Talking Tuesday – Character Q&A With Sable from the Eternal Mates Series

Welcome to another installment of Talking Tuesday!

Every Tuesday, I’ll either be answering questions myself, or posing questions to one of my characters from my paranormal romance books. All of these questions are submitted to me by my awesome readers at my Fang Club, a Facebook Group where I chat with my readers. Asking questions is exclusive to members of my Fang Club, so if you want to get in on the action, you’ll have to join the group.

This week, I had the task of posing questions to Sable, the oh-so-kick-ass mortal huntress in my Eternal Mates Series. You can read Sable’s romance in Claimed by a Demon King!

Talking Tuesday with Sable

Felicity: Welcome Sable! It’s nice to see you without your usual escort today.

Sable: *sighs* Thorne can be a little… possessive. It’s not a bad thing, but sometimes a girl needs her space.

Felicity: I completely understand. Well, it’s great to have you here to answer some questions from my awesome Fang Club members.

Sable: I can’t wait. Thorne’s been asking me all week what I expect to be asked, and I think he just wants to hear that all the ladies will be asking about him. I just kept saying they were bound to ask about Bleu.

Felicity: *clears throat* Well, his name might have been mentioned once or twice. Since you brought him up, why don’t we start with him? Kirsty Hatto is so good with these questions and always finds one to ask, and this time she wants to know whether you ever find Thorne and Bleu’s “friendship” trying? And also, do you ever get jealous of Taryn and Bleu?

Sable: *pulls a thoughtful face* Jealous? I’m not sure. Maybe a little… at times… but I’m so happy for him. He really needed someone to love, and after speaking with Olivia and Loren, I sort of realised what he was going through at the time everything kicked off and I felt bad. I should have noticed earlier how he really felt, and done something more supportive. I mean, I did sort of use Bleu to make Thorne jealous once or twice.

Felicity: You’re not the only one to use Bleu to make another male jealous. Vail still hates him a little because of what Rosalind told him. What about Thorne and Bleu’s friendship?

Sable: It’s developing. They went hunting recently, when Bleu came to visit and I might have pulled him aside and told him that Thorne needed to blow off some steam. Things have been trying for Thorne recently, and he’s been so busy and stressed out. I wanted him to have some man-time and convinced Bleu to go hunting with him.

Felicity: Oh dear… was it as bad as last time?

Sable: *gleefully shakes head* No! I was as shocked as you are when they came back unscathed… and laughing. Laughing! I felt sure I had died and gone to some weird sort of Heaven.

Felicity: It’s good to hear they’re getting along better. Speaking of Heaven… Ashley Couch wanted to know if you’re still hiding your wings from everyone, and are the angels still looking for you?

Sable: *blows out a sigh* Yes and yes. My wings are growing, but they’re still not fully developed. I’m learning to control them now, but I still feel sick whenever I bring them out. Thorne is a huge help with them and he’s so supportive. I bagged a good one for sure.

Felicity: I heard there are angels in Hell quite often these days. Things seem to be kicking off.

Sable: It’s certainly keeping them busy, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s fucking awesome because it’s keeping them off my back.

Felicity: I have more questions about your angelic heritage, this time coming from Tracy Benjamin who asked if you’ve fully unlocked your angel powers yet?

Sable: Far from it, I think. I mean, I get a little vibe every so often, and my ability to sense demons is stronger, but I’m a fucking long way from that angel who showed up wanting to take me with him. I’m still not sure what my powers will be when they manifest. I’ve been training with Aurora, the ex-angel at Vampirerotique in London, but even she can’t read me to see what my powers might be. I know they’ll be diminished because of my half-mortal blood though.

Felicity: Tracy also wanted to know what it was like it like leaving the mortal realm? She didn’t think she would be able to do it. Also, are you going to have a traditional wedding? Or just whatever it is demons do?

Sable: I married Thorne in the traditional way, with a small ceremony. I’m not really a white-dress woman. Marriage was never really on my agenda. Our ceremony was nice… in a demonic way. As for leaving the mortal realm, I still go back regularly. It’s a risk, but Thorne is always there with me, and I’ve learned a little of the demon tongue to help me. Turns out my half-mortal blood makes me tolerant of it, which is nifty. If any angels show up, I plan to spew every fucking word I know in that language until they’re so crippled from hearing it I can just flee. *grins* Or maybe kick them in the balls while they’re down and then flee.

Felicity: The second one sounds more like you. Natalie Muir asked me to ask you whether it was difficult to make the decision to leave Archangel and what do you do now that you don’t work for them as a hunter​?

Sable: I miss it in a way. It was hard, but it just wasn’t working out. I tried to split my time and continue my work with them, but I think we’re both treading very different paths now, ones that have forced us apart. Now, I spend most of my day training new warriors.

Felicity: So not much has changed. You’re still training people, still being a kick ass warrior, and rather than the mortal realm, you now protect a demon kingdom.

Sable: *nods* That about sums it up. *grins*

Felicity: Kathy Dela Cruz wanted to ask about how you’re finding being a queen? How often do you see Olivia? And have you learned the demon language enough to have a conversation with the widowed females in Thorne’s kingdom?

Sable: I see Olivia all the time. We’re inseparable you know? Thorne takes me to the elf kingdom every Saturday to spend the day with her, and Loren brings her to our castle every couple of weeks, and sometimes we force the men to take us topside to the mortal world so we can shop.

Felicity: Oh, I bet Thorne loves that… hiding his horns? Sheesh. He’s probably grumpy all day.

Sable: *laughs* I make it up to him when we get home. *winks* I’m getting off topic though. I thought being a queen would be… different. Regal bullshit, daintiness and fainting. That sort of crap. Turns out being a demon queen is more like what I was already used to. Thorne lets me be really hands on with the training and visiting the villages, and the garrisons. The warriors love it. They’re always mumbling about having a strong queen and how the other kingdoms envy them.

Felicity: Well, at least you get to continue doing what you love. You said you speak a little more of the language now and visit the villages. Do you meet with the widowed?

Sable: I do my part. I try to make sure the women have all the comforts they need and are able to raise their children without worrying about food or anything like that, but really, the demons take great care of the women and the kids. The whole community gathers around any of the widowed. It’s touching to see it.

Felicity: Sounds beautiful. I have a few more questions and then you can get back to Thorne. I’m surprised he hasn’t teleported in here to sweep you away yet! Angela Brungardt Caldwell asked what is the one thing you wish other people knew about you? What are you most afraid of? And what is your life motto?

Sable: I wish I could be honest and tell everyone that I’m a half-breed, but I worry about how the demons in the wider kingdom will react. Thorne’s close guard who witnessed my change on the battlefield know, but have vowed to keep it a secret until I’m ready to tell everyone. They seem okay with it, which gives me hope. The thing I fear most… angels taking me from Thorne, or something happening to Thorne… I don’t think I could live without him. I’m not sure I have a motto or anything… but as a huntress, before going into battle, we used to jokingly say to live the day like it’s their last… a way of sort of buoying ourselves up to believe it’s the enemies last day, not ours. Thorne has a motto I like, and it sounds poetic in the demon tongue, but funny when you translate it as it comes out as something like, make them eat your boot.

Felicity: It sounds very Thorne. I think I’m done, so I suppose I should let you get back to your queenly duties and your king. He’s probably desperate to have you back.

Sable: Ah, I’ll just pet his horns a little and he’ll be fine. He’s a kitten really.

Felicity: More like a lion, but okay… if you say he’s a kitten, we’ll write it on the record that he’s a kitten. He’ll love that.

Sable: Oh gods, don’t… I’d get into so much trouble. You know the macho-bullshit demons embrace. I’m out of here before I get myself in deep shit. Laters!

Felicity: Laters! Take care of that big’ol’demon of yours… I’ll have to interview him at some point.

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