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Just a reminder as we draw closer to the holidays that fans of my Felicity Heaton Facebook page can read an exclusive seasonal vampire romance short story! The story is based on my Vampires Realm series and catches up with Prophecy, Valentine and Venturi.

Here’s a snippet of the story. If you want to read the rest, go to my Facebook fan page and LIKE it, and then click on the Exclusive Content link in the left menu below my profile picture!

Mistletoe Kisses

Prophecy trudged along the frozen gravel drive, her toes and fingers numb and burning, and her heart as heavy as her eyelids. As if the past month spent fighting demons back so they could temporarily close the gate to Hell in Venturi’s Romanian castle hadn’t been tiring enough, she had told her driver to drop her off at the house of Aurorea on her way back from the airport in Prague.
Valentine hadn’t been home.

She’d had to walk across Prague through inches of freshly fallen snow to reach her own mansion.

Her home stood before her, warm and golden in the frigid winter night, welcoming and soothing some of the ache from her body and her heart.
Where was Valentine?

She wearily nodded her thanks when one of the guards at the entrance of the house pushed the door open for her and held it while she walked through. Warmth curled around her, the smell of log fires and quiet chatter of the vampires moving around the grand vestibule bringing a smile to her lips. A few of the vampires paused to greet her but she didn’t stop walking. If she did, she probably wouldn’t be able to start again. She wasn’t going to stop for anything other than a hot bath and a glass of blood.

Prophecy mounted the elegant staircase to the first floor. More of the tension eased from her bones with each step closer she got to her apartments. She couldn’t wait to sink into a hot bath. Venturi would have to wait for his phone call. He had insisted she contact him as soon as she returned and would be angry with her if she didn’t, but she was certain he would understand when she explained that she had walked across half of Prague in freezing conditions. Perhaps she could phone him from the bath. She would call Valentine too. He knew that she was coming back tonight. It wasn’t like him not to be around when she returned from her trips to Romania. Normally he was there at the airport, checking her over the moment she stepped off the small private jet her bloodline kept, and then kissing the breath from her.

Had something happened to him?

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