Paranormal romance books on my to be written list

I’m back from my holiday and slowly getting back into the swing of things in the lead up to Christmas. My schedule is more insane than ever and I’m still in that relaxed holiday mood, and it just isn’t helping. I was looking at my schedule for 2013, trying to figure out what I need to write in that year for release in 2013 and also in 2014. A quick look at my folder on my computer that is crammed with notes on stories turned up something that I know might keep a few of you happy, or at least my die-hard readers.

It seems that I still have a ridiculous number of books to write. I’m talking about books that I have notes written down for and are definites as of this moment. Some of them have been definites for a few years now, but I haven’t managed to get the time to write them as new series crop up or older series demand my attention. But, at the moment, I have over 42 definite books on my to be written list. Yes. 42 books! And most of them are going to be novels too. Considering that I tend to release 4-6 books a year if they’re not novels, and around 4 books a year if they are novels, then it looks as though I have enough books to keep me writing for the next decade.

Oh, but that’s if I only write the books I already have ideas for. I’m constantly getting new ideas for books. To prove this, I’m sure I wrote a post a few years back or mentioned it somewhere that I had around 40 books to write. Since then, I’ve probably written 10 books… and I still have 42 books to write. I swear that this is just going to continue until I’m too old to write. It’s a passion and one I find very difficult to deny, and I’m fortunate that I don’t have to deny it at the moment. I can indulge this passion for writing and keep turning out the books. I think I need to find a quicker method though, such as employing a good editor to help me with my workload and other assistants so I can focus on writing more, and less on marketing and promotion. It’s always really difficult as a writer because we want to spend 90% of our time writing, and that’s impossible without the aid of an assistant or a miracle.

I probably spend just 50% of my time either writing or editing, and the rest is spent working on my websites, promoting, marketing, answering emails, etc. In fact, I think I get less writing time now than I did when I was working full time as a web developer too. I’m bogged down in the social media, blogging, promoting, touring, marketing and other stuff that just seems to eat up so much of my time. This post is degenerating into one about a completely different subject so I’ll get it back on track.

I’m sure many of you are curious about the books in my to be written pile. They’re all paranormal romance books, and I will happily divulge that they fall into the following groups…

  • 1 x Vampire Erotic Theatre series (Unleash)
  • 8 x Vampires Realm series (inc. Hunger, Forever After, Blood Moon, Midnight, and other stories)
  • 2 x Her Angel series (inc. Asmodeus’s novel)
  • 6 x Guardians of Hades series (I have written the first book, so these are the remaining 6)
  • 3 x Bonded by Blood series (Kaden’s story, and two others)
  • 2 x Vampire Venators series
  • 3 x Shadow & Light Trilogy stories (two novels, and a novella)
  • 4 x S.E.E.D series
  • 6 x EM series
  • 7 x Stand Alone Stories

42 books in total. I would say that around 39 of them are novel length (90,000 words plus) and 3 of them are novellas (under 50,000 words) so I definitely have my work cut out for me!

If you have any questions about the books I’m going to write then please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll answer it. I’m sure there’s bound to be a few questions about the books on that list above.


About Felicity Heaton

I'm a NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY best-selling author writing passionate paranormal romance books as Felicity Heaton and F E Heaton. In my books I create detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons! If you're a fan of paranormal romance authors Lara Adrian, Larissa Ione, Kresley Cole, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan then you will love my books too.

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Definitely eagerly awaiting VET, Her Angel, Hades, V.Venators, and Shadow&Light!! I mean, I’m a die-hard reader of all of your stuff but those are probably my favs because I got hooked on the first story of their series and now I’m dying for more! But honestly, I’m guaranteed to be happy at all times because I read everything you release anyway xD;;;

Felicity Heaton

 Mae, plenty more of those series to come. I’d really love to get back to the VV and S&L series. I was reading Forbidden Blood the other day and pining for that world. I have big plans for it. The other series are just getting in the way right now 🙂

Kim Rae

There are people that work as virtual personal assistants. Usually billed by the hour, so you can work out quantity of work vs. cost and get done what you can afford. Unless you spend a lot of time wondering what and how to edit each story, I don’t think a freelance editor will save you time, as you still have to input any changes they suggest.

Felicity Heaton
 Kim, that’s always my big debate about editors. I think I could learn from a really good one, but as you said, I would still need to edit the book myself before giving it to them, and would then need to implement to edits they suggest. It’s a tricky situation, and probably wouldn’t really save me any time as I’m such a perfectionist that I would still end up doing the same number of edits as I do now. I’m never sure about assistants. Sometimes I think I really need one to handle some stuff for me, and then I… Read more »

Vampire Realm Series, I just love them, I’m intrigued
by the Shadow & Light Trilogy stories and the S.E.E.D and EM Series?? they sound exciting what are they about? I would love to know. Waiting patiently for the Guardian Of Hades Series that you have aklready given us sneek peaks of. Love all you work Felicity dont ever stop writing.

Felicity Heaton
 Julie, Ascension is really the first book in the Shadow & Light Trilogy. It isn’t labelled as it, but it is. The other two would continue the story with Taig and Lealandra, and the novella would be for a different set of characters. Forbidden Blood is the first book in the Vampire Venators series too. S.E.E.D is about genetically enhanced and bred humans with supernatural powers who work for a government agency. EM series is a werewolf series spin off from the VET world. I’m dying to get cracking on the Guardians of Hades series, but I really need to… Read more »

Love all your books and can’t wait to read what you give us next .as I don’t sleep much I read and love to be taken into a new world. Just remember you still need to take holidays every year as they refresh you. I must say I moved from Sydney To the country close to 8 yrs. ago and feels like one continuous holiday I’m living my child hood dream with horse and save the brumbies. I love reading so keep writing and thanks for keeping me sane when things get tuff.

Felicity Heaton

 Debbie, writing keeps me sane just like reading keeps you sane, so I’ll keep at it. I think I would go crazy if I wasn’t writing. Don’t worry though, I’m never one to miss holidays and breaks, although this year I’ve had far too much holiday time (close to two months) and it’s totally wrecked my schedule… less holiday next year, more writing 🙂


Fab that we could read more about Taig & Lealandra…. Looking forward to more VET and Her Angel books. Intrigued by the GoH & EM series!!!
To be honest Felicity, if you write it, I’ll read it…… wouldn’t matter what series or genre it was!!!! Glad to know that you plan on doing your thing for a good while yet!!!!  😀   xx

Felicity Heaton
 Oh, I’ll be doing this “thing” for as long as you guys allow me! I love writing and I never get bored of it, although it does get rather stressful at times. I wish I could just write write write but there’s all this other stuff that always needs my attention. The plan for 2013 is to get more writing time in though, no matter what. I have so many series and stories I want to share with you all! I’m desperate to get back to Taig and Lealandra. I just haven’t been able to because of the more established… Read more »

I know you mentioned that ur writing one book for the vampire erotic series unleash , can we assume that’s snows book? Will it let us know the out come of varya and andure if they found a spell to undue her enslavement, will you do a book for Payne??

Felicity Heaton

 Payne’s book is next. His is Bewitch but I’ve already written it and I’m just putting the finishing touches to it. You’ll find out more about Varya and Andreu in that book. Unleash is Snow’s book but I’m still in the planning stages for that one. I’ll be writing it in early 2013.

Amanda renteria

New to your site just purchased all of the vampire realm books1-10 and read them all in about a week in a half when will the next ones in the series be available. They were awesome books.
Amanda R.


Hi felicity,
I just got through reading your vampire realm series again and I absolutely love them any idea if a 11th is on the cards & a hint of who it’s focusing on 🙂 also do u have any plans to xpand on Hyperion I love his character
Hope you respond I’m a huge fan