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WIP Wednesday – A New Series, Plus Updates on Bonded By Blood and Unleash

Bonded by Blood - Vampire Romance Series by Felicity Heaton


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about my writing projects and what I’ve been doing. I’ve been super busy trying to catch up with everything after coming back from my holiday. It’s taken longer than expected, and I’m still not fully caught up yet. I’ve had to drop some of my regular blogging in favour of just keeping on top of other things, and I’m still behind!

I have been able to get some work done on two of the projects I was meant to be working on over the past week and a half, plus I added a new project to that work schedule too.

I don’t exactly need a new project right now, but I’m glad this idea came to me and I’ve had fun exploring it. I’m going to keep exploring it too. I don’t have a name for the series just yet, but it involves a world full of different dimensions, a whole cast of fae species from humans to demons and angels, to elves, vampires, shifters, werewolves, and lesser known fae species, plus demigods and demigoddesses, and sorceresses, etc. I already have around 18,000 words of notes for the series, and solid ideas for the first three books. I’m torn between the first three heroes too and really love their heroines, which is unsual for me. Normally, it’s the heroes who are in control when I’m planning books, not the heroines. They tend to keep quiet and let the man do the talking. These heroines have been really brash, chatty, and pushy. It makes a change, and it’s a nice one. I like being able to have scene ideas from both the hero and heroines POV, and having a clear image of the heroine in my head in terms of her personality, history, etc. Like I said, it doesn’t happen often. The train station in my head is normally filled with a lot of testosterone filled males trying to push me around. I rely on the muse to keep them in line. I’m not sure the muse knows what to do with the trio of women in my head. He’s wary of females, because they don’t often want to play poker with him, unless it’s in the strip sense. My muse tends to subdue impatient heroes with poker. He has little skill or experience in subduing females.

I’ve also been working on the Bonded by Blood series for my agent. The first book is shaping up but so much about the series is still unclear to me. I think that it’s always this way for me when I’m trying to plan a series that has a linear story arc running throughout all the books. I need to know roughly where it’s going in each book and what gets revealed, what we learn about the overall plot of the series and the antagonists. It is much harder to plan a series where the books are linked in that way. I think that’s why I have three clear novel plots for the new series I mentioned above, but I’m struggling with this one. The new idea isn’t a series linked by a single plot arc. It’s more like Vampires Realm, and it’s linked by the world. That’s what I’m used to writing and it always offers more scope. I can bounce around tackling different ideas and plots, with the option of linking them up to other books if that’s how the book wants to go. Bonded by Blood is more like my Guardians of Hades series that I’ve been working on in that it has a single antagonist behind the plot that will run throughout the series, and it’s a slow reveal as to who that person is. It does take a lot more thinking, planning, and general brain power to pull the whole series together, and you have to know how it’s going to go for at least the first three books and what will happen in the end.

The other book I’ve been working on is Unleash, which will be the sixth book in my Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series and is Snow’s book. Did I hear screams of joy then? Who threw those panties?

Yes, I’ve been trying to cajole Snow into telling me all about his romance and what happened in it. He’s been quite elusive, which isn’t like the big fella, but we’re slowly piecing together the outline of his novel. The trouble is, it’s likely to be longer than I had originally planned (surprise, surprise! what is it with these boys? They always want a longer book than I want to give them) so it will take longer to write and edit to near-perfection. I really wanted the book to come out in April for my birthday, but the calendar is telling me that is nigh on impossible when I factor in my commitments to pulling together the Bonded by Blood series for my agent, and working on the outline and first drafts of other stories I want to release in 2013, such as the next Her Angel book and maybe another Vampires Realm story, although that series isn’t doing very well for me right now, so I’m not feeling inclined to write it at the moment.

I’ll be lucky if Unleash will become available in May or June. I can’t really set a date for it at the moment. I know you’re eager for the book, but I won’t put anything out there that isn’t ready to be released. Patience. As soon as it’s ready, it will come out.

It doesn’t seem I’ve been making much progress of late does it? I’ve been all over the place and lacking focus, but I’m pulling it back together now and I think that by the time the New Year rolls around, I’ll be back on form and whizzing through these projects!


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WIP Wednesday – Guardians of Hades Book One (paranormal romance) sneak peek excerpt

I’ve had a few people ask about what’s happening with my Guardians of Hades series that I was chatting about so much on my blog recently. Well, now that I’ve spent the better part of my day printing driving routes and maps for my impending trip around New Zealand, I can get back to work and update you all on this paranormal romance series all about seven very sexy Greek gods, who just happen to be the sons of Hades and Persephone, and are our only hope of surviving some cataclysmic event that is about to happen…

I’ve completed the first draft of the first book, which features the second eldest brother as the hero. Originally, I was writing this series with a view to pitching it to my agent and then having her tout it around NYC trying to find a home for it. That changed when I realised that I am extremely attached to this series. I’ve been working on it for 4 years already and I don’t want to see it altered in any way from how I envisage it. The trouble is, if a publisher decides after three books that the series is no longer for them, they will probably make me change things about it to have it end at book three, or four, or whatever. This is a seven book series and I would be gutted if it was cut short or altered from my vision in any way. So, I’ll be keeping it firmly in my hands and most likely self-publishing it instead, as I know I can get it to run to all seven books that way. I am now writing the Bonded by Blood series for my agent instead.

If you’re wondering when the first Guardians of Hades series book will come out, I’m currently aiming for a release date of late 2013 as I want to write the second and third book before I release the first book, and have them released one after the other. If you have any questions about the series, please don’t be shy! Feel free to ask them in the comments section or drop me an email.

Here’s a snippet from the first draft to keep you all excited about this series…

Continue reading

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Works in Progress – Updates on Vampire Erotic Theatre and Bonded by Blood paranormal romance series

I can’t believe that it’s already November. Where did the year go? It’s incredible and feels as though it was January just yesterday and I was planning what I would be doing this year. Of course, I hadn’t expected my plans to change so dramatically because of having an agent interested in representing me! That was a nice surprise.



I’ve just completed the second draft of Bewitch and I know some of you are eager for this book to come out. I would love to get it released sooner than the anticipated January date, but unfortunately I’m away for a few weeks in November, so I won’t have the book done in time. I solemnly swear that it will be worth the wait and that it will come out in January 2013. I know, it seems like a long way away, but look at just how quickly this whole year has gone. January will be around in no time at all!

I’m always aware when writing any book in the Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series that I have to keep upping the stakes, the drama and the heat. I think the reader reviews make that very clear to me as each time you guys are talking about how this book was the best and topped the others. I really hope that you’ll all enjoy Bewitch as much as you’ve enjoyed the first four books in the series, Covet, Crave, Seduce and Enslave! It’s a bit longer than the others, and a bit dark at times, and also a little bit more wicked. I don’t normally go in for writing the naughtier side of passion, but Payne is just that kind of guy. Blame it on his mixed genes. Expect some light BDSM stuff in this one. It’s not full on, mostly some bondage and a little pain/pleasure.

In other Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series news, I’m currently working with a German translator on Crave and Seduce and I hope we’ll have them both available on Amazon and other stores before the end of the year. We will then be translating Enslave into German, and hopefully we’ll get Bewitch done too. Covet is already available in German. Links to Begehren are available on the Covet page.


Bonded by Blood - Vampire Romance Series by Felicity Heaton


I’ve also been spending time over the past two weeks writing down ideas for my new vampire romance series, Bonded by Blood. I’m writing Bonded by Blood for my agent, the wonderful Jenn at Spencer Hill Associates. I’m really hoping that I can get together the outline for the first book, Blood Lust, and the series arc for the three books, plus the required material by the new year and hopefully it will go down well and we’ll be able to go ahead and start doing the rounds with the series to see just who in the publishing world might want it. It’s been great thinking about the book and delving into the idea I had for the series, and I have almost 10,000 words of notes for the first book and the series. I don’t want to rush formulating and exploring the idea, but I think I almost have the first book figured out in my head. It’s complicated, as always, and packed with passion, and sexy vampire warriors.

Of course, the minute I finished editing Bewitch, I picked up my husband’s cold. Now I’m under the weather and not feeling like working, but I’m doing my best to soldier on so I don’t fall behind in my schedule before I go away in a week’s time.

When I get back from my vacation, I’ll be finishing Bewitch and then working on the Bonded by Blood series, and then it will be time to plan Unleash, which will be Snow’s book in the Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series.

Excited about the new stories and the new series? If you have any questions about any of my books or my series, or future releases, please don’t be shy. Ask any question you want in the comments section and I’ll be sure to answer it!


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What am I working on next? Vampire Erotic Theatre series and Vampires Realm series

Now that I’ve completed the first draft of the first book in my Guardians of Hades series, I will be shifting my focus back to my vampires and in particular my two series: Vampires Realm and Vampire Erotic Theatre.

I’m sure many of you are pleased to see those two series mentioned here under the heading of what I’ll be working on next. I have three books to write for these two series. Two of the books are in the Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series, and the third book is the next novel in my Vampires Realm romance series that I write as F E Heaton.

I don’t think I really need to say whose books I will be writing for my Vampire Erotic Theatre series. First up will be Payne’s book, Bewitch. I’m focusing on convincing him to talk to me at the moment and tell me about his life, his love, and his romance story. The more I talk to Payne about his story and listen to what he has to say, and also listen to his heroine and what she has to say on the matter, the darker this book becomes. I hope you like a little edge to your romance. I’ll try to rein Payne in a little, but the guy has a lot of trauma in his past and he’s seriously screwed up beneath that cool exterior. I’ll reveal all in his book, but right now I will admit that he’s going to challenge both Antoine and Snow when it comes to who has the most traumatic life. Expect fireworks from Payne’s book. We’re heading into the fae underworld and Payne is going to have to face his demons if he wants to return to Vampirerotique with the item he set out to find. The witch he meets is going to drive a hard bargain, and it’s one that might just break Payne and destroy them both if they’re not careful. I don’t think his little witch realises just how hot the fire she’s playing with is… but she’s going to find out!

I’ve also been listening to Snow a little over the past few weeks. Snow likes to bend my ear whenever I have a moment to spare. Snow’s heroine is also quite quick to take advantage of any down time that I have. It’s unusual for a heroine to be so communicative. I always find that it’s the heroes who talk the most and the loudest, and the heroines tend to be the quieter, calmer character. I think it’s because I often write romances focused on the hero rather than the heroine. It’s often the heroes story and the heroine is almost the secondary character. I’m fairly certain that there are some readers among you who are excited to hear that Snow has been quite communicative about his story and we’re already working on the outline for his novel. I think Snow’s heroine is so chatty about him and herself because she’s known him for a long time.

The other vampire romance book I’ve been writing down ideas and scenes for, and talking to the hero and heroine, is in my Vampires Realm series. I’ve been chatting to Tor and Eve, who will become the hero and heroine in Hunger, which is the next Vampires Realm novel. Tor doesn’t really say much so I have to bleed him dry whenever he risks talking about himself. He’s very closed off and distant, but I’ve managed to get some interesting information out of him regarding his past and his future too. Eve is another talkative heroine. Readers familiar with the Vampires Realm series may already know that she’s: a) Lilith’s twin sister, and a vampire now; b) Has been found by their vampire father; c) Was mentioned as being with Tor in Masquerade. Addicted readers of the series will probably have already read the short scene I wrote as a flash fiction (a scene under 1000 words) with Lincoln and Tor. I really think that readers are going to love Tor. He’s damaged goods, a lone hunter for his bloodline, has serious darkness in his past, and is treated worse than a dog (or a werewolf) by most vampires in his bloodline. He’s loyal, strong, lethal, and as likely to kill you as he is look at you. I can easily see him stealing some hearts during his book.

I will hopefully start writing Bewitch next week once I have the outline completed. When I’m done with the first draft of that book, I will probably start writing Snow’s book, Unleash, or will at least plan it before I edit another book.

Are we all excited about the books I’ll be working on next?


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Vampirerotique Summer Book Tour – What’s next in the Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series?

Today, I’m going to talk about the series and what’s in store for you all. It’s my final date on my tour, so it makes sense to end it on a “what’s next?” vibe.

First, I need to introduce you all to the world of the Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series.

The series focuses on the world of Vampirerotique, a theatre that hosts performances for a vampire-only audience and entertains them with erotic acts between vampires and their human thralls. The theatre is run by four vampires, two of them from elite families, Javier and Callum, and two of them from an aristocrat family, Antoine and his older brother Snow. There are also two vampires who have come in to help run the theatre, and those are Andreu, who is Javier’s younger brother, and Payne. There are humans who work at the theatre, all of them owned by a vampire master, bonded to them by blood. Humans outside this small circle are unaware of the existence of vampires.

Covet, the first book in the series, introduces readers to the world and to the hero who had the initial idea for the theatre together with his fellow elite, Callum. Javier is a sexy Spanish vampire who has spent the past century running the theatre with the others and lives the life of a bachelor and has little interest in romantic entanglements, until he set eyes on Lilah. Lilah is an owned human, sent to work by her master, and the laws dictate that a vampire cannot touch that which belongs to another without breaking that law, sentencing them to death and paining the human. Javier fights his desire for Lilah for two years, unaware that she’s fighting her feelings too, until fate brings them together in a private box during one of the erotic performances. Covet is the ultimate forbidden love story and it will have you flipping pages at lightning speed so you can find out how it all ends!

Next in the series is Crave. In Crave, we follow Callum to Paris. Callum’s role at the theatre is sourcing performers and he’s come to the city of love on business, not for pleasure. When he sets eyes on a gorgeous woman in a nightclub, he tries to fight his dark desire for her but resisting her is impossible. His carnal hunger for a woman most vampires would see as an enemy, a hot sassy werewolf named Kristina, will leave you panting for more.

Antoine, the younger aristocrat vampire owner of Vampirerotique (only around a thousand years old), finds himself the target of a calculated and merciless attack on the defences around his heart in Seduce. Sera, a beautiful young elite vampire, has been watching Antoine since she first attended the theatre with her sire and now she is determined to chip away the ice that protects his heart and set him on fire, and she’ll do whatever it takes to gain an audience with him, even get on the stage herself and act out a private performance for his eyes only. Seduce is out now!

Seduce also introduces two new elite vampires, Andreu and Payne.

Andreu, the younger brother of Javier, steps into the world of Vampirerotique bent on learning all he can about it and taking it with him when he leaves to return to Barcelona and start his own erotic theatre. He’s a man who is all business and he’s determined not to fall in love like his foolish brother, but when he finds himself faced with a challenge in the form of a sexy succubus, Varya, he can’t help feeling that determination isn’t going to save him from a fall after all. Enslave is out now!

After those four stories have set your hearts on fire, I will be luring you all back to the theatre later this year with the next book in the series!

First up is Payne’s story, Bewitch, where the young elite vampire travels into the fae underworld searching for a way to help Varya and Andreu. Chasing leads isn’t his style, especially when most of them are dead ends. His final shot at helping his friend is a witch who seems to be immune to Payne’s enigmatic charms, and she wants something in return. But her price is something that Payne cannot give her because to do so he will have to embrace a side of himself he had long wished didn’t exist and face a past he cannot forget.

Book six in the series belongs to the man all hearts have been waiting for if you go by the reviews for Covet, Crave and Seduce, and even Enslave!

Snow, the older brother of Antoine and a man afflicted with a vicious bloodlust, will be making hearts melt in his story, Unleash. On the verge of losing his sanity, Snow’s battle with his affliction has intensified and become one of life and death. When a woman capable of taming his darkness appears in his bedroom, Snow must face events in his past he had long forgotten and atone for his sins if he is to find the strength to unleash his heart and win her love. But when those he loves come under threat, he must decide whether to fight for his family and lose her forever or fight for love.

I hope you’ll all follow the series and the romances as they unfold at Vampirerotique!

Be sure to follow this fantastic tour between June 28th and August 25th to learn more about the passionate heroes, wicked heroines, and life at London’s premier vampire erotic theatre! You can also find yourself in with a chance to win a $50 or $25 Amazon Gift Certificate if you follow the tour. More details, including how to enter and a full list of stops, are available at the Vampirerotique Summer Book Tour page.

Leave a comment on this post and enter the giveaway on the tour page in order to gain points. Just let me know you commented on this specific post by pasting in the URL into the extra information box.

Covet, Crave, Seduce and Enslave are all available in ebook from Amazon Kindle stores, Apple iBookstores, Kobo Books and other retailers. Covet, Crave and Seduce are also available at Barnes and Noble Nook store. Covet and Crave are also available as an anthology paperback, and Seduce is available as a solo paperback. Excerpts are available for all of the current releases in the series, so you can get a taste of these wicked erotic romances.

Books in the Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series
Covet (Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance Series Book 1)
Crave (Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance Series Book 2)
Seduce (Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance Series Book 3)
Enslave (Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance Series Book 4)
Bewitch (Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance Series Book 5) – Coming soon!
Unleash (Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance Series Book 6) – Coming in 2013!

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Working on Her Demonic Angel (Her Angel romance series book 5) and Enslave (Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series book 4) among others

It has been a while since I did an update post on what I’ve been doing.

The past couple of week’s have been rather busy, as always. I was working on the second draft of Her Demonic Angel, the fifth book in the Her Angel romance series. I fixed everything that really leapt out at me during the initial read through of the long novel. Some of it was hard work and required serious thinking and slaving over to get it right. As usual for me, it was the ending that had the most problems and needed the most work. It’s always difficult when it’s the ending, because it’s there hanging over my head during the edit and I want to race forwards to fix it right then and there, and that never works out for me. It’s better to flow through the story and then fix things as I come across them, because then I’m clear about what has happened and things that have already been said and done. The last thing you want to do is fix the major problems and then go through the book and realise you’ve contradicted something you already said or did in the story and you have to fix things all over again.

After completing the second draft of Her Demonic Angel, I began work on the final edit of Enslave. Enslave is the fourth book in the Vampire Erotic Theatre series. I’ve just completed the initial read through and now I’m going to find any notes I had scribbled down and check that I addressed everything in the second draft and that none of it needs addressing in this edit. I don’t think it does, but it’s always best to check. Since Enslave is only 35000 words, back to the length of the other novellas in the series, and since it’s in good shape, it shouldn’t take me too long to get this edit done.

In non-writing work, I’m putting together a huge Vampirerotique Summer Book Tour that will run from June 28th until August 31st. Yes, that’s a very big tour. There’s a reason for that though. I toured with Covet back in February, but didn’t tour with Crave, which I released in March. Seduce comes out this weekend (excited?) and then Enslave comes out on August 4th. So, I’ll be touring with all four books, and all six heroes… yes, Snow included. It’s going to be a fabulous tour as I’ve ordered in some fantastic swag for the giveaways. I haven’t decided what the main Grand Giveaway at my blog will be. I’m not sure whether it will be a Kindle again, or perhaps something different.

I’ve also been busy getting release stuff ready for Seduce, and planning other stories. My muse has been quiet recently. I’m not sure why. I think he’s feeling the pressure to perform a little, so I’ve been letting him rest. He’s started to bounce around again now though. Just yesterday, he decided to talk to me about a new series I have in the works which will be werewolf romance spanning six novels, Hunger (the next Vampires Realm book), Bewitch (the fifth Vampire Erotic Theatre series book) and other new stories that I can’t really talk about right now.

It’s all very hush hush…

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News about Seduce and the Vampire Erotic Theatre series, plus my 2013 release schedule

Firstly, I don’t like this new Blogger dashboard. It’s just not intuitive for me and posting takes so much longer now, and it’s a pain to get from writing a post, to viewing my blog.

Now that little grumble is out of the way, on to the good stuff.

I’ve been hard at work this week, which has been less of a challenge than I expected considering that I’ve just returned from three weeks off galavanting around Europe. I like that word. Galavanting. It’s wholly underused (even in its other variation, gallivanting). I had thought I would be slow to get back into work again but the lure of polishing a book had been chomping at the bit to get to work and it was annoying having to do the whole catching up with emails, interviews, etc, thing that often happens when people return to work from a holiday.

I’ve been polishing Seduce, the next book in the Vampire Erotic Theatre series, and it has been an absolute pleasure. Antoine is really going to make you melt in his story and I think he’ll be claiming a few hearts among you all. Snow shows his true colours, in both extremes, his darkness and his light. It’s a real emotion-fest, full of passion and temptation, and wickedness, and some revelations that will have you aching for both Snow and Antoine.

And now I’ve almost said too much. I don’t want to give away any juicy details but it’s hard because I do love to share everything about my books. I don’t want to spoil the book for everyone though, so I’m zipping my lips. You’ll just have to read it when it comes out in June, but you will get a good Snow fix from this one… although it might just leave you gasping for more and panting for his book.

Next on my agenda is figuring out how to maximise my promotion efforts. I’ve been tinkering here and there with them, but I haven’t been totally committed to my marketing work and have often slacked off in favour of writing, editing, or just procrastinating on Facebook and Twitter and chatting to everyone. I think it’s something all authors suffer. We just want to write write write and play with our characters and series, but we have to do the harder work too, and sometimes it sucks. Sometimes my energy gets so low that I can’t face promoting my books. It’s so easy to get disheartened when you see no comments on posts you’ve made, or book tour stops, or the only time you get people to come out of their shell is when you’re running a competition… and it’s doubly disheartening when you see other authors doing tremendously and being everywhere at once. At times like that, it’s difficult to muster the enthusiasm for marketing. You just want to hide in your cave and write. I’m sure many authors out there know exactly what I’m talking about. We shouldn’t judge our success by measuring it against how others are doing, but we do.

I’m putting together my writing and editing schedule for the rest of the year soon and hoping that I can stick to it by allowing enough time for each project. Normally I underestimate or cut it close to the bone, so I’m determined now to make a schedule that allows for the odd off-day here and there.

One of the positive things I’m taking away from today is that my ENT (ear, nose and throat) appointment went really well and at the moment it looks as though I won’t need another operation on my ear. It’s a relief as I hate being knocked out and my husband hates it too. I think it gets to him worse than it does to me as he has to be awake while I’m in the operating theatre, waiting hours for me to come out from recovery.

I still can’t believe I had an ENT appointment today and still managed to get my polish of Seduce finished today, a whole day early. I guess I have been sitting in Starbucks for 6 hours solid though, so I shouldn’t be surprised. I did reward myself for my stunning focus today (normally I get sleepy drowsy periods every hour where I just yawn a lot and get all hazy… the perils of being a writer and having to focus for long periods, especially when editing, where the danger is that it just turns into reading) and lack of procrastinating by having a skinny mocha. Yum. I don’t need the extra calories but who cares?

Next week I’m going to be working on Enslave, and then the next project is the second draft of Her Demonic Angel. I’ve been writing down editing notes and ideas for both of these stories over the past few weeks, and have plans for how to improve them and really crank up the heat and the tension. I’m on a real high with my books at the moment, feeling really positive because of all the love the releases this year have been getting, and I’m hoping it continues as I write Bewitch and Unleash for the Vampire Erotic Theatre series, and then figure out what needs to be written next for release in 2013. I’d love to get another Her Angel series story out and two more Vampires Realm series novels. Yes, it’s going to be another five releases year.

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