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I didn’t get a chance to update my blog at the weekend other than posting my new covers, which have received some seriously positive feedback from readers. Thanks to everyone who replied about them. It’s wonderful to hear your views.

I had wanted to talk more about my upcoming releases. 2011 has 11 planned releases, although at the moment there are only 10 definites. They’re all paranormal romance e-books, but there’s a chance that a sci-fi romance novel might sneak its way into the mix. I have so many ideas for stories at the moment that it’s difficult to tell which will be story number 11.

Here’s a breakdown of my planned releases as it stands. This list is subject to change but mostly that means some might get their dates shifted or switched around.

January 15th 2011 – Love Immortal 
Love Immortal is a long paranormal romance novel that mixes vampires,Greek mythology, werewolves, and humans with phenomenal powers into one potent and action-packed book! I think everyone is going to really enjoy this one and I’m very excited about its release. From next week, I’ll be posting a chapter per week at a special blog I’ve set up for the story. Keep your eyes peeled for it!

February 12th 2011 – Hunter’s Moon
Hunter’s Moon will be my Valentine’s Day release of 2011. The next story in the Vampires Realm series, it takes us away from Europe to the wilderness of Canada, where Tatyana, a vampire of the Nocens bloodline of Budapest, finds herself at the mercy of an ex-alpha and ex-compound werewolf, Nicolae. And the guy has a serious chip on his shoulder. Sparks will fly!

March 26th 2011 – Ascension
Ascension is an urban fantasy romance novel, mixing one stubborn half-demon hero, Taig, with his ex-lover and just as stubborn witch heroine, Lealandra. When her life is threatened and her Counter-Balance is killed, Lealandra turns to Taig for protection, but 6 years has done nothing to heal the hurt she caused by leaving him for another man and the coven, and he’s not about to help her without her paying a high price! Lealandra understands why Taig is acting up, but she hasn’t touched another man in all the years they’ve been apart. Her heart has remained constant, and only Taig has been in it. Seeing the pain she caused, Lealandra works to soothe it and hopes to finally help Taig face the issues he has about his demonic heritage and open his heart to her.

May 7th 2011 – Her Guardian Angel
The only novel in the Her Angel series, Her Guardian Angel promises to be a thrill ride from page one. Bringing back all of the angels from the first three novellas, this story is packed full of danger and intrigue, and a hero who will steal your heart. Marcus isn’t interested in his new role of protecting Amelia and posing as her neighbour, but when the two start to grow closer and Marcus discovers that Amelia is about to die, it becomes a race against time to save her life. But will he be successful? Can he stop something that has been foretold?

June 18th 2011 – Masquerade
The second story being released in the Vampires Realm series in 2011, Masquerade follows two elite guards as they battle both the threat of vampire hunters and their apparent hatred for each other to protect the lords and ladies of all the pure bloodlines of Europe at the Creator Day masquerade ball! But hate is so close to love, and a dance whilst hidden behind a mask can lead from one thing to another…

July 30th 2011 – Forbidden Blood
A dark vampire romance novel, Forbidden Blood is set in London and follows the vampire hero, Kearn, as he fights to catch a man he’s been after for three years. His elusive opponent appears before him in a London back street but a young beautiful woman named Amber hinders Kearn and the man escapes. But all is not lost. The enemy has given Amber a taste of his blood in order to control her and if Kearn’s suspicions are correct, he’ll come after her again. A decision to use her as bait turns into a struggle against a dangerous attraction as they fight to defeat the enemy and protect her life.

September 10th 2011 – Darkness & Light
A longer and improved adaptation of my previous and first release in the Tri-Kingdom series, Darkness & Light.

September 10th 2011 – The Night
An improved adaptation of my previous and second release in the Tri-Kingdom series, The Night.

October 22nd 2011 – Heart of Darkness
Set in the beautiful city of Prague in the dead of winter, Heart of Darkness is a novel of passion and possession. Aleksandr, once a prince of his vampire kind, has spent four centuries relentlessly pursuing the relatives of the man who murdered his sister and the constant bloodshed is taking its toll on him, turning him towards the darkness and into the beast all vampires once were. Battling the darkness after killing another hunter, Aleksandr meets Elise, a guard of the Cerny bloodline, and she instantly drives the black from his heart and his mind, restoring his balance. Curiosity about the effect she has on him, and her beauty, drive him to pursue her, but the charm that had once helped him have any woman he wanted fails to have an effect on Elise. If he wants to win her, he will have to change his ways and learn how modern men pursue the women they are falling in love with, but it’s a race against time as the darkness threatens to take control. Only Elise’s love can save him, but even then will it be enough when he faces the last hunter and the end of his vendetta?

December 3rd 2011 – Hellcat
A hunter by trade, he can’t resist the lure of a rare species, but is it wise to fall for a Hellcat? This shape-shifting kitty isn’t about to be caught, certainly not by a hunter, and definitely not by the alpha cat pursuing her across the globe, but the two men might just cancel each other out. It takes little more than a flicker of charm and a sultry smile to win the hunter over, but will he be able to keep her rightful mate off her tail long enough for her to escape? And why the heck is she feeling guilty about using the guy for protection?

Phew, that was a lot of writing! Now I just have to decide which story to write for the eleventh one!


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