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Well, it’s been an eventful week, but at the same time, not very eventful. Time seems to be slipping away from me at the moment and my motivation is hitting a low spot. I have so much that I need to do, that it sort of piles up and then overwhelms me. I have decided that it’s not easy having releases only 4-6 weeks apart. I’ll have to address that next year. I just don’t feel as though I’m putting enough into promoting each separate book. As soon as a new one come along, I forget to promote the previous one. Bad me. That’s not the way to sell books!

I was distracted from my work last week because Reunion was listed as FREE at and, so I was promoting that when I probably should have been continuing to promote my paid-for releases like Love Immortal, Hunter’s Moon, and Ascension. All three are available in e-book and paperback now.

This week, I spent the Monday and Tuesday doing the initial read through of Her Guardian Angel, the fourth book but the first novel in the Her Angel romance series. On Wednesday, I inputted all of the changes I’d noted down on the book (I read on paper initially as it gives me a better experience during this phase when I’m supposed to read as a reader would, not an editor or writer) into the word document, so it’s ready to go. There’s over 100 comments to address, but most of those are about repetition of words / thoughts / feelings. I also have some smoothing out to do in the latter half of the book, and I want to change the ending to make it more dramatic. I’m not sure if this will be the finale of the series, or whether I’ll write another novel for it. I do have a character in mind for another novel or novella, but I need to take stock of the success of the series. I guess if Her Guardian Angel sells well and people make positive noises about wanting another or liking the character I have in mind for it (who appears in Her Guardian Angel), then I’ll probably write the next book.

I’m also trying to decide what to write for December. I have a release slot penned down on my schedule. I was thinking about writing the next Shadow and Light Trilogy novel, which will follow on from Ascension and track the progression of Lealandra and Taig’s relationship. I could also write the next Vampire Venators series novel. Both require some world building. It definitely won’t be a Vampires Realm series book as I’ve had two of those this year. Don’t worry, I’m hoping I can write two more Vampires Realm stories for next year. That’s the downside to series. I have four on the go at the moment (well, that I’m actively working on anyway), plus another two that I want to start, one of which is my seven book Hades’ Boys series. With all those series to balance, it’s difficult to keep my schedule in order. I think next year will definitely be very series-orientated, even though I have a few stand alone paranormal romance books that I want to write.

I did manage to get some downtime this week. Husband and I went out yesterday to the cinema and watched Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in 3D. It was good. Probably up there with the best movies I’ve seen this year. Definitely blockbuster material, and Johnny Depp was fantastic as usual. Did some shopping afterwards and went to Yo! Sushi for scrummy pumpkin korroke and doroyaki.

Today I should be working on the second draft edit for Her Guardian Angel, but I’ll spend it writing blog tour posts as that’s quite a weight pressing down on me and I’d like to get a whole bunch of them written and sent off so they’re not playing on my mind and I’ll be able to focus on my edit.

Oh, and I started my 500 Blog Follower International Giveaway this week. We’ve reached around 330 followers now, and I’m thrilled by how quickly my followers have risen and touched by the effort some readers have been putting in to help me spread the news about this giveaway. You guys rock, and you rock hard!

I’ve also had a great review or two for Ascension, and my other novels. It’s great to get reviews coming in for them. I’ll try to take snippets of them soon and add them to my website for everyone to read. Sometimes it’s difficult to get a good snippet though.

Wow, this has turned into a long blog post.

What shall I write for December?

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