Interview with Venturi from my Vampires Realm series

It’s time to welcome the dark and devilishly handsome lord of the Tenebrae vampires in my Vampires Realm series, Venturi, into my lair.

Venturi first appeared in Prophecy: Child of Light, which is book one in the Prophecy Trilogy, and was one of the lead vampires in book two and three of the trilogy. He has also made appearances in other Vampires Realm stories, such as Seventh Circle and Spellbound, together with Prophecy and Valentine. More recently, he showed up in Masquerade, which is due out in May 2012.

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(Venturi stalks into the room, a sour look on his face. As he enters the sphere of light emanating from the fireplace beside me, I notice the cuts and bruises on his handsome face. He slumps into the black velvet armchair opposite me and frowns in my direction.)

FH: It’s good to see you again, Venturi. I can see that things have been just as busy as Prophecy and Valentine said they have been for you. Did you pick up those wounds defending the gate?

Venturi: The gate is a pain in my backside. (he scowls) I am tired of having the wretched thing in my home. Each night and day we are fighting to contain the creatures trying to come through the breach. It is draining. I rarely get a chance to leave the castle. They need me there. Whenever I am lucky enough to be able to get away, it is never long before I am called back. (his look brightens) You mentioned Prophecy. She is here?

FH: (smiles at him) Yes. She came with Valentine for the weekend. You must miss her when you’re stuck in Romania?

Venturi: I do, deeply, but my role there is an important one, not only for vampirekind. It is your people I am protecting with my life too.

FH: I could remind you that you were once one of us.

Venturi: (laughs) Many long centuries ago. I have forgotten my life as a human with good reason. When I was human, the world was a dark place even if you were lucky enough to be rich. There were so many diseases and plagues. Even the slightest scratch could end your life. Modern humans do not know how lucky they are.

FH: Not quite as fortunate as vampires. You enjoy invulnerability that we could never even dream of achieving. I can’t think of a disease that can infect you.

Venturi: Only Nox Noctis. (his look darkens and he combs the tangled threads of his overlong dirty blond hair from his face) That is a plague that we could live without. It is possible for us to contract that devastating sickness and there is little chance of coming back from it if it seizes hold of us.

(Nox Noctis is a terrible disease that can turn vampires and werewolves into mindless demons who are not only a danger to others but also to themselves. They’re just as likely to shed their own blood because of the madness that grasps them)

FH: Perhaps we should move onto a brighter subject. You were able to attend the recent centenary masquerade at the Venia mansion. That must have been nice considering that you’ve been stuck at your castle in Romania. Were you able to see Prophecy there?

Venturi: Yes, we met there. I came straight from a battle and she was kind enough to tend to my wounds for me. I do not think Valentine appreciated my presence. Prophecy had not seen me in many long months and she slipped up, forgetting her place. Valentine made his anger known and I cannot blame him. If Prophecy were mine and she danced with Valentine without my permission, I would have reacted the same way. We deserved to be punished for our actions. I am only glad that he did not take things further than merely reprimanding us before the gathered bloodlines.

FH: It must be very difficult for you to hold back when you’re around her these days because you’ve been intimate with each other in the past, but I understand why you don’t want to push Valentine too far.

Venturi: It is better to allow him to set the boundaries and seek his permission and have what little I can of Prophecy than to cross the line and have Valentine take away his approval. As her mate, Valentine is perfectly entitled to revoke the rights he has granted to me and Prophecy. I do not want that to happen. I do not want my touch to cause her pain or to suffer seeing her and knowing I can never kiss her or be near to her again.

FH: You make me want to come over there and give you a big old hug when you look so solemn and as though your heart would break if that ever happened.

Venturi: (smiles to reveal sharp fangs) I would not say no to a little comfort.

FH: (holds my hands up and shakes my head) Not that sort of comfort. We’ve been through this before. I’m not on the menu. (searches for a way of changing the subject) Prophecy and Valentine mentioned that they might come to help you with the gate problem. The three of you working together again. That should be fun, right?

Venturi: I am certain it will be interesting. I would not call it fun though. The gate is very dangerous and both Valentine and I do not want Prophecy anywhere near it, but she has been having visions about it and it is impossible to keep her away from something like this when she has set her mind on it.

FH: I’m sure that between you and Valentine you can keep Prophecy safe. You managed it at the centenary masquerade.

Venturi: I would give my life to keep her safe. (he glances towards the door)

FH: I can see that now you know that Prophecy is around you want to get away from me and see her. I’ll finish up on a few fun questions. What’s your favourite colour?

Venturi: Black.

FH: And your favourite smell?

Venturi: The woods near my castle in autumn when the leaves are falling and the first frosts come.

FH: Your favourite possession?

Venturi: I cannot think of anything I truly possess as mine alone. Actually, I have a sword that Prophecy gave to me. I sometimes think it is enchanted.

FH: It wouldn’t surprise me. Favourite thing to do?

Venturi: After we have subdued the gate and locked it down so the castle is secure, I like to return to my room and telephone Prophecy. Hearing her voice is comforting in the aftermath of a battle. It takes away the pain.

FH: And finally, what’s your favourite time of year?

Venturi: Autumn. The air is full of new smells and the nights draw in, and there’s often frosts that make the castle grounds sparkle like diamonds. It is a beautiful time of year.

FH: Thank you for coming to talk with me today. I’ll let you get on now, I’m sure you’re eager to see Prophecy while I have you away from your home, but don’t forget that you need to come back to answer any questions that readers leave for you!

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F E Heaton
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When the truth about her is revealed, will Prophecy be strong enough to face it? Will they discover a way to save the world from Hell? And will they finally see past the hatred bred into them by their families and surrender to their love?

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REMEMBER: If you want Venturi to answer your question, leave it in a comment on the post and I’ll pass it on to him and he’ll answer it for you.

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