Guardians of Hades – progress update on the paranormal romance series

I’ve made a nice graphic to go with the posts I will be writing about this series as it gets underway. Yes, that’s the official name of the series that I’ve had under wraps for many years now. I figured that since I’m going to start writing the series now, I can use the proper series name.

I thought I would hint at what you can expect from the series in the picture. I guess you would say that is one of the brothers, but I can’t really give you much other than that.

I spent part of yesterday working on this series. At the moment, I’m trying to get the series notes into order. It’s not going to be easy. This is a massive world with a lot of details, especially where the brothers and the two main realms are concerned. So far, I’ve printed all the notes I had on the world, the stories and the characters. I have around 75,000 words of notes on this series. That’s a lot of notes to sort into some semblance of order. I’ve gone through with a highlighter to mark up what I think is world, character and story related. Yesterday I took one of the main documents and split those notes into separate word documents. I moved a lot of it into a document about the heroes/brothers and into a general series arc/outline.

I had to smile at the end of sorting through the notes at this stage. I ended up with 5500 words in the document for the brothers and just 500 words in the notes for the heroines! I guess these stories are focused on the hero, but since they are the guardians and brothers, it makes sense. Most of the notes for the individual heroines are in the respective document for their story. I have to sort those out next as I mixed story, hero/heroine character notes, and snippets that will happen in other stories for that hero/heroine into one document. I need to weed out the character notes, and also anything that will actually be in another hero’s book.

My OCD and perfectionist nature wants me to be able to neatly split the notes I have into documents and not have to have some notes repeat in other documents, but I think I’m going to have to accept that there will be some crossover with the notes, especially where character bios and heroes notes are concerned. It’s easier to have general notes about the brothers in one organised document for quick reference, but also have the vital info in the individual bio too.

I don’t think I’ve had to tackle sorting a series this huge into order before. Four years of notes just vaguely tossed into files they sort of relate to has left a bit of a crazy mess. Not to mention that I also have a stack of notes on paper to type up.

I think I’m still on track to get this series into order, all the details ironed out, character bios all filled in, and everything finished soon. I have a bit of research to do and I need to book some time with my muse to get him to offer up descriptions of some characters, the world, and other elements. Once I’ve got everything about the series into a sort of series bible, I can then get on with finishing the planning of the first story…

I’ll be a tease here and say the first hero is pretty much the guy on my picture up there… complete with sexy tattoo.

I should have been getting on with rearranging all these series notes today, and I woke early with that intention, but then I realised that Smashwords had finally removed my books from Kobo and I could add all my books directly to Kobo Books via WritingLife. That ate up my morning and part of my afternoon. Now it’s almost 4pm. I started work at 7am. How does time move so quickly when you have so much to do?

I hope you like the sexy new picture and the title of the series though. Does it look and sound like your sort of thing? Seven sexy demigod brothers on a mission to protect our world and theirs from daemons intent on destroying the fragile bridge between our realms… what’s not to love, right?

I really wish I could talk about the brothers… I think you’re really going to adore them!

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