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Sensual Sunday is brought to you today by Enslave, which is the fourth book in my popular Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series. Sensual Sunday’s always feature a hot excerpt from one of my paranormal romance books. Read on for this Sunday’s sensual snippet… it’s another long one. I just can’t help myself! A little explanation for this one… Varya is a succubus and in a little danger of dying, and Andreu is a vampire determined to save her…


Enslave - paranormal vampire romance Book

Andreu covered her mouth with his, kissing her softly, focusing on giving his strength to her and making her better because he didn’t want her to die. She had to live.

Live, damn it.

His eyes shot wide open when a spark leapt between their lips and raced deep into his blood, heating it. Her mouth moved against his, stronger now, and he tasted that addictive hint of vanilla and honey. He ignored his own pain and pulled her closer to him. Her hands grasped his shoulders, her lips growing bolder and taking control of the kiss.

Andreu kept his focus on giving everything to her, all of the passion she stirred in him and his need for her. She moaned into his mouth, the sweetest sound he had ever heard, and pushed her fingers through his hair. He slipped then, losing himself in the heat of their kiss and his desire for her. He kissed along her jaw and she tilted her head back, baring her throat to him. He trailed his lips over her vein, feeling the fluttering of her pulse against them, and kissed her there. Dios, he wanted to drown in this woman.

He was so hungry for her.

His fangs emerged.

The deep pulse of arousal in his veins turned to lust, but not for her body. He needed her blood.

“Stop, please, Andreu,” she whispered and she didn’t sound as though she really wanted him to refrain from kissing her throat. The way she tugged at his hair and arched her body against his said she wanted quite the opposite from him. “Stop!”

Andreu forced his mouth to leave her throat and looked down at her.

Varya lay in his arms, breasts heaving against her black long-sleeved top, her eyes shining bright shades of brown and blue, the flecks of gold in them sparkling.

“I’m fine now, you can let me go… let me go now,” she said and he still wasn’t convinced.

She had regained some strength but she was still weak, and the look in her eyes, the way they held his, her pupils wide and dark, told him that she wanted more. Andreu brushed his fingers across her cheek and then swept his thumb under her eyes to clear away the mascara tracks from her tears. Even as she was now, eyes red from crying and black smudges beneath them, she was still the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

“I want to kiss you again.” He didn’t give her a chance to respond. He pressed his lips to hers and she raised herself into the kiss, her mouth soft and compliant. Andreu slanted his head and delved his tongue between her teeth, desperate to gain another taste of her. She moaned, the sound like Heaven to his ears, and writhed in his arms. The heat that always burned between them was fiercer than ever, an inferno in his veins that scorched him right to the bone and controlled him. He groaned and it ended on a growl as she pushed him away, breaking the kiss.

She escaped his arms and stood on shaky legs.

Andreu breathed hard and remained kneeling on the floor, his body struggling against the one-two punch of the effects of an unhealthy dose of UV poisoning and the raging arousal that had his blood pumping, spreading the strange concoction of pain and pleasure through his veins.

“I need to feed,” she whispered and her gaze darted around the foyer.

Something told him that he wasn’t on the menu.

Andreu growled and pushed himself onto his feet, straightening with effort. It was a miracle he remained standing. The combination of healing his body and giving sexual energy to her had him shaking all over. He swayed but planted his feet shoulder-width apart to keep himself upright. Now wasn’t the time to look weak.

“You want sex?” His cock throbbed, telling him that he might be healing but he wasn’t averse to the idea of finally sinking himself into this woman.

Varya nodded. Andreu swallowed. Cristo. He shouldn’t be doing this but he wanted her and that need overruled any concerns about his health. He was already healing again, the pain lessening with each second that passed. It wouldn’t be long before he had healed fully and he was sure it would happen even faster if she kissed him and he somehow took just a little of her energy. Payne had said she would kill a weak host. Was he weak because of his injuries or did her power judge strength in a way other than physical? It didn’t matter. He needed Varya and she needed him.

He took a step towards her.

She countered him with a step backwards. “Not you.”

Andreu frowned, mildly offended and then enraged. There was no way he was going to let her go off and find someone else to have sex with.

“Why not?” he said.

“You’re toxic… dangerous… I need someone else.”

“Don’t sugar-coat it, Chica. Say it how you see it.” Andreu glared at her and then muttered a curse under his breath. “It isn’t going to happen. The staff are out of the building as are the performers. It’s just you and me.”

“You’re a liar. There are other unmated males here still. The white-haired one.”

“Snow?” Andreu growled and was on her in a flash, hands grasping her upper arms so tightly that his knuckles blazed white, burning as fiercely as the rage pouring through his veins. “That is not going to happen.”

There was no way on this Earth that he would ever allow another male to touch this woman, especially one as dangerous as Snow. God only knew what sort of kinks that man had and Varya wasn’t strong enough to handle a two thousand year old vampire.

Andreu waited for her to mention another name so he could shoot down that one too. There was another single male in the theatre. Payne. She didn’t mention him though, boosting Andreu’s belief that she had told the truth and had no interest in sleeping with the part-incubus vampire. He still felt the need to put that one to the test and force her to give up on finding another male at the same time.

“What about Payne?” he said and her eyes widened. She instantly shook her head.

“Not the bastard. He’ll kill me.” She tried to shrink away but Andreu held her firm.

“Then you’re stuck with me. It’s just sex, right?”

Her eyes didn’t get any smaller. Something in them said that it would be more than just sex if he was her partner, and he couldn’t pretend that he didn’t feel the same way. Things had become too personal, too intimate, between them for this to be about feeding her and nothing else.

“I can be your host.” He released her arms and she backed away.

“No. I cannot.” She cast a fearful glance at him and then at the doors. Was she actually thinking of fleeing rather than taking his offer?

“Why not?” He couldn’t contain that question. She kept refusing him and now he wanted to know why. She kissed him but she wouldn’t take things further? What was it about him that had her running scared? Something told him it wasn’t because she was concerned about his injuries or his health. She could probably heal him during the act. “Is this because I do that thing you mentioned… I take your energy?”

She began to nod and then shook her head, and then her expression turned pained and confused. He locked gazes with her, intent on discovering just what she was hiding from him—the truth behind why she kept coming back for another taste of him and why he fascinated her.

Varya turned her back on him and wrapped her arms around herself. “Your aura is black as night. Too dangerous… forbidden.”

Andreu raised a single dark eyebrow. He was forbidden? While that sounded quite sexy, having a black aura didn’t sound like a good thing.

“So I radiate darkness? What does that even mean?”

She looked over her shoulder at him, the choppy straight lengths of her black hair obscuring her face. “I cannot read your feelings… shadowed males are forbidden. I should never have kissed you, and I certainly cannot have sex with you.”

“Because I’m forbidden or because you would kill me? Payne said that succubi kill their hosts.”

She turned now, shaking her head. “No, I do not think I could kill you. I have never met a male as strong as you are. You retain control when we kiss.”

“And that shouldn’t be possible?”

She shook her head again.

Andreu felt he should be flattered. He was strong in her eyes then and a first for her. He was stuck on the forbidden label she had placed on him though. Her kind had laws and she didn’t want to sleep with him because someone had told her that he was dangerous, but she had already broken the rules. As far as he could see, it was too late now for her to worry about his status according to her people. He certainly wasn’t going to worry about it.

He tugged at the buckle on his belt and her brown-blue eyes fell there.

“What are you doing?” Her voice shook but her eyes betrayed her, her pupils dilating as they followed his fingers.

“I don’t think you have time to be picky.” He undid the fastening on his black trousers and shoved them down to his ankles.

“By the gods, you are sin made flesh.”

Andreu grinned. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

He kicked his trousers away and stalked towards her in only his black boxer shorts, feeling stronger with each step. She backed away again, constantly shaking her head. If he could just get her into his arms, she would give up her fight against him and would come around to the idea of sleeping with him.

“Come on, Chica, I promise it will be worth it.”

Her cheeks heated with a blush and the sweet fragrance of her desire swirled around him, drugging his senses and making them hazy.

She was on him before he could blink, her legs tightly wrapped around his bare waist and her mouth on his. Andreu grasped her bottom and clutched her to him, taking control of the kiss while trying not to take too much energy from her. He didn’t have a clue how that worked. All he could do was try to retain some sense of focus as their tongues duelled and she rocked her slender body against his, teasing him with her heat. It was easier said than done.

Andreu paced forwards with her, torn between getting inside her right that moment and getting them somewhere more private. The shutters on the doors were still open and anyone could see them as they passed by on the pavement outside.

“More,” Varya panted between kisses.

“Going as fast as I can.” Andreu tried to see past her.

“Not fast enough.”

The world disintegrated into a multitude of colours that hurt his eyes and then darkened again. It smelt different. Varya clicked her fingers and a single light punctured the darkness, its warm glow illuminating Callum’s apartment. She had teleported them.

Andreu’s back hit the wall when Varya leaned into him, her mouth fierce against his, and rocked her hips against his cock.

“Please, Andreu,” she whispered into his mouth and he turned with her, pinning her against the wall. She was wearing far too much clothing for his liking. He wanted her nude against him, wanted this to be slower than the mad rush his blood and his body was demanding, but the urgency of Varya’s tone said that there wasn’t time. She had used more energy to transport them to the room so they could have the privacy he desired and now she was shaking in his arms.

“I need to feel you,” he muttered and shifted his hands. She pulled herself up his body and then tugged her bodice top off over her head, revealing smooth bare skin and a dark pink satin bra.

Andreu growled as she tossed her top over his shoulder and buried his face between her breasts, kissing and devouring them with his lips. She moaned and wrapped one arm around his head, her fingers tugging at the longer lengths of his dark brown hair, and clawed at his back with her other hand. She worked her body against his, each brush of her bare thighs on his sides almost too much for him to bear.

He slid his hands under her skirt and groaned at the feel of her matching satin knickers under his fingers.

“Andreu,” she moaned and arched into him. The heat of her core pressing into his stomach was his breaking point. He growled, raised one hand to the front of her rose coloured bra and used his claws to cut the strip of satin that joined the two cups. The cups fell open, revealing her lush breasts and the deep pink buds of her nipples.

Andreu swooped on one, sucking it hard into his mouth, and her thighs tightened against his sides, no longer trembling. She was already growing stronger, feeding on the energy that sparked between them with each kiss and caress. He drank each moan he elicited as he sucked her nipple, rolling it between his teeth, and sank one hand between her legs, holding her up with his other one. She was hot and moist, the satin damp with her need.


He tugged at the fabric and she moaned as it tore, the sound deliciously wanton and erotic. He wanted to be gentler with her but she clawed his shoulders and lowered her mouth to his ear, lightly biting the lobe and then his neck. Every mewl, every scratch and nip, drove him to surrender to his need to be rough with her.

Andreu shoved his boxer shorts down, freeing his cock, grabbed her hip and drove her down onto it.


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Enslave - paranormal vampire romance BookEnslave
Felicity Heaton
His determination to succeed in business has left no room in his life for love. Now, a beautiful and deadly succubus has teleported into his dark, decadent world and is in danger of enslaving his heart.

Andreu’s future entails opening an erotic theatre like Vampirerotique, gaining wealth, women and power, not shackling himself to a single female, but he cannot deny the dangerously seductive succubus who stirs his anger and passion, and tempts him like no other—he will have her.

The moment their eyes meet, Varya knows she cannot have the exotic dark vampire who sets her pulse racing. His shadowed aura marks him as forbidden, but the hungers he awakens in her are too intense to resist—she must have a taste.

When an erotically-charged kiss ignites their soul-searing passion and reveals something dangerous about Andreu, will Varya leave forever or will she dare to risk all in pursuit of something she thought was beyond her reach?

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Pamijo Perkins

Just finished reading Enslave. I love how Felicity has Andreu and Varya paired up. Both needing the other, yet determined not to fall. The more Varya is determined to resist Andreu, the harder she falls. A must read!