back into herself and frowning at him. It was too soon for her to understand her desires.

“My blood will awaken you and you will regain your powers and become like me again.” He covered his wrist.

“An immortal?”

Julian nodded. It was better than calling him a monster, although not a true definition of his existence. He could die. As could she. He was painfully aware of that.

“Come, you need to change into something dry.” He stood and offered his hand to her. “Then we shall go somewhere that we will be safe.”

“I still don’t understand what’s happening.” She surprised him by catching hold of his hand, clutching it tightly in her own, but not standing. Her feelings were in disarray, her heart beating hard and fast. He couldn’t push her any more today. She’d already reached her limit.

He hesitated a moment and then covered her hand with his, completing the tangle. She needed reassurance and that was all he was offering. This touch didn’t break the rules.

“Rest for now. Give yourself time to take everything in but know that I am here to protect you, Lauren, as I have always been. That is my duty. I am not a threat to you.”

A small smile graced her lips and she nodded. He released her hand but she didn’t move. She remained sitting, staring at the door. He leaned against the wall and waited for her to come out of her thoughts.

“Er… I’m so rude… I don’t know your name,” she said and Julian smiled behind his collar.

It had taken her more time than usual to ask that question, and less time to ask about the awakening.

“Julian.” He leaned the back of his head against the wall. The tip of his nose brushed the funnel neck of his coat.

“Julian?” The note of trepidation in her voice matched the one in her heartbeat.

“Yes, Lauren?”

“I should thank you for saving me… I mean… you did save me from those werewolves.”

“I did.”

“So, erm, thanks.” She stood on the bottom step of the stairs and smiled at him, her heart steady now. He liked the gentle patter of it in his mind. It was soothing. He liked her smile. “And Julian… I knew… I knew that you wouldn’t hurt me.”

Those words sent a jolt through him. Julian closed his eyes, relishing them and the soft way she’d said them.

He listened to her breathing, slow and calm. She’d never taken things this well before. It was a good sign. It might mean that when he told her everything else that she would be able to cope with it too.

“So where are we going?”

“A group that I met and have worked with to find you. People with special abilities like you and me.” Julian looked at her. The questions were another good sign. Sometimes she went into a catatonic state when he told her. Normally when she questioned him, she turned out to be a fighter, one who lived for years before succumbing to defeat.

That word sent a chill through him. For Lauren’s sake and his own, he hoped that she was a fighter. He’d seen her books and movie collection, and seen her fight a werewolf with nothing more than a bamboo sword. She could fight. She could survive this time.

He thought about where he was taking her and the implications. They had never worked with others before but it could only be a good thing. The greater their numbers, the greater their chance of defeating Lycaon.

There were other advantages too.

Duke and his team would be able to protect them during Lauren’s awakening, but whether she survived the process of regaining her powers was up to the Fates. Julian could only do so much to ensure that she lived. The Fates were fickle and didn’t always heed Zeus’s order to allow Illia’s soul to return so she could continue her fight. Julian had lost her before during the awakening. He looked at Lauren. The thought of losing her turned his insides. He wouldn’t let it happen. For her, he would face the Fates and demand Illia’s soul crossed over. He wouldn’t let Lauren die. His fists clenched. He hadn’t felt this way in so long. Since finding her, he’d watched her closely. She fascinated him, and he felt intensely protective of her, far more so than he’d ever done with the others.

She started up the stairs and then stopped.

“Do they have a name?” Her wide brown eyes shone with curiosity.

He would protect her. They would protect her.


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About Felicity Heaton

I'm a NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY best-selling author writing passionate paranormal romance books as Felicity Heaton and F E Heaton. In my books I create detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons! If you're a fan of paranormal romance authors Lara Adrian, Larissa Ione, Kresley Cole, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan then you will love my books too.

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