new sci-fi romance ebook series – Daughters of Lyra

I’m currently writing the fifth story in my new sci-fi romance ebook series, Daughters of Lyra. The series is set after my science-fiction romance series, Sons of Lyra, and follows the daughters of those four princes of Lyra.

Originally there were going to be four stories in the Daughters of Lyra series of ebook novellas but I had an idea for a fifth story and loved it so much that I just had to write it too. I’m only 8000 words into the writing the first draft of the fifth story, but the other four stories are pretty much ready to go.

I’ll be releasing all five novellas in this sci-fi romance series this year, probably starting in May like I did with the Sons of Lyra stories, and ending September.

To celebrate the new series and to give you all a taste, I’m going to give you a brief run down of the stories and then ask you to comment with the name of the story you want an excerpt of most! (excuse any typos… in a rush!)

Daughters of Lyra 1
The first story in the series follows Sophia, daughter of the now King of Lyra, Sebastian (from Sons of Lyra: Runaway Hearts) and Terea, and her struggle against the never-ending row of suitors that her father has lined up for her. When the latest suitor turns out to be the emperor of Varka, a species known for their heartlessness and bloodlust, Sophia wants little to do with him… but his first attendant, Regis, Count of Sagres, makes her heart beat like no other man before him.

Daughters of Lyra 2
Miali, daughter of the now captain, Remi (from Sons of Lyra: Fight For Love) and Emmanuelle, is an ambassador of Lyra. Her true heritage is kept secret, but her beauty places her in danger when slavers attack her ship when she’s in cryo-sleep. When she comes around she finds herself a prisoner and bound for the markets, and her only company is the young Minervan doctor on the slaver vessel, Kosen. As they get to know each other, Kosen realises Miali’s secret and agrees to help her escape so they can rescue his two sisters who had been sold into slavery years before.

Daughters of Lyra 3
Renie, daughter of the now General Lyra II, Balt (from Sons of Lyra: Slave Princess) and Kayla, loves to explore space with her twin brother, Rezic. When they venture too close to the Black Zone, the barrier between Vegan space and the rest of the galaxy, things turn from exploration to adventure. Rezic is injured in a meteorite shower and Renie has no choice to accept help from a vessel in the Black Zone, even when it turns out to be Vegan. The commander immediately recognises her and her brother and they’re taken hostage, to be held for ransom. In the cells of the ship, Renie meets the most unsual looking man she’s ever seen… a man who seems willing to do anything to protect her… a man who makes her heart pound.

Daughters of Lyra 4
Lieutenant Amerii, daughter of the illustrious Captain Lyra III, Acer (from Sons of Lyra: Stranded) and Stella, wants nothing more than to prove herself to her captain and the imperial army without her father’s help… except for one thing. Van, Count of Aeris and commander of the first fleet of Varka. He’s been on her mind since she met him at her cousin Sophia’s wedding. Charged with the duty of meeting the Varkans at Varka Two, Amerii is pleasantly surprised when the commander of the Varkan vessel turns out to be Van, and he insists that she be the one to sign the contract between Varka and Lyra. When she meets him on his vessel, he’s more handsome than she remembered and she resolves to risk the violence of his bloodlust to make him hers.

Now just comment and scream for the excerpt you want most! The one with the most votes will win… and I’ll post it tomorrow night. You have until then to make yourself heard!!!

Anyone can comment so get going!


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