WIP Wednesday – Unchained by a Forbidden Love Update


I took a break from writing Unchained by a Forbidden Love to treat myself to a little Staycation back in September, but now I’m back at it and I’m making progress on Fuery and Shaia’s book in the Eternal Mates series.

Progress is slower than I would like, and I’ve been struggling a little. Sometimes, it’s hard for an author to constantly pump out words. I like to think of my creativity as a sort of tank. When it’s full, I have the fuel to go wild and go fast, and words flow effortlessly onto the page. When it’s empty, I find myself fighting for each word, and the energy to put them on the page.

With Fuery’s book, my tank is fluctuating between full and empty so quickly it’s dizzying! On Monday, I managed to hit my quota of 6000 words, bringing Unchained by a Forbidden Love up to 55,000 words in total and leaving me with 12 chapters to write. Yesterday was my day off. Today, I’m staring at the page where I left off and trying to muster some energy, a little bit of fuel in that tank, just enough to get my going.

My mind is all over the place right now, which isn’t helping. I’m not talking about the writerly things I have to do, like putting my newsletter together or checking the audio edition of Awakened by a Demoness. I’m talking, planting spring bulbs in my garden because the weather looks like it will stay dry and I have a stack of bulbs that need to go in ASAP, or planning our vacation to Canada that will be happening next spring/summer to celebrate my 40th (I’ve dreamed of going to Canada since I was small). It’s all there, tempting me to ignore that line in my planner that says I should write 6000 words on Unchained by a Forbidden Love today.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with real life getting in the way of doing the things you want to do / should be doing!

I think getting this blog post ticked off my list will help, but I feel finding my focus today is going to be a fight. I’ll find it somehow though, even if it’s only enough to write a couple thousand words.

Hopefully by my next WIP Wednesday post, I’ll be able to say I’m now at 80,000 words done…

Wish me words!

As always, my comments are open, and I’d love to hear from you!

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Hi Felicity Having 4 kids, a full time job an studying I can relate. Sometimes I have to push my husband to write (he’s an author as well) due to these everyday life happenings. The problem s that for the passed 3 months I have been severely ill and your books have been keeping me going at a lot of times when I was stuck in bed and I felt like all was lost. Every month I am counting down every day to your new releases (as I read all the others and absolutely loved it) when you have a… Read more »