Her Demonic Angel (Her Angel Romance Series Book 5) – Second Chapter Excerpt!

With the release of Her Demonic Angel, the fifth book in my Her Angel romance series, happening very soon, I thought I would lure you all in with a moment in the hero’s head.

The hero in this one is Veiron. If you’ve read Her Guardian Angel, then you’ll probably remember the scarlet-haired Hell’s angel with a heck of an attitude. Now you get to know him, and I’m sure he’ll probably end up surprising a lot of you!

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Now, on to the second chapter of Her Demonic Angel. Enjoy!


Her Demonic Angel
Felicity Heaton

A demonic angel with a heart of ice, Veiron walks a dark path with vengeance on his mind. Nothing will sway him from his mission to destroy his master… until he risks his life to enter Hell once more to save a mortal female. The fiery beauty makes him burn with hungers he must battle and needs he cannot deny, tempting him to surrender body and soul to her.

Erin is convinced her refusal to do the Devil’s bidding will see her die in a terrifying realm straight out of her nightmares. The last thing she expects is the lethally sensual warrior who breaks into her cell and awakens the darkest desires of her heart and a fierce longing to know the heat of his caress.

Pulled into an incredible world where war is set to ignite and darkness is on the rise, Erin races with Veiron to escape the Devil’s legions in a journey fraught with danger and filled with passion that flares white-hot.

When Erin is faced with a life-shattering realisation and an extraordinary destiny, will their love give them the strength to battle both Heaven and Hell or will they be parted forever?

Her Demonic Angel – Chapter Two

Veiron stalked through the dense humid jungle, cutting a path through the bracken with his broadsword. Marcus had better have a damn good reason for dragging him out to such a hellish place just to speak to him. Veiron growled when another insect stuck him with its pointy end and slapped his hand down hard on it, killing it and leaving a small red spot on his tanned skin. What had happened to the good old days of meeting on a nice sunny and remote island? He didn’t like it in the jungle as it was and this one was high on his list of areas to avoid.

There was a gate to Hell here.

He had spent the past year and a half avoiding the gates to Hell, unwilling to get himself caught by making such a rookie mistake. The Devil wasn’t happy about Veiron’s rebellion and wanted him to pay in blood for disobeying him by assisting Amelia and Marcus in their fight against the eternal game that Heaven and Hell was playing with her, and them all.

Amelia was the current reincarnation of the original angel. The only female angel in existence. God had given her too much power and the Devil had tampered with her creation so her soul had been born in Hell. She had led men to sin and to war with each other. God had killed her but angels were immortal. Her death had only triggered her reincarnation.

That reincarnation saw her born in the mortal realm as a human. Under normal circumstances, Heaven and Hell allowed her to live her life as a mortal and die as one. Things changed when the planets came into alignment. Then, the two realms proved just how sick and vicious they could be.

Heaven sent Apollyon, the great destroyer and one of the angels of the Apocalypse, to kill her and awaken her in her angel form. Then, it was all hands on deck in a race to be the first to get their mitts on her. Heaven won most of the time, using Marcus to capture the errant female angel and bring her to the altar in Heaven where she would be sacrificed, her blood used to seal Hell for centuries.

Veiron had won a few times.

For him and Marcus, it didn’t matter who the victor was. They both died whenever she did because her death reset the game. Veiron was reborn as a guardian angel along with Marcus, only he was destined to fall into dispute with Heaven and to fall into Hell shortly following that.

He never had a choice.

Neither did Marcus.

Both of them were pawns in the game. Heaven and Hell forced them, and other angels like Apollyon, to do their bidding against their will.

At least Marcus and the others forgot everything that happened to them when they were reborn. Veiron generally had a few centuries of peace as an angel, oblivious of everything he had done in his past lives, before he fell and pledged himself in service of the Devil.

When that happened, he remembered everything. He remembered killing the female angel and spilling her blood, and dying himself, or the countless times Marcus had been the victor and Veiron had dropped dead somewhere. He didn’t want to remember the terrible things he had done and how he’d had no choice other than to do them. He didn’t want to remember that it was going to happen all over again because Heaven had agreed with Hell that the terms of their eternal game would include him being the Devil’s pawn.

He hated Heaven for that, but not as much as he despised Hell.

Veiron hacked at the undergrowth, tempted to blast it out of his way with his power to unleash some of his rage. He couldn’t risk it though. It was dangerous at the best of times to use his power. The Devil could use it to pinpoint his location and send his army of angels after him. At the worst of times, like the one he was currently experiencing, it would be a grand mistake. This close to the gate, the Devil would easily sense him if he used even the barest slither of his power. Fuck, he couldn’t even use his wings or his spear to get him to his destination. He was reduced to wading through a hot, sweaty, disgusting jungle using a mortal weapon.

Veiron snarled.

Marcus had better have a damn good reason for dragging him out here into the middle of nowhere.

The sun began to sink lower, the dense jungle around him darkening. He checked the GPS device Marcus had mailed to his hotel in Rio de Janeiro. Still miles to go. Veiron huffed and tucked the small dark grey device back into the pocket of his black jeans. His feet ached.

He grunted.

Flying would be sweet right about now.

Another insect bit him and Veiron barely stopped himself from taking his sword to it. So what if he lost an arm? It would be worth it to stop the little fuckers from feasting on his blood. They were getting worse with each minute.

He paused and raised his arm, glaring at the mosquito. It flew away before he could flick it off him. He hoped the fucker got sick from drinking his demonic blood.

Veiron growled and stalked on, trying to rein in his temper. Even that would get him noticed if he wasn’t careful. All it took was his eyes to change, revealing his demonic side, and he would pop up on the Devil’s radar.

He wasn’t sure how much more of this lying low crap he could take. The past eighteen or so months had been torture and he was close to hauling arse down into the bottomless pit in Hell and having it out with the Devil face to face.

What a bloody way to go.

The Devil would take him down before he could even step within forty metres of him. His master didn’t tolerate insubordination and helping the enemy was probably punishable by an eternity of torture.

Veiron’s death would be endless.

The light faded. Veiron stopped, sheathed his broadsword in the case strapped to his back, and rifled around in his small black backpack. He shoved past his folded up leather jacket and grabbed the flashlight. He clicked the button. It didn’t come on.

Just great. Stuck in the middle of Hell on Earth, being eaten alive by bugs, in the dark. He shook the Maglite and looked down at it as he clicked the button again. It came on, blinding him, and he swung it away. White spots winked over his vision.

Veiron sighed and leaned back against a tree, resting there with the torch pointed at the floor. He tipped his chin up and looked through the canopy to the inky sky beyond. It was alive with stars. The only times he had seen this many were when he had visited the island where Marcus and Amelia had remained hidden until recently.

Heaven didn’t have night. It was perpetual daylight there. Hell had a roof over it.

This was the one reason that he envied the mortals. They were able to see such beauty on a grand scale if they only looked up.

Well, this and alcohol. Heaven forbade such substances in its environs. Hell made a wicked form of liquor that could burn the roof off the top of a man’s mouth and leave them unable to taste anything for a week. It wasn’t quite the same as mortal-made alcohol. Mortals knew how to live it up. A million different flavours and none of them designed to knock you dead after one shot.

He could use a shot of something right about now.

Veiron untied his long flame-red hair, raked his fingers through the sweat-soaked strands, and then tied it back into a ponytail, the bells on the end of his leather thong jingling as he did so. His black t-shirt and jeans were equally damp and uncomfortable, and his army boots felt as though someone had poured a bucket of water into each one.

Why the Devil had Marcus chosen such a horrible fucking place as a meeting point?

He was going to wring the angel’s scrawny bloody neck when he eventually found him.

Veiron drew his sword from his back, clutching it in his right hand and the torch in his left, and trudged on. Nocturnal creatures of all sizes crossed his path during the trek, took one look at him and scattered into the jungle. Wise animals. His stomach grumbled, as though he needed the reminder that he hadn’t eaten in too long. He doubled his pace, crashing through the undergrowth, uncaring that the sound of his movements carried for miles through the night.

Anyone around here looking for trouble was welcome to come and try him on for size. The mood he was in right now, he would slaughter them.

The GPS device bleeped, signalling that he was close. He checked it again, juggling it and his flashlight. Very close. A few hundred metres now. He shoved it away and trekked onwards, and clicked his torch off when an orange glow cut through the trees ahead.

The undergrowth thinned and a small clearing came into view. Marcus sat on a log, the fire in front of him and his bare back to Veiron, exposing the elaborate blue-grey wings engraved on his shoulder blades. Veiron grinned.

He crept forwards, his sword ready to strike. This would teach the former angel for making him come out here into this godforsaken jungle. Marcus would probably jump higher than Heaven when Veiron tapped him on the shoulder with the sword. His grin widened.

Something cold pressed against his throat and he froze.

His dark eyes slid to his left.

Amelia stood there, dressed head to toe in black combat gear, her small dagger held to his Adam’s apple. She smiled and her grey eyes brightened, but the fatigue and worry he could see in them didn’t lift. The past year and a half had been difficult for her. It had been difficult for them all. He had never seen her so on edge before though. Had someone found them and tried to kill her?

Both Heaven and Hell had been quiet since Marcus had fallen and joined with Amelia, allowing her to become his new master, endowing him with the same silvery unusual wings that she had, a mixture of feathers on top and leathery dragon-like membrane on the bottom half, and the same incredible powers.

“Been training?” He pushed her arm away, removing the blade from his throat.

Marcus didn’t look back at him. He prodded the fire with a charred stick. “We heard you coming from miles away. Subtlety is not your forte, is it?”

Veiron shrugged and slid his broadsword into the sheath on his back.

He walked into the clearing, dumped his backpack on the leafy ground and undid the leather straps that ran under his arms and held the sword case against his back. He let it drop to the ground next to his backpack and sat on a tree stump near the fire. Small insects drifted too close to the flames and fizzled out of existence. He faced that sort of end if the Devil ever got his hands on him.

“So… what the fuck am I doing in the middle of the Amazon, close to a gate that spells certain doom for me?” Veiron looked from Marcus, with his silver-blue eyes and stoic expression, to Amelia, deciding she was the easier target and the reason Marcus had requested his presence judging by the feelings she wasn’t bothering to mask.

She sat down on the log opposite him, her black clothes blending into the darkness beyond her but her silver hair making her stand out. It was up tonight, tied back in a tight ponytail like his. She looked as though she was enjoying the humidity of the rainforest as much as he was, so why had she chosen this as the location for their latest meeting?

Marcus wore similar black fatigues on his lower half, his own black shirt laying over the log to his left. His bare muscular chest bore the scars of a recent battle and there was a thin dark line cutting across his jaw.

“Why do I get the feeling we’re in a whole heap of shit?” Veiron said and Amelia stared at her feet. “Is someone going to tell me why I’m here, or do I have to beat it out of Marcus?”

He grinned at Marcus when the black-haired man glared at him, his pale eyes dark and daring him to try.

Marcus cleared his throat but it was Amelia who spoke.

“I need your help.” Her soft voice drifted across the crackling fire, conveying every ounce of worry that he had seen in her eyes. “I want to go myself but Marcus won’t let me.”

“Go where?” He didn’t really need to ask that question. Cold realisation sank deep into his gut. They were close to one of the gates to Hell for a reason, and it was one he really didn’t want to contemplate. Amelia had to have a damn good reason for wanting to go into Hell and Marcus had to have an even better reason for making her call in a favour from him.

“I can’t leave her there.”

Her? He looked at Marcus. The ex-angel sighed, lifted his gaze away from the fire, and looked across at him.

“The Devil has her sister,” he said, voice laden with a mixture of anger, concern and fear.

“I can’t leave her there, Veiron,” Amelia whispered and tears lined her grey eyes. Not the waterworks. He could handle anything but a crying woman. “Marcus won’t let me go and I’m afraid that if he goes alone, he won’t come back… or he won’t be able to find Erin. Please… I know I’m asking a lot of you but I need someone strong who knows Hell and won’t rouse suspicion. I need her back.”

Fuck, what was he supposed to say to her? Sorry, Love, I’m not interested in saving your dear little sister from the Devil and getting myself killed in the process? He was only alive because Amelia was. If she went down into Hell, she would get herself killed by the Devil or any of the other million vicious creatures that had orders to separate her head from her body by any means. If that happened, it was game over and he would wake up a guardian angel again, unaware of everything that had happened in his past lives and destined to fall and remember it all.

Still, he really didn’t feel like venturing down into the bowels of Hell on a suicide mission to save a woman when he was high on the Devil’s shit list himself. Everyone was looking for him, both up here and down there. The slightest mistake on his part and his former colleagues, the army of Hell’s angels belonging to the Devil, would be coming after him to haul his arse in for the crime of assisting Amelia and Marcus in their battle against the game.

“Please, Veiron?” Amelia whispered again and he couldn’t stand seeing the tears in her eyes. She had already been through hell because of this vicious game and had almost died by the hand of her lover, Marcus. She deserved to live, and so did he.

They all deserved some peace.

Veiron closed his eyes and huffed.

“Fine. I’ll take a trip to Hell,” he said and he could almost hear Amelia smile, could sense a glimmer of her relief and hear her heartbeat pick up.

“Thank you,” she said and he looked across the fire at her and shook his head. There was no reason to thank him.

He hadn’t promised that he would find her sister and bring her back in one piece.

He had only said that he would make the journey to Hell.

Whether it would be a one-way trip or not was yet to be seen.

It felt like a suicide mission to him.

Her Demonic Angel will be landing early, and will hopefully hit bookstores tomorrow!

I hope you all enjoyed the excerpt!


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