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Her Warrior Angel – finally started writing it!

The muse loves me again. I’ve freed him from the prison of promotion and editing, and released him into the wilds of my mind. He’s glad to be back, and even though it was slow to start with and there were distractions yesterday (sudden thoughts about getting more of my books into kindle, promoting, etc), we’ve managed to clock up 2 chapters, equating to 6700 words, of Her Warrior Angel.

Her Warrior Angel will be the third book in the Her Angel series, although they all stand alone and you don’t have to read them in any particular order. It’ll be out on November 20th. Yes, I’m crazy enough to have a release date planned and advertising booked and paid for before I’ve even written a word for this story! I knew the muse would come up with the goods though. We have a very trusting relationship like that. Plus, it’s only a 30k story. Those don’t normally take me too long to write. A week in first draft, and then editing time.

It’s a relief to be writing again though. Let’s hope the flow continues. I’m hitting my stride with it now that I’ve begun chapter 3. My darling husband is working tonight, and I wish I could keep writing after I’ve jogged with my sister (and had a bath because my back is killing me) but there’s promo stuff to be done, so no time. I’ll just keep on with it tomorrow and see what word count we reach by the end of the day (after my train journey back from work).

I love my muse!

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Her Angel – paranormal angel romance book series

Well, I can finally write again! It’s been a tough couple of months trying to not only get everything together to promote Her Dark Angel when it comes out on August 28th (earlier on Kindle) but trying to completely overhaul my website too! I celebrated the ability to finally get on with some writing, and not some programming or promoting or emailing or arranging advertising or writing promo material… or setting up facebook, and grouply, and everything else I’ve been bogged down in… by editing Her Fallen Angel, the second story in this paranormal angel romance book series.

Her Fallen Angel was more of a proof than an edit as I’d already done the bulk of the work on it. It’s in good shape though, and just needs a final proof before it goes out into the world on October 16th. I think you’re all going to love Lukas. He’s a bit different to Apollyon, but just as sensual and passionate, and I think he’s deeper on the emotional side of things with his love, Annelie. He’s not afraid of his feelings, or to bare his soul in order to win the woman he’s in love with.

I also managed to get some time to plan a little more for Her Warrior Angel, which is out on November 20th so I had better get moving with it. I’ll be writing that next week. Yes, you heard me right! I’ll be writing, new words, from scratch, blank canvas and new characters to play with… it’s all a bit exciting. It feels as though I was caged in a dark room for a long time and now I’ve been released into some sunlit glade in a forest, free to do as I please and create again! Okay, I’m waxing lyrical but it does feel that way. The muse is very happy.

I should get the first draft of Her Warrior Angel wrapped up by Friday next week. It’s only going to be 30,000 words like the other two books in the Her Angel series, so it won’t take long for me to write it. I can normally crack a 30k story out in a week. Heck, I can write a 120,000 word novel in a month.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news on it!

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Upcoming romance releases

It has been a while since I’ve had a release that hasn’t been a short freebie. Sorry about that. I focused so much on trying to get an agent that I didn’t have any releases. I’ve been working hard to rectify that and I’m happy to say that I now have one complete novella, Her Dark Angel, to release at the end of the month.

It has been sooooo long since I’ve had a new release that needed promoting that I’ve completely forgotten the process. Lol. It’s going to be a steep learning curve again. I need to get ads in place, and blog appearances, and reviews requested.

My release after that, at least releases that aren’t part of my free A Day in the Life, series, is going to be Her Fallen Angel around Halloween, and then following that it will be Her Warrior Angel, in December. Yes, the Her Angel series are all sort of linked. Much like my Sons of Lyra and Daughters of Lyra series, you don’t have to read them in order. Characters do make appearances in the other novellas though, so you might want to read them in order to know who is who.

I have the second draft of Her Fallen Angel finished, but now I’m thinking that I want to change the ending to make it more of an ending and more dramatic. At the moment, it’s more of a set up for the third novella, but I don’t want readers to feel they’ve read an incomplete story. So I’m changing the ending. I have one in mind. I’ll read the novella once I’ve finished typing up my Hades’ Boys notes and change the ending when I get there to make it better and just how I want it.

I’m really hoping everyone enjoys my angels. They’re rather yummy. Need I say more?

Next year I’ll release a bunch of novels that I have which are either complete or almost complete at the moment. Yes, those four novels you’ve all been reading about will be coming out. That’s Love Immortal (demi-gods, vampires, paranormal people, and werewolves), Ascension (a witch & her half-demon hero), Forbidden Blood (vampire romance) and Heart of Darkness (vampire romance).

I still need to make the covers for them, but I’ll work on those when my website is live. I’ll get the covers for Her Fallen Angel, Her Warrior Angel and Love Immortal done soon and then post them all so you can shout out what you think of them.

The releases of the four novels will be spread out over 2011, and I’ll be writing more novels and novellas.

At the moment, I have ideas in storage for three novellas (all paranormal romances), and six/seven novels (paranormal romance, dark fantasy romance, and science-fiction romance). I won’t get all of them written by the end of next year, but I can try. Some of the ideas have more notes for them than others. With novellas, I don’t generally write masses of notes. It’s quicker just to write them, and they have fewer twists than novels, so need less planning.

I also want to do second-editions of a few of my earlier 2006/2007 stories if possible. I have at least 4 that I want to edit again and improve. I’ll see how that goes and consider doing the rest. It’s all go again!

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Ascension, ears and busy schedules

Well, I’ve cajoled the muse into editing Ascension because I felt the writing wasn’t top quality, and then when I went back to it, it was actually far better than I’d remembered. I suppose that’s a good thing. I’m reading over it again now though, although Friday was a complete wash out because I ended up reading parts of Heart of Darkness instead. Not sure what I’m doing after I’ve finished this light edit/read of Ascension. I should probably do the polish on Her Dark Angel before I go away on holiday at the end of the month. I could also do with getting the second draft of Her Fallen Angel done too.

Of course, first I need to get this read through of Ascension done. It’s a miserable day here today and that’s not exactly making me want to do anything. I just want to sit around nursing my poor ear, eating chocolate, and watching anime, or perhaps playing a game.

I went to see my ENT consultant last week and I have yet another ear infection. We talked about what’s involved in an operation to fix the problems with my ear and while I’m more comfortable with the thought now, it still frightens me. I don’t really want to be knocked out but I guess it can’t be helped and it’s better to get the problem fixed now while I’m still (fairly) young and (fairly) healthy. The other downside to it is that I have to take 2 weeks off work. I doubt I’ll be up to much in those two weeks either, not even writing stuff, and that’ll hit my schedule pretty hard.

My schedule is all over the place. I’d love to get some things done and marked off the list but I can’t see it happening yet. It’s a shame really. I want some stuff out of the way with before I go away at the end of the month. I don’t want this bleak future full of editing. It doesn’t do the muse any good. He’s throwing a fit about it right now because he wants to write, and so do I, but we’ve written so much that now there’s a lot of editing between us and starting a new story!

When I get back from my holiday, I’ll be writing Her Warrior Angel. I need to plan it but that shouldn’t take too long as I have the rough idea for it already down, and the characters are already in my head. I just need the frame of the story, the skeleton as it were, and some character notes, and away we go!

At the moment, I’m focused on reading through Ascension and applying any necessary fixes before getting it sent off to a printer so I can get a paperback version of the complete second draft to take with me on holiday. I’m taking Forbidden Blood too. I’ll read them both on the plane or times when there’s nothing else to do and I’m a captive audience.

I’m also programming a Kindle HTML file maker for myself and my fellow authors at Alinar Publishing to use. It’s going well and I’ve done about 60% of it. I just need to finish another part of it and then test and tweak. I’ll get that done now hopefully and then get on with editing Ascension, and perhaps I’ll address my writing schedule issues.

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Birthday, Books and More

Apologies for the lack of blog post last weekend but it was my birthday the week before so I was busy hosting a birthday BBQ on Saturday. What a nightmare they are! I spent the whole day getting everything ready for it, and then the whole evening running about after everyone. It’s a good job that I only have my immediate family come to them or I would be hiding behind the sofa wishing it was over before it had even begun. Koyo hid upstairs all night, glaring at anyone who dared to come up to use the toilet. My cat is rather scared of strangers, and since my family rarely comes over, that’s what they are to her. She particularly mistrusts small people (children). I ended the evening sitting on the floor of my living room, watching Cardcaptor Sakura movie 2 with my nieces and nephews. Normally we end up watching My Neighbour Totoro. Eldest niece did shout for Totoro but I showed her the pink box of Cardcaptor Sakura and she was sold. Good day in the end but so much hard work!

My actual birthday was during the week before. I had a great day courtesy of my hubby. He took the day off with me. I had pain au chocolat for breakfast (very bad), opened my presents, went shopping (but didn’t buy anything!), went to Starbucks for coffee, then we went to see Clash of the Titans (why is Perseus suddenly in love with Io? Utterly wrong. Just change mythology why don’t you? Also, pointless 3D alert!), and then shopped some more, and then we went back home and into Oxford for Yo!Sushi (I love Yo!) where I ate a lot of Pumpkin (Kabocha) Korroke and Edamame, Dorayaki, and Mochi. Totemo oishikatta da yo! (it was very tasty!) So all in all I had a great day.

Last week I spent most of my writing time working on the second draft of Ascension. It’s getting there now, and I’ve added the scenes in that I wanted to and fixed parts up. I have to polish a few more scenes to get some setting description in there, and tweak a bit, and then it’s ready for a check over for passives, making sentences more active, and generally neatening it up. I have another two weeks marked down for Ascension Second Draft in my calendar, so I think I have plenty of time to do the usual spit and polish on it.

It started out at the end of first draft at around 72,000 words, and it’s now nearly 86,000 words. I’m pleased that it’s grown because the story is more rounded now. I think there’s only a few bits that I need to watch for in my next stage of editing when I get back from holiday in June. Just stuff that I need to make sure sits right and makes sense, and that doesn’t leap out in a glaring way or doesn’t fit the characters.

The muse has been busy. A story that was going to be about vampires is now about angels. He’s really into angels at the moment and I was contemplating a particular plot when walking to work through London, and it struck me that it would work better as an angel story. I like the premise, so I’ll probably write it with angels instead. I’m not sure when I’ll get to write it. I’d really like to get Ascension finished, and Forbidden Blood finished too, and then perhaps I could write it. But then, I do need to do draft edits of Her Dark Angel and Her Fallen Angel, and also write Her Warrior Angel. I have far too many stories on the go! I really need to clean up house and get things into order. Maybe this new story will have to wait until then. I don’t want to, because I don’t like it when there is only editing work in my future, but I guess it’s my own fault for writing so many stories in one go! Of course, my Hades’ Boys are going to demand time at the end of the year as promised to them. I think I need to check my calendar!

I bought a couple new books on writing this week. I already have a stack of them and some are more useful than others, but it’s good to have them there as reference, and I’ve found some of them to be very insightful and helpful. I’m hoping these two will be the same and will give me some good pointers about writing, plotting, editing, etc. I think the thing I need pointers on most at the moment is securing an agent. No luck so far but I figured out the primary cause of the problem. The story was far too long.

The next story that I’ll send out to agents is Ascension, which is a demon/witch pairing for the hero/heroine so it’s a bit different, and it’s the perfect length for a first novel. Of course, I’ll mention my other complete novel in my query, and the ones I’m working on, because it looks better if I have several to offer.

I am absolutely shattered today, so that’s it from me. Have a great week everyone and I’ll keep you all posted on my progress with Ascension.

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Her Fallen Angel progress and Love Immortal

Writing this week has been like pulling teeth, wisdom teeth in fact. It’s been slow, painful, and downright tiring. It took me a while on and off to write the final 8500 words for Her Fallen Angel. I had wanted to have it done by Tuesday but that rolled into Wednesday, and I finally finished it Wednesday lunchtime. I was severely relieved!

It’s not the story that was the problem. I was just so tired this week and didn’t have the energy to write. I blame the clock change to British Summer Time. I lost that hour and then it was like waking up at 5am for work even though it was 6… it was all dark and grim… and wet and cold… I kept sneaking time in to read snippets of Forbidden Blood and Heart of Darkness instead. In other words, I procrastinated. Rather badly.

But still, the first draft of Her Fallen Angel is now complete at 28,500 words and I’m pleased with it. I had to fiddle with the final chapter to get it satisfactory, but I got there in the end.

I need to plot out Her Warrior Angel now, which I’ll start writing in a couple of months because my schedule is rather hectic at the moment.


Because I’m desperately trying to clear my backlog of books for editing and proofing. At the moment, Forbidden Blood is resting. A friend of mine (male) is reading it as he likes to find all my mistakes for me, and generally give me feedback. I think he just likes seeing it before others and while it’s still evolving into a final draft. Perhaps it makes him feel involved and like an insider. Who knows. It’s helpful anyway so I’m not complaining.

I’ve also decided to edit down Love Immortal. A test run yesterday showed that I could chop around 18,000 words off it, bringing it down to a more reasonable 140,000 words. It’ll take me around 3 weeks but I think it will be worth it in the long run as it should improve the books chances of being published, and ultimately I think this story deserves it and I’ve put a lot of time and effort into it, so I want to see it out there on shelves.

I would also like to get the second draft of Ascension done before I go away on holiday at the end of May. That way, I can take it with me, along with Forbidden Blood, as paperbacks to read on the plane when I tire of movies. There’s no rest for the wicked. I edited Love Immortal in paperback when I was on holiday in Japan last year. Ah, the writer’s life. You squeeze it in wherever you can!

Of course, when I get back, I’ll have polishes to do and the second draft of Heart of Darkness and Her Fallen Angel… and it never ends.

I’m off to watch some telly, drink some tea, and eat some chocolate before shoehorning in some editing time on Love Immortal.

All this effort… one day an agent better request more of my book!

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Her Fallen Angel – first draft angel romance

I’m writing this in advance of posting, so if anything sounds out of date or odd now, apologies. It’s Saturday, and I’ve spent the day meeting an old friend for a catch up over coffee, writing more of a new story in Starbucks (and exceeding my caffeine quota) and sitting here with my husband at his office waiting for him to finish work so we can go out with another friend.

It’s been a good day and I managed to get quite a lot written in Starbucks, which is noticeable because my arms are aching now as I type this and my fingers are tired and very unresponsive.

Last weekend, the muse decided that he enjoys me writing more than editing, and gave me two new stories to play with. Both of them are angel romance stories, and they fit with my other one, Her Dark Angel, so I’m writing them as a trilogy of sorts. They’ll be able to read as stand alone stories, but the characters will make appearances in the others. I had a rough plot idea for both of them at the time, and when I finished editing Her Dark Angel on Tuesday, I knocked together the plot for the next one, Her Fallen Angel. At first it wasn’t working but eventually we got there after a little thinking time.

I started writing Her Fallen Angel in earnest on Wednesday and it was a very slow start because I had been gearing down to have a break over Easter, so was coming out of writing and editing mode for the first time in a few months. Also, someone at my work is leaving so Friday lunchtime was spent out with them and the team, and Friday evening was a write off due to a couple of glasses of wine. Unless I want the characters to suddenly get together without reason, it’s not a good idea for me to write under the influence of alcohol.

I have caught up though as today I spent a few hours in Starbucks and managed to get 7,700 words written on and off (I was very distracted and procrastinated quite a bit or I could’ve reached 10,000 like a good girl). Still, I reached my target of 20,000 words total on this story, leaving the remaining 10,000 words to write next week.

Once I have Her Fallen Angel wrapped up in first draft, I’ll plot out the story for Her Warrior Angel, which will also be a 30,000 word novella. I’m looking forward to writing that one too, but these novellas are heavy on the love scenes which often means they take me a while to write as I’m never quite in the right mood or the right place for writing love scenes. It’s rather difficult to write one when someone is sitting next to you on the train for example. You sort of have to wait for a time when you’re alone or at least have more privacy, and that means I procrastinate and do other stuff instead. Say, watching anime when I should be working!

I’m still unsure about what to do with Her Dark Angel, and in turn these stories. I’m tossing about the idea of submitting them to e-publishers, but my past experiences with them haven’t been great, and sales were rather low. I’ve had amazing sales of my self-published romance ebooks, and it’s very tempting to self-publish these three novellas too. My Amazon Kindle sales at the moment are very good, and I’ve always sold a lot through Fictionwise, and I’m quite confident that I could make these three stories sell very well on those platforms, as well as directly… so it seems the only reason to approach an epublisher with them would be to have them on my writer’s CV for when I’m gunning for agents again with my next novel.

But then, I don’t think epublishers hold much weight with agents. Probably about as much as being self-published does, so I’m bound to end up selling them directly as I have done with all my previous stories.

I’ve also been debating trying to edit down Love Immortal to a more reasonable length, without losing any of the plot. I think that’s the trick and that’s what’s going to make it very difficult. I don’t want to sacrifice the plot for the sake of bringing the length down. I’m sure I could cut some fat off it, but it still might not be enough to make it appealing to agents. I’ve had zero luck with touting it so far and I think it’s because they see the word count (158,000 words) and basically flee. I wish I could say I think I could chop 40,000 words off it without causing problems, but I don’t think that I can. I’m sure I could do something though, if I had the time, which I don’t right now unless I put other things on hold and the backlog of stories that need editing time isn’t getting any shorter! I think it would probably take me 4 weeks to chop the story down and revise it, and then I’d have to proof and polish again. So probably 6 weeks total to get the work on it done. It might be worth it though. I’ll have a fiddle with my schedule and see what comes out. At the end of the second draft the story was 128,000 words but needed some plot stuff added as well as improved description. A lot of the description stuff I could probably chop back and hone, but the plot stuff was really necessary… I do like a challenge though. Maybe it’s worth it in this market of tight word counts for new authors. I’ll have more chance touting a 120,000 word and 110,000 word paranormal romances together than a 158,000 and 110,000 word ones.

Off to sort out my schedule. Poor Ascension is never going to get edited at this rate!

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