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Her Dark Angel – Paranormal angel romance teaser – part two

It’s almost the release day for my next novella, and the first in the Her Angel series, Her Dark Angel. You can actually get it now at and, but you’ll have to wait to get it from other sites. To get you all excited about the story, here’s the second teaser for it. This is part two… following on from my previous teaser post.

Her Dark Angel

An angel without a mission, Apollyon lives trapped in Hell guarding the bottomless pit. Surrounded by endless darkness, he longs to fly free on Earth once more but his master hasn’t called him in centuries. When the call finally comes, it’s to serve a new master, a beautiful woman he has often watched over, a woman who has always captivated him.

Serenity is shocked when a gorgeous black-winged angel shows up in her city of Paris claiming that she called him when she was only casting a simple vengeance spell. He’s no other than the angel of death! When Apollyon offers to obey her and help her have revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend, she can’t resist the temptation, but can she resist him? Can an angel as dark as Apollyon ever fall for a mortal woman like her?

Their charade as lovers quickly becomes reality when one dance leads to another and Apollyon proves that he’s as sinful as he looks. His sensual and hungry touch brings Serenity back to life, freeing her from the hurt of being betrayed and reigniting her passion, but she can’t ignore her growing fear. Lost in their moment together, Apollyon realises that there is a reason he heard her call—he’s in love with her.

But will Serenity see past the wings and believe that Apollyon returns her feelings and won’t hurt her? When her ex-boyfriend asks her to forgive him and be with him again, will she take the easy route or will she find the courage to fly away with her dark angel?

Dark, passionate and erotic, Her Dark Angel is a tale of intense desire and deepest forbidden love guaranteed to get your heart racing.

Due for release: August 28th 2010

A fair-haired mortal female stood beside one of the fountains below, her back to him and the warm breeze playing with the short skirt of her dark red dress. The jets of water from the fountains sprayed high, the droplets catching the wind and settling on his skin when it blew towards him.

Apollyon frowned.

It had to be the Devil’s work.

He had been watching her, had cursed, and then she had called him. It was ridiculous. No mortal had the power to call an angel, and he had not had a different master since eternity began and the angels had made a pact with him.

Cautiously, Apollyon swooped down, closer to her, hovering bare metres above her head. Had she called him?

She raised a hand to her face and it lingered there. He couldn’t see what she was doing. Her shoulders heaved and a wave of sorrow and anger washed over him. She was hurting.

He landed mid-way along the bridge over the river behind her and stepped down off the wall, changing his appearance as he did so. His wings didn’t want to disappear and it took several strides towards her before he was sure the mortals wouldn’t see them and that his glamour was falling into place. He changed his clothes, replacing his armour with a fine black suit, with a black shirt and a dark blue tie, and then swept his long hair back and tied it at the nape of his neck in a ponytail.

Finally, he lifted the force that made him invisible to the mortal eye and walked casually towards her. He took the blue handkerchief from his pocket, stepped up behind her, and hesitated for only a moment before touching her shoulder.

“Are you alright?” he said in French, hoping he had the right language and the right words. He hadn’t spoken to anyone in a long time and although he knew modern languages, he had never used them.

She touched her face again, her long fair hair a curtain which he couldn’t see beyond, and sniffed. When she turned to face him, she was smiling. Her hazel eyes lit on the offered handkerchief at first and then slowly ran up his arm to his chest and then towards his face. She was more beautiful in the flesh, her features soft and her eyes round. She could be an angel herself. He hadn’t realised how much shorter than him she would be. She was at least a head shorter, and petite too.

The moment her gaze met his, her expression changed. Her hand stopped close to taking the handkerchief and horror filled her eyes.

“Get away from me.” Her French held a sharp note of panic and then she stormed towards the bridge.

Apollyon frowned, looked at the handkerchief, and then went after her.

She glanced over her shoulder and her pace increased. It was easy to close the gap between them. His strides were longer than hers and her little heeled sandals were clearly not made for a swift escape.

“Leave me alone.”

Why was she running?

People were staring, murmuring to each other. She was causing a scene and he wasn’t quite sure why.

“Get away from me!” She turned to face him and then backed away, the fear still bright in her eyes. They darkened when she frowned and spoke as though uttering a curse. “Abaddon.”

He hadn’t heard that name in a long time.

She knew he was an angel.

How? Had his glamour failed? It had been millennia since he’d had to cast one. He looked around them at the watching mortals. None of them looked afraid. If they could see an angel before them as she could, they would be reacting the same as she was. People would be screaming that the Apocalypse was nigh and the world was going to end. He would be in serious trouble with his master.

He remembered that she had called him. Could she see through the glamour? Was she different somehow to other mortals?

“I don’t want to die,” she muttered almost beneath her breath and cast a fearful look his way.

This wasn’t going as he had expected. She wasn’t supposed to have been able to see that he was an angel. She was supposed to have accepted his kind offer of a handkerchief to dry her tears and told him why she was crying so he could figure out what he was doing here and whether someone was playing a trick on him.

Tears spilled down her cheeks and she wrapped her arms around herself, making herself small and making him want to reach out to her and somehow ease her suffering. Whatever pain had caused her to cry, it was still strong within her heart, tormenting her. He could feel it. There was some sort of connection to her that gave him insight into her feelings, a sense that she needed him and that they were supposed to have met here today.

It was ridiculous.

A mortal could never call him. They didn’t have the voice.

He had been alone too long and was dreaming all of this, seeing things as he wanted them and not with clear eyes.

There was only one way of finding out whether she had called him somehow. He had hoped to discover it through casual conversation but that wasn’t an option now. It was time for a more direct approach.

He stepped towards her and she backed away again, holding both of her hands out as though that gesture alone could stop him if he wanted to get to her.

“Please,” she whispered and shook her head, sending more tears tumbling down her pale cheeks.

“Leave her alone.” A burly man started towards him.

Apollyon lost patience and cast his hand out, waving it across the gathered crowd. “There is nothing interesting to see here.”

Their expressions went slack and they moved as one, drifting off and back into their own lives, moving past him and the mortal woman as though they weren’t even there.

“Oh God, you’re going to kill me.”

He frowned at her. “Why would you say such a thing?”

“It’s what you do.” There was accusation in her tone and a hint of bravery.

Courage in the face of death?

A moment ago, she had been fleeing him and now she looked ready to fight.

“I have not done such a thing in a very long time.” He sighed. It was never going to leave him. Spend a few centuries as the angel of death and no one forgets. Everyone presumes you’re still in charge of taking life’s final breath from mortals. Still, it was better than the other rumour that he was the Devil. “There is a fleet of angels who do it now.”

She didn’t look as though she believed him. Her hands trembled in front of her.

“I didn’t ask for my powers. Please don’t take me there.”

“Where?” His patience was wearing thin again and he seemed to be unable to get his question out into the open. He tracked back over what she had said.


“All the fires of Hell are in your wake… I don’t want to go there. I haven’t done anything wrong.”

Apollyon looked behind him. All he could see was Paris. The edge of the stone bridge and the murky river, and the city beyond.

“You are gifted.” He looked back at her, deep into her hazel eyes. She nodded. Was this how she had called him? He frowned and looked at the fountains at the other end of the bridge behind him and then at her. “What were you doing there?”

She looked past him, blinked a few times, and then her eyebrows rose. “Nothing really. Contemplating life, I guess, and how shitty it was.”

“You did not ask for anything?” He stepped closer to her and this time she didn’t back away. She kept staring at the fountain with wide eyes. Tears lined her dark lashes. All of her fear disappeared and the pain returned. She clutched her hands to her chest, and he felt the hurt well up inside her, overwhelming her.

“Revenge,” she whispered and her gaze darted to him. “I asked for vengeance against that cheating bastard.”

Cheating? A sinner?

She had called for vengeance and he had heard her, and he had felt compelled to answer and accept her mission. He couldn’t. Contracting with her would break the one between him and his master.

Apollyon looked at her, studying her pale beauty.

She had called him and he had come. She was his master now. He had accepted the mission and the contract the moment he had left Hell.

He was going to get into trouble for this.

It had been a while since he had been on Earth though, and although the angels who watched over mortals now tolerated the old sins and only took them into account at death rather than punished the sinner during their life, he did still hate some of them.

Infidelity in particular.

“Are you really here to kill me?”

Apollyon smiled and a hint of colour touched her cheeks. “You called me and I came to you, not to take your life but to ease your suffering.”

She swallowed and looked as though she was going to deny that she was in pain. Apollyon stepped up to her and touched her face. Her skin was warm, soft, and felt good beneath his fingertips. He caressed her cheek, placed his fingers under her chin, and raised her eyes to his.

“Whatever he did to you, I will make him suffer for it, but no man is worth such tears. Your heart will heal in time and you will love again.”

Her hazel eyes searched his.

Apollyon stared deep into them, feeling a strange warmth travel along his hand from where his fingertips touched her face. It chased through him and finally settled in his chest, burning there, stirring feelings that he had long forgotten existed.

“I will give you the revenge you seek.”

Those words were distant to his ears even though they issued from his lips.

He was lost in her eyes, in the way she was looking at him with so much warmth.

Was it gratitude that made her look that way?

Or was it something else?

“Are you a goddess?” he whispered, trying to keep his thoughts on track and on his mission.

She shook her head, moving his fingers with her, and licked her lips. He made the mistake of looking at them, watching the soft pink tip of her tongue sweep over them. A surge of hunger swept through him and he took his hand away, shocked by the strength of his desire and the suddenness of it.

“I’m a witch,” she said, matter of fact, with a little shrug.

Apollyon stared at her. Was he making a terrible mistake by helping her? A part of him said to leave now before it was too late and he became too deeply involved with her.

He couldn’t though.

She had cast a spell on him.

And he was a slave to her.

Buy the book at –
Buy the book at –

Almost release day!!! Not long to wait now!

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Upcoming romance releases

It has been a while since I’ve had a release that hasn’t been a short freebie. Sorry about that. I focused so much on trying to get an agent that I didn’t have any releases. I’ve been working hard to rectify that and I’m happy to say that I now have one complete novella, Her Dark Angel, to release at the end of the month.

It has been sooooo long since I’ve had a new release that needed promoting that I’ve completely forgotten the process. Lol. It’s going to be a steep learning curve again. I need to get ads in place, and blog appearances, and reviews requested.

My release after that, at least releases that aren’t part of my free A Day in the Life, series, is going to be Her Fallen Angel around Halloween, and then following that it will be Her Warrior Angel, in December. Yes, the Her Angel series are all sort of linked. Much like my Sons of Lyra and Daughters of Lyra series, you don’t have to read them in order. Characters do make appearances in the other novellas though, so you might want to read them in order to know who is who.

I have the second draft of Her Fallen Angel finished, but now I’m thinking that I want to change the ending to make it more of an ending and more dramatic. At the moment, it’s more of a set up for the third novella, but I don’t want readers to feel they’ve read an incomplete story. So I’m changing the ending. I have one in mind. I’ll read the novella once I’ve finished typing up my Hades’ Boys notes and change the ending when I get there to make it better and just how I want it.

I’m really hoping everyone enjoys my angels. They’re rather yummy. Need I say more?

Next year I’ll release a bunch of novels that I have which are either complete or almost complete at the moment. Yes, those four novels you’ve all been reading about will be coming out. That’s Love Immortal (demi-gods, vampires, paranormal people, and werewolves), Ascension (a witch & her half-demon hero), Forbidden Blood (vampire romance) and Heart of Darkness (vampire romance).

I still need to make the covers for them, but I’ll work on those when my website is live. I’ll get the covers for Her Fallen Angel, Her Warrior Angel and Love Immortal done soon and then post them all so you can shout out what you think of them.

The releases of the four novels will be spread out over 2011, and I’ll be writing more novels and novellas.

At the moment, I have ideas in storage for three novellas (all paranormal romances), and six/seven novels (paranormal romance, dark fantasy romance, and science-fiction romance). I won’t get all of them written by the end of next year, but I can try. Some of the ideas have more notes for them than others. With novellas, I don’t generally write masses of notes. It’s quicker just to write them, and they have fewer twists than novels, so need less planning.

I also want to do second-editions of a few of my earlier 2006/2007 stories if possible. I have at least 4 that I want to edit again and improve. I’ll see how that goes and consider doing the rest. It’s all go again!

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