Manday Hotties Blog Hop

Welcome to the Manday Hotties Hop!

Anyone is welcome to participate in the Manday Hotties weekly blog hop. I’ve kept the requirements simple so we can all just have some fun. You just have to follow the rules below which boil down to sign up and then find a hot man picture to post come Monday!

Why has Manday become a blog hop? Well, I was speaking to some fellow bloggers who are like me and post a hottie every week. We’re basically a bunch of paranormal romance ladies who think seeing hot men on a Monday morning is a great start to the week! We were sure that most of you feel the same, so we put together this hop so we can all enjoy the excellent array of hotties in the world.

I add the hop Linky Lists for an entire month at a time to this page so you can sign up at the start of the month for every hop in the month. 

Remember you must sign up to each hop individually!

The Rules
  • Sign up using the LinkyTools list below. The form for the week closes on the Monday of the hop.
  • Please have SPACES in your blog name. Long strings of characters will break people’s blogs and I’ll be forced to remove you or edit your name.
  • Include the hop button on your blog side bar and link it to this page. Code is available in my right hand side bar or below.
  • Your post MUST go live Monday at Midnight, regardless of where you are. If I check and find your post missing, I’ll remove you from the list.
  • Your post MUST include the Manday Hotties graphic and either link to this page or include the LinkyTools list (you can get the code by clicking the link below the LinkyTools list) Remember, it’s nicer to include the script than just link to this one blog. It’s all about sharing the love.
  • PLEASE keep your posts work safe. No full nudity or engorged members please. I will have to remove your blog if you can’t keep it clean and work safe. Men can be hot without being on full display and not everyone wants to see that over coffee.
  • Most of all. Have some fun!

Add the following Manday Hotties Hop code to your blog side banner!



2 Responses to Manday Hotties Blog Hop

  1. Excited for Monday to come. Finally, it’s TGIM!

  2. Excited for Monday to come. Finally, it’s TGIM!

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