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Here’s your next excerpt from one of the books in this fantastic boxed set of paranormal romances.

Today, we have an excerpt from ASSASSIN’S TOUCH by Laurie London.


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ASSASSIN’S TOUCH by Laurie London

The crimson tunic Rickert wore was simple and functional, yet elegant at the same time. Although it had none of the fancy embroidery or adornments that Lord Tierney’s or Rosamund’s garments sported, it fit his muscular torso perfectly, as if it had been hand-tailored. The hemline hit just below his natural waistline, right at the crisscrossed laces of the fine leather breeches—probably deerskin, if she were to guess—that stretched tightly over his—

Neyla coughed and attempted to put her mind into its former work mode: fabric, cut, and fit. When she’d tailored men’s clothing, she’d often kneel and hold her tape measure right at the crotch. She was used to examining and assessing various bodies simply as shapes, marking how much of the seam to take in or let out. Where to position a dart or tuck.

The leather clung to the curve of his thighs and butt with just the right amount of ease—neither too tight nor too loose. Whoever had made them was very skilled. Leather, particularly deerskin, could be tricky to work with.

Enough about the clothes, she told herself. God, she could get so distracted by pretty things.

She was sure of one thing, though. If she had any hope of getting back home, she needed to squelch her physical reaction to him and keep her wits about her.

Then she realized he now blocked her only escape, and she had nowhere to go but up. No wonder he was pleased. She’d made it easy for him. God, she could be such an idiot.

“And why should you care what happens to me?” she repeated.

He propped one boot casually on the step above him and rested a hand on the hilt of one of his swords, looking very much like the powerful medieval warrior he was. “I agree. It makes no sense.”

“Then why?”

He shrugged. “Perhaps I’ve been bespelled.”

She scoffed at him and yet her whole body went numb at the thought that he could be bespelled by her.

Before she could contemplate further, he said, “Keep going. It’s not far now.”

Soon, they stood in front of a wooden door with a large metal ring for a handle. After sliding back the bolt, Rickert leaned into it with his shoulder and pushed. The hinges creaked as the heavy door slowly opened. She wouldn’t be able to manage it easily on her own.

The first thing she spotted in the elaborately furnished room was the huge, curtained bed, piled high with quilts and pillows. An empty tub, half hidden by a curtain, stood in a far corner, and several large parchments—maps, maybe?—were scattered on a low table. The room was decidedly masculine. His bedchamber.

And now it all made perfect sense.

“Is this elaborate scheme of yours designed to get me into your bed?” She glanced around for some sort of weapon and spotted several glass paperweights in various colors holding the maps flat. Those could work. In college, she’d pitched on an intramural co-ed softball team and could throw a decent fastball.

“What are you talking about?” he asked.

She inched closer to the table. “Do you have an old-fashioned belief system over here that prevents you from shagging a woman you’re not engaged to?”

He closed the door with a bang that rattled her insides, and slid the bolt into place. Standing there like he had in the cave, taking up all the available space, he looked big and formidable. She was trapped. This was it. And she’d just provoked him.


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DARK AND DANGEROUS is available in e-book from:
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