Saturday Snippets from my Paranormal Romance Books

I was finding it hard to keep on top of my Daily Dozen, so I have rolled it into a weekend event. From now on, I’ll be posting Saturday Snippets and Sunday Snippets. There will be between one and three book snippets each day, all of them around twelve sentences long.

I’m kicking off Saturday Snippets with Her Dark Angel and Vampire for Christmas! Both ebooks are available for just $0.99 right now on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple iBookstores, Kobo Books, Sony Reader Store and other retailers.

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Apollyon stepped back a little, unable to bear the torture and needing a moment to breathe. He was too close to letting go.

Serenity stared into his eyes, hers full of invite, asking him to give in to her. He would do so willingly if he could be sure that this wasn’t an act. It was a charade, nothing more than pretend so they would make Edward jealous. That was all it was.

So why did it feel so good to have her in his arms?

She ran her hands down over his biceps, slowly, her gaze following her right hand as it traced the curves of his muscles, and her heart beating faster, as though exploring his body excited her. Her eyes darkened and he could feel the hunger in her, could sense the growing need.

Why did his body burn wherever she touched?

His gaze flickered to her mouth.

And why couldn’t he keep his eyes off her cherry red lips and his mind off how good it would feel to dip his head and kiss her?

Shannon leaned forwards to look at the book and the right side of her robe fell away from her neck, slipping down her shoulder. Rafe stared at the pale column of her throat, his breathing turning sharp and harsh as he fought the urge to pull her close and lick her neck.

He forced his eyes away and they caught on something that hit him hard in the gut.


On her neck.

He had never noticed marks there before, but then he couldn’t remember ever seeing her neck. Someone had bitten her. He frowned at ragged pink scars and heat burned in his chest, coiling into anger that ran through his veins and seized control of him.

He reached out to touch the scars.

Shannon smacked his hand away and jolted backwards, out of his reach, her chair scraping on the floor. She scowled at him, clinging to the bathrobe and quickly covering her throat. There was a frightened edge to her eyes. Fear that he might do that to her too, or that his touch might comfort her and force her to confront the feelings she denied so well?

“Who did that to you?”

I hope you enjoyed these Saturday Snippets! What books would you like to see snippets from?

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