vampire romance ficlet – When Darkness Falls

I’m not sure whether this is going to remain as a teasing ficlet, or whether it will become a full-blown novel or novella… I guess it’s down to the response it gets when I post this little scene.

When Darkness Falls

Darkness was a friend. A companion. A lover. It wrapped him in a blanket of midnight and stole away the pain, the emptiness.

The loneliness.

It drew it all out of him, shrouding him in thoughts more fitting to his kind. It brought dreams of death and blood, not the nightmares of loss and of life as the day did. It gave him a place to hide from himself, to escape this meaningless existence and embrace what he was inside.

He was death.

He was justice to those mortals beneath his feet.

And all deserved to die. For what they had done to him was unforgivable. It wasn’t only their own death sentence they had signed that day in her blood; it was the condemnation of all of their species. Eternity was sweet, bringing him the time he needed to complete his retribution and sate his thirst for vengeance, and each night he thanked his sire for giving him this gift.

Yet, he had not expected to feel so much, not for them, but for his own loss. Each night when he awoke from his nightmares, he grieved her again, as fresh and painful as the day that it had happened. He would never stop grieving her, not even when all was said and done, and nothing remained but his kind and the demons. Even then, his heart would not be satisfied. It would want more, it would want to tear itself out of his chest and end the pitiful life of its owner.

He would let it.

He raised the glass to his lips, drank down the remains of the wine, and leaned back into his chair. He stared through the tall window in front of him at the world below the castle, his hands resting limply over the arms of the chair and his legs stretched out in front of him. No light touched his skin. Darkness enshrouded him, giving him peace and clearing his mind of the visions that haunted his sleep.

His sweet love, bathed in her own blood, dying in his arms.

He closed his eyes, pinched the bridge of his nose, and held in the sigh. Now was not the time to dwell on feelings such as these. Now was the time to use them against his enemy, against the world, to fuel him in this nightly battle with them.

Now was the time to take from them as they had taken from him.

In return for the loss of his most cherished thing in this dismal world, he would take that which they held dearest.

His focus narrowed on the town below, on a single warm window in the darkness.

He would take her.

So… what shall I do with it? Leave it as is, or turn it into a story? It’s likely to be a Vampires Realm story.

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