WIP Wednesday – How does a wicked angel kiss? Just like this… sneak peek!


Since I don’t have a cover for the next Her Angel romance series book, HER WICKED ANGEL, and won’t have one for a while, I’m sticking with using one of my warning signs. I did make this one with Asmodeus in mind.

I ended last week on 17000 of this book written in first draft. So far this week, I’ve bumped that up to 36550 words. It was nice breaking the 30,000 word mark, which should be around 1/3 of the book. It’s slow going with this one. I’m building my focus but I’m easily distracted at the moment and not working at my normal speed because I have less outlined for this book so I have to write and think a lot at the same time. That really slows me down. I think there’s something else holding me back too, and maybe that’s a sense that this one won’t be as good as Her Demonic Angel. It’s going to be hard to top that one. I’m think it might be as good as Her Guardian Angel. I wish I had time before I write these books to read over the series. It sucks that I don’t get that sort of luxury. My schedule is just too demanding.

I don’t think it’s a lack of pace or tension that’s making writing this one feel as though it’s dragging. We’ve had a few altercations and fights in the book already, and stuff is happening, and Asmodeus and Liora are growing closer. I just left them on the verge of doing the nasty for the first time, which should definitely be an interesting scene to write.

I’m really not sure what’s slowing me down. I want to stick with saying that it’s the thin outline I have for this one, but my muse is saying that it’s something else. Something more. It’s all stuff that I will fix in the second draft, layering in the details and boosting the drama, but it still leaves me feeling concerned. I think it’s really that feeling of concern about this book that is probably slowing me down. I’m feeling a bit on edge, a bit like my writing sucks right now, and a bit drained and up against it because I’m behind my deadlines, and that makes me doubt the book. Ah, I’ve not missed that feeling. I’ve had it with Unleash, and with Her Demonic Angel, and with other books. The more I write, and the more readers love the books, the more pressure I feel. I need to get used to it and get over it, and then get on with it.

The stupid thing is, I’m sure when I read this book over, I’ll think it’s fine and wonder what the heck I was worried about. It has big drama, big tension, big emotion, and a bad-ass hero and bitching heroine, and what I’ve read back so far is perfectly good.

Why don’t I let you be the judge of it and share a snippet?

Here’s a teaser from the book so far… all first draft because I’m only just writing it so forgive any errors…

Asmodeus nodded. “I will feed you and take care of your needs.”

Liora bit her lower lip and tried not to jump on that one, but she failed dramatically. “All of my needs?”

He blushed again but quickly recovered. His golden gaze darkened with desire and she shivered under the intensity of it.

“All of them,” he growled and swiftly stood and closed the gap between them.

He brushed the knuckles of his right hand across her face, tunnelled his fingers into her chestnut hair and grasped it tightly. Liora gasped when he tugged her head backwards and banded his other arm around her, holding her immobile and powerless. His hungry gaze fell to her lips. He growled again, a husky feral sound that thrilled her, dropped his head and kissed her hard, devouring her mouth and dominating her. She melted into him, helpless against the force of his kiss and the pleasure that swept through her in response.

Liora ran her palms down his bare chest and pressed her short nails into his pectorals. He growled into her mouth and kissed her harder, his tongue tangling with hers, stoking her own passion until she battled him for dominance and could think only of satisfying her incredible need for her powerful wicked angel.

Asmodeus tightened his grip on her long hair and snarled as he deepened the kiss, taking all of her, driving her into submission. She went willingly, allowing him to master her and take the lead, letting him pour out his passion and feeling it flow over her.

This was the passion she had felt leashed in him.

Passion she had awakened.

Passion she would unleash.


What do you think?


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Julie Tinkler

WOW!! That was one HOT snippet, can wait to read the whole book, I’m loving Asmodeus he’s one HOT Angel

Felicity Heaton

Julie, I think things are about to get hotter in the chapter following this moment too!

Kim Rae

Sweetie, you’re not a machine. It doesn’t matter if fans are screaming for books. They’re not your employer. So do what you need to be at your best to do your best. Readers will be there when you’re ready to release it, whenever that is.

Felicity Heaton

Kim, I think sometimes readers/authors view me as a machine because of the words I can output when I’m in the zone. I know what you’re saying though. I just haven’t had the inspiration or excitement to really race through this one. I’ve been labouring over it, mostly because I’ve not had a very detailed outline for many of the scenes. I’m sure it’ll still be ready around autumn though.

Felicity, don’t doubt yourself lovely… HWA will be awesome I’m sure!! Your books are fab and we will love this book as much as the rest. Don’t stress yourself with deadlines and dates – the books will be out when they are out . We’ll wait and get your stories when you are happy and ready for them to be released!! Love this snippet… If that’s them having a snog gods help us when they get down to doing the nasty!!!!! 😉 Liora sounds like she’s gonna be a great character – a real minx!! Funny, but given what we… Read more »
Felicity Heaton

Thanks Tracy! Oh, Asmodeus blushes alright. It just takes the right situation to get him going. He’s mostly still blushing from something that happened earlier in this same scene. This is him living out a blistering kiss that he’d imagined earlier in the book but missed the opportunity. I think at this point, he’s beginning to get comfortable around his little lady.


Love it! No pressure from us though- we were patient enough to wait for Snow’s story! I’m really excited to see the bad guy find some good! Have faith, it’s going to be awesome!!

Felicity Heaton

Thanks! I’ve re-read the book so far now and not sure why I was so panicked about it. Considering I’m only a 1/3 of the way in after all… I’m gaining some faith and having fun with Asmodeus. So bad, yet there’s a pretty shiny gold heart beneath that black exterior.