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Werepanther Romance Ebook

I was prattling about this morning and then got booted off the computer by the hubby. Instead of doing what I should have done (read someone’s story) I wound up thinking of a ultra-hot Werepanther romance ebook I want to write.

I’ve written a paranormal werewolf romance ebook, but this will be my first werepanther / shapeshifter story.

And it’s going to be hot!

We’re talking sizzling, sultry, hotter than the surface of the sun, hot!

The tension between the two characters is palpable. Add to that the steamy dreams they both have, and the real-life encounters, and you’ll all be melting into a puddle of gloop when you read it. Hopefully I’m going to kidnap Maria at some point to get her to read it and tell me whether its trash or not. The Muse certainly loves it. He’s given me 5000 words of it today in just 2.5 hours. That’s Muse working ultra-fast for the sexy story. I must have been really concentrating.

Well…time to get my mind off it and get a bunch of stuff done for Alinar.

*phew* it’s hot in here!


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