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Every Tuesday, I’ll either be answering questions myself, or posing questions to one of my characters from my paranormal romance books. All of these questions are submitted to me by my awesome readers at my Fang Club, a Facebook Group where I chat with my readers. Asking questions is exclusive to members of my Fang Club, so if you want to get in on the action, you’ll have to join the group.

This week, I had the task of posing questions to Thorne, one of the demon kings in my Eternal Mates series. You can read Thorne’s romance in Claimed by a Demon King.

Talking Tuesday with Thorne

Felicity: Hi Thorne! It’s great to see you as always, and I hope you don’t mind me dragging you away from Hell to chat with you. Your fans are eager to have you answer some questions.

Thorne: I have fans? *looks pleased*

Felicity: More than you probably know. Let’s get started! Tracy Benjamin pipped everyone to the post this week with her questions… she wants to know if you ever once thought that you might never meet your eternal mate because you lived for thousands of years before Sable was even thought of. Were there ever any doubts?

Thorne: Of course. Doubt was strong in me, but my kingdom kept me busy, and my memories of my parents kept my hope alive… although I do think a part of me might have given up, and that was the reason meeting Sable was such a shock.

Felicity: You loved your parents deeply, and it brings me to my next question, one I know might hurt you but one that Celita Collins  would really love for you to answer. Do you think you will ever be able to forgive Vail for killing your parents?

Thorne: *frowns and sighs* Perhaps. One day. I know now that he was under the control of that vile witch, but he was still responsible for their deaths. While he might have been controlled by another, some of the blame must still lie with him. If I had been older when my parents were taken from me, maybe I could have found the strength to forgive him, but he took them from me at a time I needed them most.

Felicity: That’s understandable, but I hope one day you can forgive him.

Thorne: *smiles slowly* You only say that, Little Female, because you harbour feelings for him.

Felicity: Shh, it’s a secret. *winks* So many questions about Sable, so I’ll start by asking how is she?

Thorne:  Well. Learning to control her powers thanks to the angel at that vampire theatre. They’re still growing stronger. She struggles at times.

Felicity: Speaking of the theatre, Ray Sargent wants to know whether Sable is still winding up Grave?

Thorne: *scowls* Unfortunately, yes. She is persistent, despite my warnings that antagonising that male is not a wise course of action. Grave has developed a talent for ignoring her whenever their paths cross, acting as if she isn’t even there. I am not sure this is a good thing. It has only made her more determined.

Felicity: That sounds like Sable. Martha Davis Williams tickled me with her question, which I’m going to quote verbatim, and it comes from her, not me… just remember that. *clears throat* “Greetings you big OAF! Umm…yeah, I’m not very good at demonic greetings. SORRY! My question is, do you enjoy visiting London with Sable, and what other places would you like to explore with your mate?”

Thorne: *grins* A fine demon greeting. Visiting London with Sable is fascinating, although she seems to draw far too much attention from the males, something I could live without. She has been showing me around after our visits to the vampire theatre, and I enjoy the tours, but sometimes they end in… um… a little trouble.

Felicity: What you’re saying is sometimes you lose your shit and go demon on men ogling your missus, right?

Thorne: *scowls* Correct. *eyes go a little redder*

Felicity: I’m sure that scares them straight. You’ve got to protect what’s yours.

Thorne: I wish Sable understood that.

Felicity: She probably does. I bet she loses her shit if women look at you.

Thorne: *grins again*

Felicity: That’s all the answer I need. Kathy Dela Cruz  wants to know whether there’s any plans on having a child? What are the funniest interaction with Sable and your demons that you’ve seen?

Thorne: *scrubs his jaw* Children? I do not think Sable is ready yet, but perhaps one day, when she is more settled. I have seen her look at the children at the theatre, and the way she interacts with them… *sighs* she would make a fine mother.

Felicity: One determined to give birth on the battlefield if it came to it. I haven’t forgotten that.

Thorne: *laughs* She was glorious putting the First King in her place like that. I have to think about the other question. Funniest interaction? Hmm. She did once try to teach the cooks to bake something called chocolate fudge brownie. I am not sure it went quite as planned though, unless it was meant to explode in the oven. Sable has banned me from talking about it.

Felicity: I don’t even know how you make food explode.

Thorne: I suspect a misunderstanding about some of the ingredients she requested. She was in a mood for days, muttering about craving chocolate. In the end, I ventured to the mortal world and procured her all the chocolate she could eat… including a jar of a sort of spread… which she promptly… well… let us simply say I was not in a mood for a rather long time after that night.

Felicity: Food play. Nice. You dirty demon.

Thorne: *blushes* I did not initiate it.

Felicity: Yeah, yeah. I’ll bring you down with a bump now by mentioning your favourite elf! Kirsty Hatto wants to know whether you and Bleu are getting on better now?

Thorne: *grunts* A little. His mate is an interesting one. Sable gets along with her so well that we never see them when he brings her to visit, or when we visit the elf castle. She is always off with that dragon, or with both her and Olivia if we are at the castle.

Felicity: It’s nice she has friends in Hell though.

Thorne: True. I just wish she did not lose track of time as much and worry me.

Felicity: Oh dear, I can just picture you, Bleu and Loren all grumpy and sour, waiting for your women to come home! I’d pay to see it. Kirsty also wanted to know if there was anything you would do differently when it comes to your life?

Thorne: Nothing… because everything that has happened brought me to Sable.

Felicity: Charmer. *pushes his arm* Sable will be getting the chocolate spread out again as payment for that one.

Thorne: *blushes again* Just ask another question.

Felicity: I only have one, and it comes from Carole Joyce Buckley  who wants to know will you and Loren get together and devise a plan to take out Archangel once and for all?

Thorne: *face darkens* Believe me, we are working on one, and it is not only Loren and myself involved in it.

Felicity: Ooh, that sounds ominous. Thanks for coming today, and I won’t keep you waiting any longer. You can go now. I’ll message Sable and tell her to get the jar out.

Thorne: *huffs* Female.

Felicity: You’re not really angry. Quit pretending to be mad and run along now, you dirty demon king.

Thorne: *sighs as he teleports*

Felicity: He loves me really.

Thanks for reading my Talking Tuesday interview with Thorne and I hope that you’ll swing by the blog again next week to see who we’re interviewing then!

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