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Here’s your next excerpt from one of the books in this fantastic boxed set of paranormal romances.

Today, we have another excerpt from me! SEDUCE by Felicity Heaton.


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SEDUCE by Felicity Heaton

“Sera.” Antoine pushed away from the doorframe and Sera shook her head to silence him.

She knew what he would say. “I trust you, Antoine. You won’t hurt me. I want to do this.”

His pupils dilated, darkening his eyes with the heat of passion that said he wanted to do this too, but not because he wanted proof that she trusted him or that he wouldn’t flip and hurt her. It was the thought of chaining her up that had him reaching out for the restraints, taking them from her, and leading her into his room.

He closed the door behind them and Sera exhaled slowly, trying to expel her rising nerves. She had never allowed anyone to restrain her before, not in her human life and certainly not in her vampire one. Just the thought of being chained, especially by industrial-strength restraints like the ones in Antoine’s hands, handcuffs made for an ancient vampire, had her heart pounding and instincts kicking in. They told her to flee, to end this before it began. It was too dangerous.

She didn’t care.

She had to make herself as vulnerable as she could be in order for Antoine to accept that she trusted him and that they could be together. He needed to know that even when she was defenceless, open to attack and at his mercy, he could keep control and not let things go too far. If she could show him that, he might believe that the bloodlust that silently lay in wait in his genes was something he could master and he didn’t need to fear it.

Sera stripped off the borrowed shirt and set it down on the pile. Her gaze fell on the bundle of silk ties beside them and she lifted a black one, the material soft and sensuous against her fingers. Her heart flipped in her throat and her blood heated. She bit her lip. Mercy, she couldn’t deny the fluttering desire in her belly that said she was already asking Antoine to cuff her, she might as well go all the way and ask him to blindfold her too.

When she turned to face him, the black silk tie dangling over her hand in front of her breasts, Antoine raised a dark eyebrow. He looked as though he was going to refuse the whole affair. Had she pushed too far?

He tossed the restraints onto the crumpled red sheets on his bed and crossed the room in a handful of swift strides. She tensed as he snatched the tie from her fingers and stared at it, and then at her. She couldn’t meet his gaze at first, was too busy watching the way his fingers shook against the tie. He was nervous. That made two of them.

“Turn around,” he husked, voice thick with passion, roughened by desire.

Sera did as ordered, biting her lip the whole time. She tensed again when he stepped up behind her, his hips pressing against her bottom, and lowered his arms on either side of her head. She couldn’t take her eyes off the tie as he brought it towards her. Her heart began to race, adrenaline mingling with the desire in her blood, a dangerous mix that Antoine ignited with a kiss. He worked his mouth along her shoulder towards her neck, teasing her as he secured the tie over her eyes, stealing away one of her senses.

Her instincts kicked in even stronger now, other senses on high alert. She could hear Antoine breathing and although it was shallow and soft, it sounded heavy and rough, filling her ears together with the sound of Snow pacing his room and Lilah’s quiet giggle as Javier mumbled something in Spanish that sounded a lot like a curse.

Each brush of Antoine’s lips over her shoulder drugged her, drove her deeper into her desire. The bare whispers of a kiss were the worst, sending glittering sparks over her skin and her senses into overdrive.

“Come with me,” he murmured into her ear, his breath cool and teasing, melting her bones. She already felt too hot, burning from just the brief kisses. How would she feel when Antoine finally locked those heavy unbreakable cuffs around her wrists and ankles?

He led her to the bed, hands on her hips, guiding her through the darkness. She held her hands out in front of her, afraid of falling or hitting something. She trusted Antoine but she didn’t trust herself. Without her sight to guide her, she feared she would make a fool of herself.

“Use your senses.” Antoine paused with her, pressed a kiss to her shoulder and then lightly bit with blunt teeth.

She groaned. How could he expect her to use her senses on anything other than him when he was doing such things to her? The feel of his strong hands grasping her hips and his lips so close to her throat had every part of her locked onto him.

Sera expanded her senses to the room and her eyes widened behind the mask. Everything came back so clearly, outlined in her mind. Her memory of the room combined with the radar-like senses she had as a vampire gave her a clear image of where she was. She could have danced around the room blindfolded and not hit anything.

“Elizabeth needs to improve your lessons. Maybe I could teach you a few things. Would you like that?” Antoine kissed his way up her throat to her earlobe. He teased it between his blunt teeth. His words evoked images in her mind of him playing the role of teacher while she pretended to be his naughty student. Heavens. Just the thought of acting out such wicked fantasies had her soaked with need and moaning for more.

Sera ground her bottom into his groin.

A sharp stab of pain in her earlobe caused her to flinch.

“Damn.” Antoine was gone in a flash, leaving her alone and disorientated in the middle of the room.

Her senses reached for him and she was surprised to find him in the corner of the room.

“What’s wrong?” She pushed the blindfold up her head and flinched again, the room too bright for her sensitive eyes even though the lights were low.

Red ringed Antoine’s beautiful pale eyes.

Sera touched her earlobe and then stared at the trace of scarlet on her fingertips. Blood. She must have aroused him with her little grind against his crotch and brought his fangs out.

“Come kiss it better.” Sera crooked her finger.

He shook his head and it dawned on her that when he said he was afraid of hurting her, this was what he meant. He didn’t want to draw blood because doing so would push him towards the edge of an abyss, and falling into it meant succumbing to his bloodlust.

“You tasted my blood on the stage.” She frowned, trying to figure out the rules he had set for himself when it came to blood.

“An accident. I shouldn’t have. It was dangerous.”

“You can control it when you only take a little though?”

He scrubbed a hand over his face. “Yes, but the temptation to draw more, Sera… I wanted to sink my fangs into you when we were together on the stage… I still want to now.”

Sweet, sweet mercy, that sounded delicious. She wanted that too but the pained edge to his eyes said not to ask it of him because he wouldn’t give in to such a request. He was protecting her. Sera couldn’t be angry with him for that. She didn’t want to push him over the edge just to satisfy some personal itch to feel his fangs in her, taking her blood and opening a connection between them. The risk was too great.

The cut on her earlobe had already stopped bleeding thanks to her healing ability.

“What if I bit you?” she said and he groaned low and deeply, a feral hungry sound edged with pain, as though she was both arousing and tormenting him by suggesting such a thing. She wanted to know the boundaries so she couldn’t accidentally cross them. “You’re not the only one who gets an urge to bite when we’re together.”

“Sera,” he groaned her name, hot and husky, sending a flash of fire through her blood. She wanted to hear him say it that way as he kissed every inch of her, as he plunged his hard cock into her body and joined them as one.

“Can I bite you, Antoine?” Sera gathered her courage, overcame her nerves and ventured a step towards him. “I had a little taste too, remember? I want more.”

“Sera.” His eyes darkened, pupils eating up his irises. What remained of the blue gradually turned red and then the black circles of his pupils began to contract and lengthen, turning elliptical. His fangs emerged, pressing against his lips as he spoke. “I do not think I could keep control of my bloodlust if you did.”

“It isn’t bloodlust that makes you want to bite me, Antoine,” she whispered and stepped up to him, tilting her head back to hold his crimson gaze as it bore into her, hungry and intent. “It’s passion… desire. If it were bloodlust, you would want to bite me all the time.”

“I do.” Two dangerous words that came out rough and hard from between his teeth.

“No, you only want to bite me when you think about fucking me.”

He growled and his hands shot to her waist, dragging her into his granite-hard body. His mouth captured hers, rough and dominant, and she melted into him, loving just how possessive and fierce she made him. She pushed her hands up his strong arms, delighting in the contours of his muscles that exuded power and filled her mind with images of him using it on her in bed, and tunnelled her fingers into the shorter hair at the back of his head. He moaned with the first rake of her nails over his scalp and shuddered with the second.

Sera broke the kiss and moved her mouth to his neck before he could capture her lips again. She pressed her tongue into the vein and Antoine clutched her, pulling her hard against him, his fingertips sharp painful points against her hips.

“Don’t,” he whispered and he might have sounded more convincing had his right hand not left her waist and tangled into her blonde hair, pinning her mouth to his throat.

He wanted this as much as she did. There was nothing more sacred to a vampire than blood, and giving it to or taking it from another vampire was one of the most erotic, profound experiences they could have.

Sera’s fangs extended and she gave his neck one more swift lick so he had time to prepare himself and then sank them deep into him.

Antoine growled, the feral noise carrying an intoxicating cocktail of desire, bliss, hunger and danger.


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