Guardians of Hades – Progress on the first draft of book one in the series!

It has been a long but fruitful week. I’ve completed the first round of proofing for Her Demonic Angel so I can now focus on getting the first draft of Guardians of Hades Book One written. Exciting news for me, and hopefully for you too.

I had a slow start because of my writing jitters, but I managed to get the first chapter written on Tuesday, and on Wednesday increased that to the first three chapters, ending with around 11500 words written in the first two days. That’s below my usual output but it has been a very slow start with this book.

I’m picking up speed now though. I had some ideas for tweaks for the first three chapters, so my first task this morning was to go through each chapter and complete my tweaks, improving the description and adding some things I had thought about on my day off on Thursday. I finished today at 20500 words, and had to force myself to stop because my back was getting achy from sitting for so long and my fingers were tired. It’s closer to the speed I like to write at, clocking up 9000 words today. Hopefully, I can hit my optimum 10000 words a day next week and then we’ll be flying.

I’m really enjoying writing the series so far and I’m still really excited about it. I think you guys are all going to absolutely love these godly brothers. I’ve reached a scene where all seven sexy heroes are in the same room with the first heroine, and hell, she’s finding it hard to concentrate despite her dire situation. There are a few brothers that scare her, but her hero and the eldest brother have her mesmerised!

I’ll hopefully wrap up this chapter on Monday and then I get to dive back into the heroes head as he has a meeting with his brothers to address a few sticky issues, namely his antagonist.

Writing for two days in my usual cafe in my town has led to a decision that I don’t like it there as much as I like it at the Starbucks near where my husband works. It’s much easier to concentrate there because there are less kids running amuck and the seats are more comfortable, and the lighting is natural. It’s just a nicer place to work. The local cafe in my town has bench seats like Starbucks, but the seat is too deep so I can’t sit with my back against the padded back, and I end up hunched forwards and get a crick in my neck. Not a great environment for writing.

I’m hoping to spend time at the Starbucks next week and my productivity should rise to reach my daily writing targets.

Still, with the first 20000 words of the book done, I now have a better impression of the characters and the story, as well as the series, and I really do think you guys are going to love it!

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