Her Demonic Angel – First draft progress and an introduction to the hero and heroine!

I should have updated my blog earlier about my progress on Her Demonic Angel but I’ve just had one of those weeks where it’s been one thing after another and I haven’t really been in a writing mood. I was off on Monday, having a day with my husband, in which we managed to watch three movies at the cinema. Impressive! I was so tired by the end of it and had to drive back in fog and icy conditions. Not fun.

Tuesday my husband was at home and I can’t concentrate when he’s around, so I didn’t write. Instead I filled my day with making adverts for websites and dealing with everything else I normally neglect in favour of writing.

Wednesday I was finally able to get back to writing but it was a strange day as I spent most of it at the hospital waiting on my appointments ahead of my next ear operation this month. Not fun, again. I make a point of never reading while I’m writing as I find I’m easily influenced by what I read and end up writing like someone else. I had been reading over what I had written of Her Demonic Angel and I had another 30 pages to read post-ear-appointments so I felt it was safe to stick my nose in a book on my phone. I was there so long that I had read 60% of the book by the time I was free to go.

I hit the cafe and finally wrote the first love scene in Her Demonic Angel. I always find the first love scene is the most difficult one to write as it establishes the whole dynamic between the couple when it comes to lovemaking. This one was pretty deep, quite primal and very sexy.

I finished reading the book I had begun in the hospital over breakfast this morning, getting it out of the way, and hit the cafe to get some more writing done. I feel I’ve been quite slow with this book. A little out of sorts and unsure over the past few writing outings to the cafes. I’m second guessing everything I write and that isn’t like me. I need to get my confidence back a little. Reading the book back normally does that for me and I do feel it’s pretty damn good so far, but I’m still a little on edge about it. I feel I’m being really slow but when I finally stopped writing, I had done 11000 words. Sure, it was over a 6 hour period, but it’s still a fairly good word count for the day. I’m now at 53000 words in the book and things are really taking shape now and some pretty huge stuff as happened, and is about to happen too. I have 8 more writing days available before my ear operation takes me out of action for a couple of weeks. I have to get other stuff done too, but I think I can get this book completed in first draft and that will be a weight off my mind. I’m sure my slowness and weird feelings are just because I’m feeling quite stressed by the short and looming deadline, and my impending operation.

I promised to share some Veiron teases in this blog post, so I’ve dug out some very Veiron moments. I’ve also dug out some very Erin moments…

Erin first…

Erin’s better judgement said not to but she slipped her trembling right hand into his and stepped away from the edge. She looked up into his eyes. They glowed red around the edges and in the centre too, highlighting his wide pupils. His gaze locked with hers and rocked her with a jolt that reached right down into her soul.

“What’s your name?” she whispered, captivated by his eyes and lost in them. They had more power over her than the Devil’s had. She wanted to stare into the flaming depths for all eternity.

“Veiron,” he husked, his warm breath caressing her face, and Erin’s senses came alive, lighting up like an electrical storm. His masculine scent of dirt, aftershave and fresh sweat filled her nostrils. The warmth of his hand clasping hers heated her right down to her bones. The sound of his voice made her blood burn to hear him speak again. Her gaze delighted in discovering every tiny fleck of fire in his dark irises. The only sense left was one that cried out for a taste of him.

She might be losing her mind, but she knew without a doubt that she wanted this man.

And Veiron… his scene is a bit longer, because I’m loving this former good guys internal debates. He’s so fun to write. He’s with Erin in a small cave, and she’s confessed she always has nightmares when she sleeps, so she doesn’t want to sleep.

“You didn’t have a nightmare when you were in my arms.” He wasn’t sure why he put that one out there. Tormenting himself? He was the big bad hero who chased away little Erin’s nightmares and made everything right. Her knight in tarnished armour. Yeah, right. It didn’t matter what he did. As soon as she realised he was one of those bastards she hated so much, it would be game over and goodbye Veiron. Kill it before it started. It was the only way to save himself.

“I didn’t. Can I sleep next to you?”

“Sure.” Way to resist and keep that all necessary distance between them. What was it about this woman that had him going against his better judgement?

Erin moved closer, flashed him a tired but grateful smile, and settled on her side with her head on his thigh. Hell. He warned the part of his anatomy that she had chosen to snuggle up right next to not to get ideas. Those dirty thoughts spinning out of control in his mind were not going to happen.

Do not touch her. Do not lay a hand on that smooth but dirty slender arm of hers and stroke it to see if her skin felt as soft as it looked. Do not.

Veiron ran his fingers along the length of her arm.

“Veiron,” she whispered, his name like ambrosia to his aching soul as it fell softly from her lips. “I can’t sleep. Talk to me.”

“What about?” Any subject but himself. Keep it professional. Keep some distance. Any subject but himself.

“About you.”

“Sure.” Fuck. Why didn’t he smash his fist through his ribcage and tear out his heart right now to save himself the inevitable pain in his future?

“Are you fallen?”

He grimaced.

“You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to,” she said and tipped her head up, rolling slightly onto her back so she was looking at him. “Tell me if I’m being too nosy.”

He didn’t want to answer it, and she damn well was being too nosy.

“I am,” he said rather than refusing her and wished she would go to sleep. He shouldn’t have woken her. He should have tried to carry her down the slope. He might have made it to the ledge even with her extra weight rather than tumbling into a volcanic abyss.

Veiron looked down at the bubbling flame-filled plain below. Fiery painful death was beginning to look good but dying was off the menu. Not going to happen. Death meant rebirth, and rebirth meant a return to Heaven and forgetting everything until he fell again.

Did you enjoy your Erin and Veiron moments? Looking forward to the book now? I’d love to know!

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