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Today’s tease comes from the book Prophecy: Dark Moon Rising, which is the third book in my popular Vampires Realm romance series.

Read on for this Tuesday’s tease…

Prophecy: Dark Moon Rising [book 3] - paranormal vampire romance Book

Prophecy looked up and frowned at the mansion in front of her. It wasn’t hers. Her eyes dropped to her hand and she saw the red magic lazily encircling her fingers. They moved to her chest and she touched the faintly glowing star there.

Had her heart brought her here?

Deep inside, she was scared. Her heart feared and the magic had responded to it by bringing her here to Valentine.

Walking along the perimeter wall, she eventually came to the gatehouse. She remembered the last time she’d been here and wondered if the guards would remember her.

They blocked her path as she approached and when their eyes filled with fear, she took it as a yes.

They remembered her. Seeing your friends killed was probably a hard thing to forget.

“I’ve come to see your lord,” she said in her most confident tone.

They didn’t budge at first; they just stared at her with hard, cold eyes. When she tensed her jaw and narrowed her eyes, they stepped to one side. She didn’t bother thanking them.

Entering the house, she ignored the looks she got from all the people who had stopped to stare and searched for Cornelius. If anyone knew where Valentine was, it would be him. There was a jostling amongst the people and then Cornelius appeared. He hurried forwards, the quick motion causing his blond hair to fall down over his eyes. She suppressed the smile that wanted to spring onto her lips when he continually pushed it out of his face, only for it to fall back again.

“Lady Prophecy,” he greeted her in an out of breath voice.

“Is Valentine home?” She kept her voice steady and smiled gracefully when Cornelius nodded and held his arm out to one side.

She followed him through the house, her eyes constantly scanning the faces of the people she passed. They all seemed unnerved to see her and she wondered if Valentine had told them about the ball yet. She wondered something else too.

“Um, Cornelius?” she said.

He stopped and turned to face her, his brows raised into an expectant look.

“When Valentine came back last night…” She tried to think of the best way to broach the subject. “Did he mention the ball?”


“Did anything happen?”

Cornelius started walking again and she fell into line beside him.

“He killed an elder who spoke out against your family.”

“Oh,” she said and struggled to keep up with him. He seemed in an awful hurry. “Is that why they’re all scared of me?”

“They think you’ve come to finish the job, but they should really be worried that Valentine will.”

“Why?” She stopped when he did and looked at the door they were next to.

“He’s in a terrible mood. Excuse me…I’ve…I’ve…got matters to attend to.” With that, he was scurrying off down the hall as fast as his legs would carry him.

She stared at the door and considered leaving, but then she remembered what Venturi had said.

When this war started there wouldn’t be time for anything.

She knocked on the door and then turned the handle, not waiting for an answer. Walking into the room, she closed the door behind her and flicked the lock. There were no lights on in the room, but the pale silvery light of the moon made up for that as it streamed in through the window. Valentine was standing on a small balcony outside. Both of the glass doors to it were open. His shadow stretched long across the floor to where she stood.

She watched him for a moment, studying the sweeping curve of his bare back while he stared at the world outside. His head was tilted slightly upwards. Was he staring at the moon and the stars? Her eyes followed the strong line of his arm to his hand as he raised it. He gripped something in it. It glinted in the light.

A bottle?

He swigged the contents and when he lowered it again, she could see that it was half full with a clear liquid. She frowned, struggling to make out what the label said where it was partly obscured by his hand.

Did he even know she was there?

“What are you thinking?” she said quietly, breaking the silence.

His back tensed. He brought the bottle up again and drank more of the liquid.

“You,” he said in a low voice full of so many different emotions that she didn’t know what to make of it. There was anger in there, but affection and hurt too. His fingers tensed around the neck of the bottle and she flinched, waiting for the glass to give way under the pressure. It didn’t. He lessened his grip and his shoulders sagged. “That devil of a Tenebrae.”

She wondered if he could see everything without having to be there. Walking towards him, she stopped as she reached him and ran her hand up his back. Her eyes traced his profile while he drank again. She caught a glimpse of the bottle’s label. Vodka.

“Does that even help?” she said. “It takes a lot to get drunk.”

“I do not wish to get drunk. I just want the pain to lessen.”

Guilt settled in her stomach and she fought hard to remind herself that she’d done nothing wrong. It was all Venturi’s fault, not hers. Although she had affections for Venturi, she would never act on them. She loved Valentine too much to hurt him.

Taking the bottle from him, she swigged it and then placed it down on the desk beside her. She turned him to face her. He looked beautiful bathed in soft moonlight. It played on his bare chest and shoulders, highlighting his defined muscles with glowing silver lines.

She smiled. “I can ease the pain.”

His eyes dropped to her body and there was a flicker of hunger in them. Heat settled in her stomach when he placed his hands against her hips and shifted them upwards, pushing the bottom of her camisole up so his fingers were brushing against her bare sides.

“What did you have in mind?” he whispered in a husky voice that had no trace of anger or hurt left in it.

Her smile turned coy. “Seducing you.”


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Prophecy: Dark Moon Rising [book 3] - paranormal vampire romance BookProphecy: Dark Moon Rising [book 3]
F E Heaton
An enemy with unimaginable power and vampire houses locked in an ancient blood feud threaten to tear Prophecy and Valentine apart as they fight for their lives and their future.

With the gathering storm on the horizon and a dark evil on the rise, Prophecy and Valentine try to join their vampire bloodlines, but their attempts to form an army leave them more vulnerable than ever. As the tension between the families and, more dangerously, between Valentine, Prophecy and Venturi escalates, defeat seems inevitable.

In one decisive move, the enemy seizes power over Prophecy and she fears her terrifying visions are coming true and she will lose everyone she loves. Death, destruction and danger surround her, and only a miracle can save the world now.

As the dark moon rises, will Prophecy find the power to avert an apocalypse and fulfil her extraordinary destiny, seizing her forever after with Valentine?

The dramatic conclusion to the Prophecy story, Prophecy: Dark Moon Rising is a gripping tale of love and war that will take hold of you, set your heart racing and not let you go until the very last page.

Available in e-book from:
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You can get your hands on the first book in this series, PROPHECY: CHILD OF LIGHT, for FREE right now on selected Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Apple iBooks Stores. Find out more at my Paranormal Romance Ebook Offers page.


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I'm a NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY best-selling author writing passionate paranormal romance books as Felicity Heaton and F E Heaton. In my books I create detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons! If you're a fan of paranormal romance authors Lara Adrian, Larissa Ione, Kresley Cole, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan then you will love my books too.

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Pamijo Perkins

I loved all of your Vampire Realm Romance Series. I read the first one after I had gotten it for free. The others followed so quickly, I had no idea how much I had spent, and that I was finished with the series. I miss them so much. Anything else coming?