WIP Wednesday – Danger: Hot and Possessive Demon King Alert!

It has been a while since I’ve written a WIP Wednesday blog post updating you all on the progress in my writing and what books might be coming soon. Sorry about that. Blogging fell to the wayside a little when I hit a really busy patch with the release of Her Wicked Angel, putting together the Dark and Dangerous boxed set, and editing Kissed by a Dark Prince.

I’m back though, and I thought I would update you on the Eternal Mates series. I’ve just completed the first draft of Claimed by a Demon King. Because of all the interruptions (two book releases) I had a hard time writing this one. It would flow and then it would dry up and I wouldn’t feel like writing. That’s the difficult part of being an author. We all wear so many hats and sometimes it’s hard to switch between them, going from engaging the marketing/promotion side of my brain to the writing side.

This is the second book I’ve written this year where I’ve had to really push myself and somehow find the will to keep writing. It isn’t burn out (which can often be the case for authors when they don’t feel like writing). It was just I had so much other stuff demanding my attention that I found it really difficult to focus on the most important thing–writing!

Still, I have now finished the first draft of Claimed by a Demon King. It came in at 113,000 words in first draft, and that’s a good 23,000 words longer than Kissed by a Dark Prince was when I finished the first draft for that paranormal romance book, which is the first book in the Eternal Mates series. I guarantee that by the time I have edited Claimed by a Demon King, it will probably be closer to 120,000 words. I think that King Thorne of the demons didn’t want to be outdone by Prince Loren of the elves. He wanted a bigger book! Well, he’s certainly getting it.

I’m not sure what I will be writing next. I need to take a look at all my writing plans and the releases I want in 2014 and 2015, and go from there.I won’t be writing anything new before 2014. The plan right now is to work on my website, on switching the Vampires Realm series over to my Felicity Heaton name, and editing Claimed by a Demon King.

My writing target for 2013 was 400,000 words. I surpassed it by writing 440,000 words in 2013. I imagine that next year my target will be around the same figure. I’ll have a couple of books to edit that were already written (Claimed by a Demon King and Guardians of Hades: Ares), but I do also have new books to write, including more in the Vampires Realm, Her Angel, and Eternal Mates series.

I think for now, the muse would like a bit of a siesta in which he can play cards against some of my heroes who are waiting in my head for their book.

Here’s a taste of things to come in Claimed by a Demon King. It could be considered a little spoiler-ish as you’ll know the hero and heroine of the second book.


Thorne threw his head back and roared until his throat burned and he had no breath left. He dragged his claws along the stone walls, needing the pain, aching with the need to unleash his anger on something. Anything.

He reached his rooms and barged through the arched wooden door, slamming it shut behind him. He paced from one side of the expansive bedroom to the other, his gaze locked on the floor, his footfalls shaking the timbers. He snarled and tore at his ruined shirt, and only grew more frustrated as it snagged in his wings. They wouldn’t go away. Not while he was skirting the edge, on the brink of losing his mind to the rage pouring through him, eating away at him, filling his head with images of Bleu and Sable.

Thorne roared again and ripped the remains of the shirt from his body. He threw it to the floor and flexed his claws as he paced, his wings shifting with each step. His bones ached as his body expanded again, muscles tight against his skin, and his teeth hurt as he clamped them together. He snarled and turned on his heel to stomp back towards the door, feeling like the beast his female had called him.

A feral tiger trapped within a cage, wild and driven to pace the cramped confines to unleash his energy lest he go insane.

A soft knock sounded.

Fargus, no doubt. The fool was the only male mad enough to approach him when he was in a rage.

Thorne stopped at the door and yanked it open, ready to bite his commander’s head off about the disturbance. No one was there.

His gaze dropped several inches.

He stilled right down to his heartbeat.


Her determined expression faltered and she looked uncertain, as if she had forgotten why she had come to him.

She had come to him.

Her golden-brown eyes fell to his bare chest and his horns curled at the way she slid them over his flesh, her pupils dilating and gaze growing heated.

Could she desire him?

Was she not Bleu’s?

“What do you want?” he brusquely said and cursed himself for snapping at her. Just the name of the bastard elf in his mind had been enough to sour his mood again, destroying the calm that had come over him upon seeing Sable.

She cleared her throat and inched her eyes back up to his. “I get the feeling I did something wrong and I wanted to apologise. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

Curious little female. “You did not offend me. The elf did.”

“How?” She frowned at him and her question surprised him. No female had ever dared to question him.

He wondered if this was some sort of ruse and she was trying to discern the truth by taking the blame for his outburst. Did she desire to know why he had lost his mind and had attacked her male?

He would tell her.

“The male attempted to claim what is rightfully mine.”

Confusion flickered across her pretty face.

Thorne spelled it out for her by catching hold of her metal bodice, yanking her to him and grasping the nape of her neck to keep her still. He took a deep breath for courage and then dipped his head and claimed her mouth.


What do you think?


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Malinda Mcconnell

You’ve done it again! Just that snippet and I”m ready to purchase. Can. Not. Wait.

Felicity Heaton

Thanks, Malinda! You’ll get to meet Thorne and Sable in the first book, Kissed by a Dark Prince, that comes out on Nov 30th.

Julie Tinkler

Oh God, you totally, totally know how to enthral us with your books, hook line and sinker. I’m a goner!!! Teasing us again and leaving us bereft because we want more, Wicked Woman You!! Brilliant, don’t ever stop Felicity.

Felicity Heaton

Thanks, Julie. You know I love to tease…

Lynn Worton

Oh Em Gee! You sure know how to tease! 😛 I can’t wait to read this. Looking forward to the blog tour for the release of Kissed by a Dark Prince (which I am taking part in). 🙂

Felicity Heaton

Thanks Lynn! Yeah, this one is the next book after Kissed by a Dark Prince… continuing the sexy alpha male theme…

Tracy M

Gods….. I CANNOT WAIT for book 2… Lovelovelove Kissed by Dark Prince and just know that Claimed by a Demon King is gonna be just as fantastic!!!!

You’ve done an awesome job this year Felicity…. Think you and your muse both need a bit of time off ~ you gonna be able to take a break over the christmas holidays?
Reading through what you’ve been working on, I’d completely forgotten all about the Guardian of Hades books…

The Release Day Blog Barrage is gonna be a load of fun!! Looking forward to being involved!!! 😀