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Today’s tease comes from the paranormal romance book Her Wicked Angel, which is the sixth book in my popular Her Angel romance series. Read on for this Tuesday’s tease…


Her Wicked Angel - paranormal angel romance Book


Asmodeus rested his elbows on the black railing behind him, tilted his head right back and stared at the colourful cloud-strewn sky, trying to figure out why he had received a hard slap as payment for protecting her from the male.

He wanted to understand this world and the protocols, and somehow find a way to learn the right reactions to situations.

He didn’t want to scare her away.

His senses shifted entirely to her, locked and focused, feeling her close beside him, her power wrapping around him like warm arms. She had felt soft and light when he had carried her, warm against his flesh. She had stared at him until he had been intensely aware of her gaze on his face.

On his lips.

He had wanted to kiss her.

He still wanted to even though she was full of light and purity, and she was so warm and friendly, filled with beautiful concern about everyone. Even strangers.

Even him.

He had never witnessed such good in anyone before.

It left him feeling there really was no good in him and made him wish more than ever that there were.

He had told her that he was evil and she had seen the darkness in him, the violence he was quick to embrace and the cruelty, but she had remained with him, asking him to take her somewhere else, somewhere quieter.

He had expected her to leave and she had wanted him to stay.

He didn’t understand her at all.

Asmodeus raised his left hand above him, stretched his fingers out with his palm facing the sky, and stared at it.

He had told her that he had no friends and she had held this hand, squeezing it against the railing and showing him compassion. Why?

There was no room for friendship in his life. It was a weakness. Good was a weakness. Affection was a sin. Compassion and care were flaws.

So why did he want to feel these things?

He didn’t. He clenched his teeth and his fingernails transformed into sharp black claws and his fangs lengthened. He had no weakness. No soft emotions to leave him open to attack. No vulnerabilities.

He felt Liora’s gaze on him and ignored her, struggling with his feelings and trying to subdue them again. He was wasting time here. He should take her down to the Devil and be done with it. All he was doing was worsening the punishment his master would deal when he returned with her, and he would return with her. The Devil would see to that.

He was weak.


Unable to fight his master’s orders.

The Devil had absolute power over him and eventually he would tire of waiting and command him to return, and Asmodeus would not be strong enough to fight that order.

“How long have you had Romulus and Remus?” Liora’s tone was soft and soothing, calming the growing tempest within him until it subsided and he forgot his fear and lowered his gaze to her.

New fear grew in its place.

He had never talked about himself to anyone before. No one had ever wanted to know about him, but she was genuinely interested and for some reason he was finding it hard to deny her. It was strange to talk to her about his life. Strange and dangerous.

It left him feeling uncertain and more on edge than the males who loitered in the square and were potentially a threat to her.

If she knew the things he had done and the person he was, she wouldn’t want to know about him anymore.

“Several centuries.” He kept his response short and before she could ask another question, he changed tactics on her. “Have you been a witch all your life?”

This was new to him too. He had never wanted to know about anyone before, but he wanted to know all about her.

She nodded, her chestnut waves bouncing against her shoulders. “Ever since I was born. I’ve lived with a coven the whole time.”

The area began to empty, the single males dwindling in number and the couples moving away into darker corners. Asmodeus tried not to look at them as they embraced or kissed.

Liora ran her fingers along the metal railing and her arm brushed his, sending a thousand volts jolting up it and through his body. His gaze whipped around to her and found her looking out at the city, not at him. He could have sworn she had been watching him a second ago.

“Are you as powerful as Serenity… or less powerful?” He couldn’t resist turning her earlier question against her, or staring at her. The streetlights illuminated her face, softening her features further. Her beauty entranced him.

She smiled, rosy lips curling slowly into it, and a light entered her eyes, a twinkle that he knew he had put there. He had never made anyone smile like that before and he found he liked it and wanted to make it happen again. He just wasn’t sure how. He had zero experience of being amusing or entertaining, unless you were the Devil. He could entertain his master no end by torturing demons for his viewing pleasure.

Asmodeus didn’t think that would entertain or amuse Liora.

“More powerful,” she echoed his earlier words and he found himself smiling at her.

Liora turned to face him, her left arm remaining leaning against the black railing, and held her right hand out in front of her.

She snapped her fingers and a glowing black rose made of light appeared in her hand.

She held it out to him and when he went to take it, she evaded his hand and brushed the soft warm petals over his bare chest. His heart thudded hard and the smile that had been working its way onto his lips dropped away. The air around him sizzled and the awareness of Liora he felt at times came back full force, flowing through him like electricity, coursing through his blood and making him hot all over.

Liora looked up at him, the action of tilting her head back causing her lips to part invitingly.

Asmodeus swallowed and fought the dark instinct to claim those lips and devour them.

Unless she wanted him to kiss her.

Was that possible? He had studied the couples in the area, and how they courted with smiles and laughter, and light touches that seem designed to arouse and excite the interest of their partner.

He wanted to kiss her.

No good would come of it though. It would only increase his desire to keep her from the Devil and fight his master’s orders, and it would only cut him when he failed and delivered her to that wretched male.

The black rose disappeared and her hand settled against his bare chest. It was shaking. She was nervous too, afraid of whatever this was that zinged between them whenever they were close.

Asmodeus raised his hand to cover hers and froze when a shiver bolted down his spine, hot and fierce, and the ground trembled.

“Conceal yourself,” he barked and she stared blankly at him. He cursed and cast a veil over her, and pushed her behind him at the same time, shielding her with his body and his black wings in case his spell failed.

A bright orange spot formed on the pale stone slabs before him and then forked outwards into a glowing fault line. The ground trembled again and the fiery line cracked open, becoming a fissure. Steam and smoke rose from it and the mortals in the area screamed and ran.

Liora shook beneath his hand that clutched her wrist but he could feel her power rising, growing in the face of her fear.

A Hell’s angel burst from the earth and beat his crimson wings.


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Her Wicked Angel - paranormal angel romance BookHer Wicked Angel
Felicity Heaton
The King of Demons and the Devil’s right hand man, Asmodeus is a dark angel born of evil and created for destruction. When his master orders him to venture into the mortal world and retrieve a female for him, he seizes the chance to leave Hell for the first time, uncaring of what the Devil has planned for her… until he sets eyes on the most beautiful woman he has ever seen—a female who awakens new feelings within his black heart, unleashing passion so intense that it controls him and desire he cannot resist.

He will not let his wretched master have her. She will belong to him.

Liora is a witch with a bad reputation and an obsession with fighting demons. A mission gone wrong sees her sent to Paris to cool off, but when a dark and deadly warrior with a gaze of golden fire lands in her life, she ends up burning hotter than Hell for the wicked angel. Nothing will stand between her and the immense, forbidding male. Not her cousin. Not Asmodeus’s sworn enemy and twin, Apollyon. And certainly not the Devil.

Caught up in a tempest of danger and soul-searing passion, can they survive against the odds and seize their forever after?

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